Surya Putra Karna 29th april


The episode starts with Duryodhan expelling Bhism from the post of commander in chief,and angryly insult Bhism.Duryodhan praises Karn.Bhism withdraws his name from M.B yudh.Shakuni as usual tries to make Duryodhan understnd that Bhism is more important than Karn.Duryodhan says Shakuni to shut up his mouth as he dnt need his advice.Karn tries to make Bhism undrstand that he should not leave M.B Yudh.from inside Bhism feels very bad for Karn.Bhism says that he does not want to talk to any sootputra.

Scene swifts to Arjun and Draupadi.Arjun reminishes conversation with Krishna abut attcking Bhism..Draupdi reminishes Arjun abut duetsabha and lakshyagrah.and tells about all the adharms!She asks Arjun whether the things which had happened was Adharm or not! Arjun says yes,althings which had happened was adharm,bt killing our own kin people is not a Dharm,he further adds that than there wl be no diff. B/w ours side nd kaurav.But how can hold weapon against pitamaha and dron.(His hand starts shaking).Draupadi reminiscence Arjun of virat yudh where he defeated the kaurav sena,wasnt that adharm that they opted for weapons against you.Draupadi further consoles Arjun and ask him to have sleep.Arjun says How can I sleep!

Scene shifts to Duryodhan in angry mood.Shakuni comes and tries to make duryodhan understand that Bhism is important for them as He has ichamrutyu vardaan and points out karn’s mistakes and says he always supportd pandavas and recalls all the incidents.He further says now karn is a ordinary warrior as he has donated his kavach-kundal.Hearing this Duryodhan starts hurting Shakuni’s finger and praises Karn.Shakuni tells about the sacrifices which he made for duryodhan,which further had no effects on duryodhan.

In the next part,Karn is shown with Vrishasen who opposes Bhisma’s decision and tells karn that Bhisma is saving pandavas from U,as u can kill every warrior.Karn tries to make Vrishasen understand and tells I respect Mahamahim and starts praising Bhisma.Karn says when you came inside who you saw.After thinking Vrishasen replies that he saw soldiers which are not there now.karn says that bhisma has better experience than him,soldier respect him,as they if Mahamahim is the head in chief,they are safe as they trust mahamahim more than him.Vrishasen accepts the truth.

Credit to: Nityesh Maheshwari

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