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Suryaputra Karn 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of the episode moral gyaan. Bhism tells Abhimanyu that he is proud to have a great grandson like him, but is sad that he is fighting opposite to him. Abhimanyu says he is proud to fight with his great grandpa and asks him to attack. Bhism says he promised Laxmana that her husband will be protected until he is alive, so he cannot attack him and asks him to go back. Abhimanyu asks him to stop talking and start fighting. He shoots arrow. Bhism holds it and asks him again to go back. Abhimanyu continues shooting arrows and Bhism holds them with his bare hands.

Sanjay informs Dhritarastra about Abhimanyu and Bhism’s battle. Dhritarastra shouts why pitamaha is sparing Abhimanyu instead of killing him. Sanjay says Bhism has promised Laxmana to protect Abhimanyu unitl he is alive, so he will not attack Abimanyu.

Arjun continues killing Kaurav army. Duryodhan angrily shouts what are his warriors doing. Vrishasen enters and provokes Arjun to fight with him. Arjun asks him to back off as he does not want to kill him. Vrishasen asks him to stop talking and attack him. He shoots arrow in air and it forms folded hands, seeking permission and blessings from his father Karn. Karn blesses him. Krishna praises Vrishasen that he is a great warrior like his father. Arjun and Vrishasen’s fight starts.

Duryodhan sees sunset is heading soon and tells Shakuni that fool Pandavs will lose today. Shakuni says he is a fool to keep a condition of flag, he has to follow his plan to win now. Shakuni then taunts Yudistra. Yudistra challenges him to come and fight and not hide behind. Duryodhan says he is ready to fight and jumps down. Their fight starts.’

Bhism finally attacks and captivates Abhimanyu to his own chariot with his arrow showers. He then asks Abhimanyu to stop wasting his time and fight with someone else. Duryodhan and Yudistra’s fight continues. Sunset starts. Yudistra shouts someone run and take Duryodhan’s chariot flag. Uttar runs towards flag. Duryodhan shouts someone stop this boy.

Precap: Vrishasen comes and happily hugs Karn and falls down. Karn sees blood oozing from his back.

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