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Suryaputra Karn 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of the episode moral gyaan. Laxmana tells Shakuni she does not want to marry Uttar and loves Samb and asks how can he fix her marriage with Uttar even after knowing this. Shakuni says it was Duryodhan’s decision. Laxmana asks if it was really Duryodhan’s decision. Shakuni says yes and says he loves her more than Duryodhan and tried to defend her, but Duryodhan rudely rejected his plea and got adamant. Laxmana says she will go against Duryodhan and will marry Samb at any cost.

Samb angrily walks in corridor thinking he will not let Laxmana marry Uttar. Krishna stops him and says Shakuni’s proposal is right and he should accept it and gives moral gyaan that everything happens for good and one’s betterment. Samb asks then why he is suffering being his son and does not find any betterment. Krishna says he cannot deny he is his son. Samb says leaves telling agian that he is suffering because he is his son.

Duryodhan comes to meet Laxmana. She says she will not not talk to him as he fixed her marriage without her consent. He says she is Kaurav vansh’s dignity and she has right to punish his father, he will rather die if she does not talk to him. Laxmana gets emotional and cries. Duryodhan says she has right to select her life partner.

Shakuni hears that and fumes that Duryodhan failed his plan by given Laxmana a right to select her life partner, now he has to plan some other scheme to punish Krishna indirectly. Samb passes by and he catches him and says he should dare to fight for his right and should become like Duryodhan and forcefully kidnap Laxmana.

Precap: Samb tells Vrishasen that Shakuni told he has to become like Duryodhan and kidnap Laxmana. Vrishasen says let us kidnap Laxmana.

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