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Suryaputra Karn 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn stopping sena nayak Madan by holding chain and telling nobody can punish his father. Madan says he has to fight soldiers to take his father from here. Karn leaves chain and madan takes Adhirath from there.

Raja Dhritarastra feels devastated hearing that gandhari gave birth to a mass of flesh and tells Bhishm that Gandhari betrayed him, it is good he is blind, else he would not have tolerated seeing it. Bhism asks him to calm down and leaves from there.

Bhism goes to his mother Ganga and pleads to guide him. Ganga comes from river and asks what guidance he needs. He says Shiv booned Gandhari with 100 children, but not even one is born. Ganga says children have been already born as seeds and rishi Vyas will give them human form. Bhism thanks her and

goes back to palace.

Bhism goes back to Dhritarastra and says his children have already been seeded and only rishi Vyas can give them human form. Shakuni starts his drama and says he doubts Dhritarastra’s cabilities to find rishi vyas as he is blind and cannot even distinguish between day and night, so he himself will go and bring Vyas.

Bhism gathers soldiers and tells he cannot trust Shakuni’s competency, so he wants them to find Vyas and bring him here, and whoever brings will be rewarded with whatever they like. Karn comes and asks if he will give even life and spare his father. Bhism asks who let him in and how did he come here. He says he came to save his father. Bhism says it is not a child’s play. He says even he is not in a mood to play and asks if he will spare his father. Bhism agrees.

Karn gets his horse ready to find Vyas and bring him to palace. Vaishali’s friend says his father told there are many death traps in vyas’s cave. Karn says he is not worried about death and wants to save his dad at any cost. Radha emotionally hugs him and wishes for his longer life. Karn says now surya dev will guide him way and leaves on his horse.

Shakuni travels with his soldiers towards Vyas’s cave. Chariot driver says Vyas has made this route very tough. Shakuni says this is the easiest way he has ever seen and is better than village roads. He sees Karn coming on his horse and asks what is he doing here. He says he is going to bring Vyas to palace. Shakuni says it is a tough road and not child’s play. Karn says then he should not go and he is not in a mood to play. He leaves while shakuni sees him angrily.

Precap: Madan tortures Adhirath and says his son has gone to bring Vyas, but before son comes back, he would be dead.

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  1. nyc episode thanx for update……

  2. bhisham looks a bit egoistic and shakuni mama g u r as manuplativ as ever…………

  3. good nyt hg dr tc ……………lo 😉

  4. Nys epi.adhirath is vry handsme.pls sme1 beat tht sadist madan.gud luk karn.gud nyt little karn nd richu

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