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Suryaputra Karn 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sooth head mixing poison in well and laughing on Karn that he took his revenge. Karn sees iron smith clan people dying from poison and pleads everyone for help. Village head’s puppet comes and alleges Karn for giving iron smith clan poisoned well. Shon runs and informs Adhirath, Tauji and Radha about poison in well. Adhirath says people will allege Karn for this and runs to save him. Karn tells people that even he drank water well when he came out of it. Puppet continues alleging that he must have mixed poison afterwards to take revenge from ironsmith clan.

Karn reminisces snake god that well will not benefit any person and thinks he should have believed him. People start throwing stones on Karn. Village head intervenes. Radha pleads him to save Karn. People say they will not spare Karn. Village head says he is village head and only has right to punish anyone. People continue that because of him, their family members died.

Raja Dhritarastra starts shouting and scolding Gandhari that she could not give him a son even after 2 years of pregnancy and Pandav got his elder son already. He continues shouting and leaves. Gandhari goes to temple and prays god shiv that he gave her boon of 100 children, but her first child itself is not born even after 2 years of pregnancy. She starts beating her stomach and praying got to get her child delivered or kill her.

Village head gathers whole villagers and asks karn if he agrees poisoning well water. He says he did not. He orders Karn to put his hand in boiling oil then. Karn walks towards boiling oil. Adhirath reminisces Karn’s raksha kavach and promising to protect Karn from everyone. Just when karn is about to put his hand in boiling oil, Adhirath says he poisoned water and his son is innocent. Radha is shocked and asks him not to lie. Karn says this is not truth. Adhirath says this is truth. Village head gets irked seeing his plan failing and orders Adirath a life sentence.

Precap: Village head alleges Adirath of killing 10 iron smiths by poisoning well water. Karn says his dad did not do anything.

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