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Suryaputra Karn 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Draupadi follows Arjun and other Pandavs after swayamwar. Pandavs discuss that their mother will be very happy seeing Draupadi. Draupadi asks Arjun if he is a brahmin, then why did not he perform evening pooja. He should tell his wife who he is, else she herself will tell as she knows who he is. Arjun stands nervously. She says he is Pandav putra Arjun. He smiles in surprise.

Krishna suggests Karn to return back to Hastinapur before a big calamity arises and says it will be very dangerous. He holds stone in his hand and stone floats. He says it will be more dangerous than this.

Pandavs reach their hut and tell Kunti they have brought something special today. Kunti is busy cooking and without turning says all 5 brothers can share it among themselves. Draupadi and pandavs

are shocked to hear that. Kunti turns and is shocked to see Draupadi and says she did not mean to share her, she told to share food which they bring daily. She will take back her words. Dhritarastra says mother’s words are god’s words for them and they cannot revert them.

Draupadi asks Arjun and Pandavs this is how they respect an woman. They made a joke out of her and think her as a thing which they can share on mother’s orders. They have insulted an woman today, etc.

Karn reaches Hastinapur palace. Shakuni stops him and asks where was he as they left Panchal together, but he came so late. Karn gets down and asks why is he stopping hm like this. Shakuni asks if he is really a sooth putra and if that bhramin was a real brahmin. When Karn is not afraid of even Arjun or any warrior of this world, why did he back off from fighting with that brahmin. Karn says his thinking is baseless.

Arjun tells Panchali that her dignity will not be insulted, so they have decided something. Yudistra says Arjun will marry her and other 4 brothers will take sanyas. Panchali says she does not want to be blamed for dividing brothers. Draupad reaches there and says he will take her back and kill all 5 of them for their sin. Krishna reaches there and tells Draupad to return back.

Precap: Karn says Shakuni he is playing a game with Hastinapur. Shakuni says he is playing instead and protected Pandavs in swayamwar. Now, he will be in dilemma as he has to take Duryodhan’s side and fight with Pandavs.

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