The Survivors (raglak and swaron) Chapter 24

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Chapter 24
Gia was still in shock. She couldn’t bear her fiance Jake’s death. Meanwhile Ragini and Lakshya had gathered food after keeping very less amount for themselves. They had a plan building 8n the back of their heads. They went towards the boat where the man signed His parner to store food while he kept his 2 knives ready. As the woman was keeping the items,she was attacked by Ragini. She could not defend the surprise attack and Ragini easily pinned her to ground and managing to force her remain quiet at the same time. On the other hand,the man got a blow on his head from Lakshya. He felt dizzy and fell down. The others knew they had to enter the boat and dragging the sobbing Gia they climbed into the boat. Ragini was the last to go. Just as she climbed the boat,the woman took the knife from man and threw it towards her. She ducked but Gia became the knife’s victim. Lakshya took the knife out of her belly and shot it towards the woman, piercing her heart. Gia’s lifeless body was abandoned near the building and the six went in boat, looking for some temporary shelter again

It had been morning. The duo (swayam and Lakshya) reached the building. Avoiding the guards and even killing a couple of them, they forced their way into the building. They kept in shadows while spying and didn’t face any problem because all the doors were shut,there were no windows in corridor and even the cracks in doors emminted very less lights. They heard some voices. They pressed their ears on the door and listened. They heard footsteps coming towards them and before they could hidefinition, the door was opened.

Precap: what they heard. Finding friends.

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