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Suryaputra Karn 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Khatriyas fume seeing a brahmin winning swayamar and taking away Panchali easily amoung them. They should not let him go and kill him. They all run behind pandavs and surround them.

Duryodhan says Karn he cannot digest a common brahmin winning swayamwar and defeating him, he will kill him. Karn stops him and asks him not to do anthing wrong as brahmin won swayamwar legally. Duryodhan nods yes and leaves.

Krishna tells Karn that yodha always fights to know truth. Karn reminisces brahmin’s bravery. Krishna asks what is he thinking. Karn says he can read his mind and asks if he is thinking right. Krishna says he should fight with brahmin and test his power. Karn says just like 2 people are different, 2 warriors archery style is also different and he will find out who

this brahmin is.

Arjun with his arrows kills many khatriyas who attack him. Bheem plucks tree trunk and attacks khatriyas. Duryodhan comes and provokes him to fight with him instead of fighting with kids. Bheem says he was waiting for this day and throws trunk on him. Duryodhan breaks trunk with one blow and attacks Bheem. They both start attacking each other.

Karn stops Arjun and asks to fight with him. They both shower arrows on each other. Karn is surprised to see Arjun’s power and says he is not a brahmin. Arjun says he should concentrate on fight and shoots arrow. Karn’s protective guard activates and arrow breaks on his body. Karn realizes that he is Arjun and gets happy that Kunti is alive. Arjun shoots arrow again. Karn holds it with bare hand and says he realized who he is and ends his war here itself. He knows he is eager to fight with him more than this swayamwar, but he will fight with him in war and not here. He wishes a better future for him and says he can take Panchali with him.

Duryodhan is busy fighting with Bheem. Karn stops him and says let them winner take the price. Duryodhan says he will not. Karn insists and lets Pandavs walk away with Draupadi. Duryodhan helplessly lets them go.

Karn sits with Krishna near lake and says he is happy that Pandavs are alive, else he was burning in guilt all the while. He tells now he realized why he organized swayamwar with unique task and even got him insulted to make Arjun a winner. Krishna smiles. Karn asks why is he so partial and likes Arjun more than him. Krishan says he likes him equally as Arjun and it is creator’s plan, not his. He both loves and does not love anyone. He also says that a big problem will arise and he should return back to Hastinapur soon.

Precap: Pandavs take Panchali to their hut and happily tell Kunti they brought something special. She while busy cooking says all 5 brothers can share among themselves as usual. She turns back and is shocked to see Draupadi/panchali.

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  1. Nice episode. Want more maatha kunti karn scenes like dream and karn Duryodhan friendship moments

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