survival instinct, Aara FF [ chapter 3]

Hi, I know its late update. What to do.. I am supper lazy and sometime idea also doesn’t wanna get out even after banging my head on wall… so please tolerate my late updates..cause it will always be like it. Sorry.

Previously- Medical student, Aradhya waiting for her follow inmates [ apprising model and her cousin Poova and classmate Aryan] in their rented flat at night. Aryan came bloodied and bruised and lost conscious at doorway. Aradhya treated his wound and get worried that Poorva not coming home. Later get call from police station about Poorva’s accidental death.

“Madam, you know this number… 900*****85, last call was to your phone by this number.” The inspector said.
The hunting number kept echoing in Aradhya’s head … “yes I know it.. its my sister.. my cousin sister’s number. Her name is Poorva.. Poorva Deshmukh. What happen to her?” her voice was steadily rising.
“yes, Madam, she must be Poorva Deshmukh .. We found an identity card saying this name, actually madam, I am sorry to say you that your cousin met a severe accident and she could not make it through. Madam I request you to come in the police station and identify the body.” The inspector finished the call saying it and leaving Aradhya speechless.
Mechanically she kept the phone on top of the counter of the kitchen. She was sweating too much yet shivering at the same time. Tears were not coming out of her eyes. She was afraid that she might be going under shock.
Sound of TV seemed too loud in her ears. It’s almost painful. Unknowingly her feet kept drawn towards the TV in the lounge. Entering the lounge she saw Aryan sitting like stone and staring at news going on without batting his eyes.

“A young girl identified as Poorva Deshmukh faced an accident late night on the highway. Mr. Kamalesh Verma reported the girl came running from the side of the road, as if she was running from something or someone and unfortunately he couldn’t controlled the car. At the time Mr. Kamlesh could stop the car the girl already collide with the car. Some of her belonging state that Poorva is a model by profession. Para medics declared that Poorva Deshmukh died on spot due to severe head injury after reaching the accident spot . And some evidence on the body defining that poorva Deshmukh was first featured to any form of s*xual abuse. For further report the body had been taken for post mortem.
Now in next news a tanker crash in a gas station. Huge inferno……..”
Poorva deshmukh …accident….died…s*xual abuse… post mortem
All this words kept on playing Aradhya’s head. She could not believe Poorva is death… how could it be possible. She talked to her last night only. She sounded too happy. She was going to propose the guy she loved… all of a sudden how could this happen… s*xual abuse… who was they…. From whom she was running like that and came in front of that damn car… no it’s not true. It must be some kind of cruel joke… can’t be no..
“noooooo….” She screeched breaking Aryans daze.. he looked at her and ran towards her ignoring the severe pain shoot up his spine.
“Aru.. Aru clam down…”

“No it can’t be. It can’t be” she grabbed his injured shoulder digging her nails in it forgetting the wound she just treated. Tears trailing their way down her cheeks. Her eyes was blazing red near the rim. “Who could have done this…. They… they said s*xual abuse… who were they.” She said gridding her teeth.”
“Aradhya.. ahaa.. calm down.. please.. its hurting.. damn calm down.”
Still she was not listening. She kept on babbling the same new which was shown of TV earlier.
“calm the hell down.. Aradhya.” Aryan barked. The slap seemed to work. She slide down the wall she was standing next. Drew her legs towards her chest and started to whimper and sobs softly … “what am I going to say to them… Aryan.. what am I going to say to uncle and aunty… that their daughter …” her sobs got little louder. Aryan sat on the floor beside her and wrapped his arm over her trembling frame. “Everything is going fine Aru..” Aryan couldn’t make out if everything really going to be fine or he is just giving false assurance to Himself more than Aradhya.
Coming out of her daze she felt wet sticking her and realise Aryan was bleeding again and this time it might be her fault.
“I am sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Aradhya apologised.
“its ok…it not that painful ..i guess.. now stand up.. and fix it .. before I die from blood loss.” Aryan stood up. An intense wave of dizziness hit him, and he grabbed onto the wall to steady himself. He groaned and blinked his eyes. Aadhya stood up and grabbed him to support. “yes, come on .. now cannot loose someone else either.” Aradhya said.
Silence filled the room apart from the soft sound of treatment. Aradhya broke it … “so.. what happened last night. Aradhya asked hesitantly.
Silence again.

After a pregnant pause… Aryan said “ I was invited on a date… by Poorva. I agreed” Aradhya was shocked “ it was not the first time. I was dating her since one month.”
“What did you said? You were together.” Aradhya felt a dagger cut straight though her heart, the pain cannot be measure by any radar. She took deep breathe “and… and you never told me. I thought we are best friends. We trusted each other. ” A guilt filled jealously tightened her chest and taking her breath out.
“Aru.. Aru.. please listen to me …yes we are best friend. I wanted to tell you but she said not to… we..we were not in relationship… we were just dating.. yes dating ..this is what she said. I didn’t understand that… she said I don’t have to.. its her policy… she was dating me to know me and said she would propose me herself if I could stand up to her expectation…. I don’t know how I fell for her also… I .. I ..” Aryan trying to hide a sob “I loved her and she died.. I didn’t mean to do it..”

“you loved her.” Aradhya laughed humourlessly “she said she was going to propose her boyfriend today… and he was you.. Aryan.” Dam of tears broke from her eyes. She furiously rubbed the tears “so you were there when all of it happened. You know everything. Tell me Aryan how my cousin died.” Aradhya asked.

A/N- cliff hanger… uff I love it so damn much..

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