The Survivors (raglak and swarob) chapter 11

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New characters to be introduced further
Kartik: an immune from Settlement A
Naira:another immune from SettlementA
Chapter 11
Everyone was shocked hearing that Ishaan was infected. They knew he would be as he had decided to stay near Mishty where virus was still spreading.
Swayam:(finding hard to speak) What happened Ishaan? Tell us from the point we left.
Ishaan: ok guys. When you left, Mishty told , no no she requested me to leave her. But i didn’t and for her, sat at the doorstep. She lay at at her position fixed, sometimes asking me to go away. Then in evening she screamed, screamed at top of her voice. I ran and held her in my arms, making her head rest in my lap. She was signing me to go but suddenly she again started screaming. Her pain was visible in it. I kissed her forehead. Kissed till the bugs left her and climbed into my head and then we put her out. Freed her from this hell like life.

Swayam: who are we?
Ishaan: we. I and the bugs. Now help me. U gotta help me. U are my friends.
Lakshya: we will help u. But u need to listen to us. Stay away from us.
Saying this he screamed. Then as if he was mad went towards Ragini to attack her. Lakshya saved her at the nick of time by tackling him.He took the infected into the dark forests. Ishaan’s protests could be heard for some time. After that there was complete silence.
Lakshya came back
Lak: anyone know where’s the stream.
Sharon: (pointing towards east) in that direction.

It was half an hour after the hair-raising incident. Lakshya had came back from stream. He had gone there to rub his body. He saw that Sharon was upset about it.
Lak:Sharon, it had to be done. There was no other way.
Sharon : it didn’t mean you had to kill him.
Lak: u guys know it was only for your safety……
Sharon: are we safe? No because u have touched him, taked the virus abd presented it another human so that could turn into animal. Didn’t u saw Ishaan’s condition
Lakshya: yes i saw it. Saw ot with my eyes. Saw how he lost control on himself. His conscience. How he became animal. He could have killed Rags and all of us as we wouldn’t help the victim. I know it was lethal. I know even after rubbing my body red, there could be traces of virus. But atleast you can reach the headquarter. Atleast i can guide tge way. Ip promise you to shoot myself the moment i showed symptoms. Shoot myself like i shot him(Ishaan).
Rag: guys. Rest the few hours we have. We have to begin our Journey tomorrow morning again.

Swaron followed Lakshya to a group. It was lead by a lady in same outfit as that of Lakshya. They immediately understood that she was also in military.
Lakshya: Rags, these are the last. We can’t have even one more in it otherwise we will be killed.
Swayam looked at the group. There were two girls and two boys. They were mishty, Ishaan, Gia and Jake.
Lakshya: the sun flares haves scorched the earth. Scientists believed they were ready, but in reality weren’t. We have to reach Lincoln building soon as ot is the only hope of survival. Make it soon befire the water gets heated and comes on land.
They went towards the building. They came across a station with people ini it.
Lak: drop any food items you have here. We won’t carry them
Sharon: we will…
Lakshya:unless someone wanna die.
Sharon abandoned the box of food she was carrying. It was a cake she had received from her best friend. They went through the station but were stopped by some people.
Man:hey you. There is rain of fire and you are walking as nothing happened.
Woman: they surely will be having sone food. Search them.

A chaos broke out. Swayam was punched in stomach and he lost half of his consciousness at that moment. The man tackling him took advantage of it and thrashed him to ground. Next he heard was a scream. He found it familiar to sharon’s. He saw that a man was on top of her, trying to gey control of her hands. Swayam felt his dizzyness going away witnessing the scene and charged towards the man after hitting the one who had held him captive. The captor lost his balance and fell down. Swayam saw tge others fighting. Even Ragini and other two girls were fighting, shocking him with their skills. He went to help sharon who was having a hard time. He boxed tge man’s ears, puncged him on face. The man opposed, punching swayam on his cheek. Blood spat from his mouth and lower lip was covered in blood. He charged towards the man, meeting his shoe with the other’s stomach and send him flying. Then he helped sharon up and they started running. They heard a woman’s scream and looked behind. Water was gushing inside the underground passage.
Precap: new characters and a shock

Note- the flashbacks are the dreams swayam gets, so it will be from his point of view. Also the sequence will mostly start during night and end at dawn.

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