The Survivors (raglak and swaron) Chapter 25

hey guys. This is the 25th chapter. Can’t believe it would have been possible without your support.

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Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Swayam and Lakshya pressed their ears to the door. They could hear voices of a man and a woman. It was quite difficult to perceive what was being said as voices were very low. Then all of a sudden they became louder.
Man: how can it be possible?
Woman: you think I am lying. Your idea has failed. Thousands are dead because of you.
Man: it hasn’t failed. We wanted that only. To kill mosteoporosis population.
Woman: yes but not this way. The thing isn’t controllable anymore.
Man: hey it isn’t a thing. We have a name for it. Flare.
Sounds of steps leading to door were heard. Swayam was dragged by Lakshya before he was caught.

Swayam :so what now.
Lakshya : I don’t know. I am just thinking how could they want people to die such deaths.
Swayam: maybe they wanted something else. But what did the woman meant when she said that it isn’t controllable anymore.
Lakshya: maybe she wanted to say that there was no cure.
Silence spread between the two. No one wanted to accept that there wasn’t any cure and their frI ends would be dead.

They continued to walk through the corridor. Trying every door they could see. At last they found a door which was bolted but wasn’t locked like the others. They entered to find an old man sitting in the corner of room. He seemed asleep but as soon as the door was closed he shifted his position.
Man: at last you have come. I washould waiting for you since hours.
Shock and fear spread through the boys’ faces.
Precap: Talking and searching.

Author’s Note – hey everyone. Sorry for a short chalter and no raglak scenespecially. But Lakshya and Swayam have been seperated from them and there will be no raglak or swaron scenes. Only some during flashbacks. Also keep in mind the thing Ragini felt when Lakshya was going with Swayam to investigate the sounds. Read chapter 18 again if you forgot it.
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