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Suryaputra Karn 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn and Arjun point arrow towards each other. Yudistra asks Arjun to lower his bow and orders Karn as Hastinapur’s yuvraj, he ordes him to lower his bow. Karn lowers his bow. Arjun says he will punish Duryodhan for his mistake. Yudistra asks him to stop again and says they are like Hastinpur’s fingers and fingers don’t fight with each other.
Duryodhan tries to take Bhanumati. Madara naresh stops him and provokes him to defeat him first and then take Bhanumati. Duryodhan asks him and 3 other rajas to fight with him. Karn says Yudistra that he would have replied him well, but has to protect his friend Duryodhan and runs towards Duryodhan. Madara Naresh taunts Duryodhan if he will take sooth putra’s help now and says once ganga putra kidnapped 3 women and

after 2 generations his descendent is a coward. Duryodhan asks Karn to go back and fights with 4 of them, but they overpower Duryodhan easily and beat him to pulp.

Karn kidnaps Bhanumati and gets her into chariot. Supriya says he has to fight with her first and tries to attack him with dagger, but Karn easily overpowers her and ties her to chariot.

Madara naresh and 3 others rajas easily throw Duryodhan on floor and laugh on him. Madara naresh says success of revenge is killing enemy and is about to kill Duryodhan with sword when Karn shoots his arrow on time and they all 4 fall down.

Madara naresh then provokes Karn with his witty words to make him anger and absorb his energy. Karn gets angry and his energy is about to disperse, but he holds it back and shoots arrow. Madara naresh falls down and thinks why could not he absorb Karn’s energy. Karn says he is guru Parashuram’s student and his guru has taught him to use his anger as weapon, now he cannot forgo his arrows and especially nag paash. He shoots arrow and it converts into snake and ties Madara naresh. Madara naresh asks him to kill him, else he will take revenge and will not let him in peace. Karn says his challenge is complete now and takes Duryodhan with him. Duryodhan smiles seeing all this.

Karn takes Duryodhan till chariot and frees Supriya. Supriya runs and hugs Bhanumati. Duryodhan says he did not make any mistake by bringing him here. Sunset happens and moon is seen. Duryodhan says before poornima, he has to fulfill his promise and reach Ang pradesh for his marriage. Karn smiles. Vaishali is seen waiting for Karn and telling moon that her karn will come back before sunrise.

Precap: Karn reaches Ang pradesh and hugs Vaishali telling her belief made him fulfill his promise and come back on time. Vaishali sees Supriya coming.

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