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Suryaputra Karn 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Duryodhan tells Gandhari that either he will kill all Pandavs and take revenge or himself will diet, but will not stop war.

Barbarik’s head on mountain asks Krishna why is he sad and in deep thought. Why he kills someone who can win this war. Krishna says it is all destined and gives him moral gyaan.

Dhritarastra cries that god gave him 100 children, but took back 99, why did he give them when he wanted to take them back. Gandhari says she will ask Shivji why he snatched her childen back. Shakuni hears their conversation.

Arjun feels guilty for killing his elder brother Karn. Krishna comes and it is all destined and he does not need to feel guilty, he helped Karn reach immorality instead. He continues his

moral gyaan.

Gandhari walks towards burning coal to call Shivji. Shakuni stops her. Gandhari says it is between her and shivji now and nobody should interfere and sends him from there. She walks on burning coal and calls Shivji. She continues her plea and says either shivji should come or burn her on this coal. Shivji comes and asks what she wants. She says he gave her 100 children and took back 99, she does not want to lose Duryodhan, she wants him to give weapons to Duryodhan and make him strong like he did to Pandavs. Shivji says after blindfolding herself for somany years, her vision is so powerful now that if she looks at Duryodhan’s body, it will turn into metal and nobody can break it. Gandhari returns happily. Krishna asks Shivji, he himself a dharma, then why he wants to disturb dharm sthapana/forming. Shivji says he cannot reject his discliples plea and like always Krishna finds a solution, he is sure he will find a solution even now.

Draupadi asks Arjun to come and have food. Arjun asks how can he have from the hand which killed his elder brother, his brother wanted to bring change in this world. Krishna says changes should happen themselves and cannot be brought and what Karn wished was impossible and some issues are better left unsolved, he should go and rest now as he has war in the morning.

Gandhari goes back to basecamp. Shakuni asks if she and calls Duryodhan and says he wished that she should see him once, now she wants to see him and asks him to take bath and come totally naked. Duryodhan walks out happily. Shakuni asks why did Gandhari call him. Duryodhan leaves ignoring him. He goes to gana river, takes bath and comes out naked. Charioteer greets him. He says he wants to walk as per mom’s order. Charioteer says he should wear something to stop people’s attention. He wears towel around his waist and walks. He sees a cowgrazer scolding his son and asks why is he scolding a boy. Cow grazer says his son disobeyed him and left calves open, calves got missing. He asks why is he walking naked. Duryodhan says it is mom’s order. Grazer praises him that he is his parent’s obedient son. Duryodhan continues walking and his towel also falls down. Shakuni stops him and asks why is he going in front of his mother naked, as per holy scriptures a brother or son cannot in front of woman naked.

Precap: Gandhari removes her blindfold and looks at Duryodhan and says with shivji’s blessings, his body will turn into metal now. Krishna says Pandavs they cannot bring change which Karn wished until Duryodhan is alive.

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