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Suryaputra Karn 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Shakuni tries to brainwash Samb and says he has to become like Duryodhan if he wants Laxmana. Samb says when does not want to become like his father, why will he become like his father’s enemy. Shakuni smirks. Samb then goes to Laxmana’s room and says his father once again proved he does not care about him. He holds her hand and says he will speak to her father about their alliance. She frees her hand. He asks if she is afraid that her father will kill him, then he is lifeless without her. He holds her hand again and walks towads Duryodhan’s room. Laxmana frees her hand again and says she will marry Uttar as her father feels this alliance is better for her. She does not want to meet him from hereon. He holds her

and asks if she loves him or not. Karn comes there and asks what happened. Laxmana reminisces Duryodhan’s words that she will not be happy with Samb and Hastinapur’s dignity is in her hands now. She says Karn that she is fine and says Samb was congratulating her for her marriage and leaves, looking at Samb.

Samb walks angrily. Karn stops him and says he is quiet as he respects Vasudev, else he would have thrown him out and warns him not to go near Laxmana again. Samb says he is not afraid of his father or his followers, so he should stop warning him. Karn says warning and ordering is different. Bheem comes and asks Samb if he is fine. Samb says yes and leaves. Bheem asks Karn to be a guest and not try to ruin peace here. Karn says he remembers and whoever tries to ruin peace will face dire consequences and he knows that. Virat rani comes and invites them for the ceremony. Karn goes in. Bheem asks servant if the food he ordered is ready. Servant says 50 kg of rice, 100 kg of pulses, etc are ready. Rani asks if any army is coming. Bheem says it is for his son. Rani says she would like to meet his son. He says when his son will come, everybody will know.

Kunti blesses Uttara followed by Bhism. Uttara starts praising Bhism and says she knows war will start soon and her husband Abhimanyu will also attend war, asks him to bless her to be saubhagyavati whole life. Duryodhan gets tensed and asks him not to bless. Bhism blesses her that until he is alive, she will be subhagyavati.

Samb goes to Vrishasen and informs what Laxmana said and says in love words and heart’s feelings different. He also says what Shakuni told. Vrishasen says he understood what Shakuni means and says let us kidnap Laxmana. Samb asks why. Vrishasen says Shakuni means like Duryodhan kidnapped Bhanumati, he should kidnap Laxmana. They have keep Laxamana away from ceremonies to take her far away. Samb says he is right, he will not sacrifice his love and will follow his father’s steps and kidnap Laxmana.

Precap: Vrishasen kills Laxmana’s guards and says her if she loves Samb, she should accompany her. Uttar comes in, sees soldiers dead and shouts Laxmana is kidnapped. Duryodhan and Karn get tensed while Shakuni smirks.

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