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Suryaputra Karn 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Dushyasan and Shakuni discuss how they killed Abhimanyu slowly. Karn confronts and says Abhimanyu died a martyr and became world’s greatest warrior. Shakuni starts if he does not remember how his son was killed by Pandavs ruthlessly and praising Panadv’s son. Karn continues praising Abhimanyu. Shakuni says history will forget him if he makes mistake. Karn says he does not want his name in history.

Duryodhan tells his team that they should protect Jaydrath at any cost and will hide him till sunset. Gandhari cries in front of Dhritarastra that Arjun took oath to kill Jaydrath and he will fulfill it, she cannot see her daughter as widow.

Shakuni tells Dushyasan that he has a different plan and says he does not

care if Jaydrath dies, he wants Arjun to die tomorrow trying to kill Jaydrath. He tells trickster Krishna must have planned something and will execute it, so before him, they should excute their plan. They both go to Jaydrath’s tent and Shakuni says he should go back to his kingdom and boast about his bravery in front of his wife and should not tell he was kicked out from war field. Jaydrath says why wil he go from here, he will stay back and will fight Arjun. Duryodhan enters and tries to convince him, but he gets adamant.

Shakuni calls Jaydrath’s father who tells him if he hides till sunset, Arjun cannot kill him and he has a plan. Jaydrath thanks father and takes him to his tent. Dushyasan praises Shakuni’s plan. Duryodhan comes and says what trick he is planning now and says they have to protet Jaydrath plus kill Arjun tomorrow.

Duryodhan goes to Karn’s room and says he is not apologetic for killing Abhimanyu as he saw his brothers being killed by Bheem ruthlessly. He saw his warriors being hilled by Pandavs ruthlessly and Abhimanyu insulted and dirobed him, so taking revenge was obvious. Karn says he will wait for a day when their friendship ends and he will not attend tomrrow’s war. Duryodhan says he will wait for him tomorrow and hope he will come.

Arjun takes oath again on Abhimanyu’s body that he will kill Jaydrath by tomorrow’s sunset, else will leave this world with him.

Precap: Jaydrath thanks Karn for protecting him and says it is sunset and he does not need his help. Krishna brings back sun and asks Arjun to fulfill his promise.

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