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Suryaputra Karn 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Uttar’s father and Pandavs perform Uttar’s last rights. Draupadi tells Krishna that she cannot see her dear ones dying. Krishna says she is from a warrior clan and even she preferred war. She did not think war would be so painful. He continues his moral gyaan and after many revelations says losing lives is part of war and she will lose many dear ones.

Karn applies medicines to Vrishasen’s wounds and says he fought well today and if he rests well, his wound will heal soon. He walks out into battlefield and sees dead soldiers. Krishna comes and asks in battlefied, fear of losing dear ones is more than losing one’s life. Karn greets him and asks how come he is here. Krishna says he came to inform that

his son fought bravely today and did not let Arjun missing Karn. He asks why is he feeling pain instead of being proud of his son. Karn says he is proud of his son, he can tolerate any pain including sacrificing his kavach kundal, but he cannot see wounds on Vrishasen. Krishna says he should have known this. Karn asks what does he mean. Krishna says a warrior should forsee what will happen next in war, seeking sacrifice is part of war. A warrior cannot fall for dear one’s love and go against war. Karn says he will do whatever it can in war. Krishna asks if he can sacrifice dear one’s love.

Krishna says when Bhism did not let him take part in war, he had a chance to be on his siblings’ side. He has to face a lot of pain, he has to choose between dharma and karma. He also says he gave moral gyaan to Arjun and showed him his viraat roop, if he is thinks hedid partiality. Karn says he would have done partiality if he had not shown his virat roop to Arjun, he invited him once to be evidence of his virat roop, but he did not want to be part of it. He picks stone and says once he told the difference between stone and peacock feather, even today he is stone and Arjun feather whom Krishna decorated in his throne. It is his chioce, greets him and leaves.

Dushyasan tells Duryodhan and Shakuni that today’s war was in Kaurav’s favor. He steps on captured soldiers and asks if he should kill them or not. Karn comes. Duryodhan asks him to join their celebrations. Karn says he will also enjoy alcohol. Shakuni gives him glass. Karn says 3 cheer for Pandav’s defeat. He tells howmany people and animals partcipated in war and says they killed them all and asks if none of their soldiers die. Duryodhan says half of their army died. Karn says that means those soldier’s families are orphan now, it is good news for them and calls for celebrations. He throws alcohol in fire and leaves sadly.

Precap: Karn suggests to capture Yudistra to win war. Krishna suggests pandavs that Yudistra will be ahead of everyone tomorrow.

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