survival instinct, Aara FF [ chapter 2]


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Previously- Medical student, Aradhya waiting for her follow inmates [ apprising model and her cousin Poova and classmate Aryan] in their rented flat at night. Aryan came bloodied and bruised and lost conscious at doorway

“what happen to you Aryan?” Aradhya whispered with tear-filled voice and dragged his dead weight body with all her strength to the carpet in the living room which she bought a couple of days ago.
Keeping him on the carpet gently she moved to close the front door. Her eyes follow the blood trail formed on the floor behind Aryan’s dragging body. She felt nauseated but forced to subside it. Thinking to clean it later she locked the door. She came back to Aryan and turned him over on his stomach to check his injury. She tear his wet and bloodied shirt and gasped in surprise at the amount of cuts and bruises that littered his skin but the wound which seriously made her unnerve was what looked to be a gunshot wound on the side of his shoulder blade. It was bleeding profusely but she could concluded that fortunately the bullet stuck in his muscles only. She thought to ask for medical help but that will be too late and she had to stop the bleeding by doing first aid.
She stood up and could feel that she was shaking like leaf due to excessive energy she put to drag Aryan’s dead weight body and by seeing such wounds. She took several long breaths to calm herself down. She was taught to keep calm during such conditions and she is going to apply that. She could feel here shaking got under control.
All but running to the bathroom, Aradhya retrieved the first-aid kit along with her medical kit and set about cleaning the wounds, taking extreme care as to not wake him, but froze at the coldness of Aryan’s skin. She jumped up to get a few blankets and pillows. Placing the pillows under him and the blankets on him she carried on cleaning the wounds, but stopped when she got to the bullet wound. Inspecting it carefully, she mopped up some of the blood and winced as she caught sight of the bullet, wedge deeply in the flesh. Getting some tweezers, she slowly eased the metal out, her heart clenching as Aryan whimpered from the pain. She coaxed and whispered comforting words to him like “it’s going to be alright.” and “it will be over soon.” even though she knew Aryan could not listen any word of her right then. Placing the offending piece of metal on the table, she tenderly wrapped the injury in gauze.
Sitting back, Aradhya looked over Aryan’s prone form sadly. Sighing, she covered him fully with those blankets and brushed slightly muddy bangs with her fingers to provide him some comfort. Aryan mumbled in sleep, Aradhya smiled a sad smile and continued to stroke his hair… “oh, Aryan…what happened to you?” she asked again but this time she didn’t got silence as reply. Aryan whimpered slightly in sleep and one single whispered word passed through his lips.

Aradhya frowned, unconsciously leaning forward, unsure of what she just heard, even though the logical part of her mind mentioned her that she heard correct. Aryan did call poorva in his sleep. … but why.. why did Aryan call poorva in such condition… Aradhya can’t help but to feel little jealous. Shaking her head slightly to rid herself of these strange feelings of resentment, it was then Aradhya realise poorva was not back home still. Taking her phone she called poorva… but the line other side saying that the phone is switch off… Getting fed up she threw her phone on the sofa… “Where the hell are you poorva?” she whispered leaning against a sofa. Holding Aryan’s numb fingers she fell asleep on the carpet as well.
Her sleep again broke from Aryan’s whimper, placing a hand on his forehead she realised that Aryan was burning. Frowning Aradhya removed her hand slowly, then reached into the first aid kit to retrieve a thermometer. She gasped out loud as the scale climbed drastically, finally settling on 40 degree Celsius.
For the third time that night, Aradhya found herself sprinting out of the lounge, this time heading for kitchen to retrieve a pan of cold water as well as a flannel cloth. She returned mere minute later, squatting down beside Aryan’s form. Dipping the flannel into the cold water, she squeezed out the excess water and gently dabbed the flushed skin on Aryan’s face and neck after flipping him over on his back, hoping that the fever would break soon. Soaking and wring the flannel once more, she laid it to rest on Aryan’s forehead, and sat heavily on the floor.
Aradhya picked her phone up again and again called poorva, still the phone saying switched off. It was almost dawn and aradhya’s throat getting dry out of fear for her. She thought to call poorva’s parents after much inner fight. She knew if poorva is alright and get to know that aradhya called her parents to let them know that their daughter was out of house whole night, she will literally kill her but aradhya could not take any more risk. She called them.
“hello Aradhya” his uncle said in the other side of the line “ what happen? You called so late.” He asked
“um.. uncle.. I .. well, poorva didn’t get back home tonight…” trailing off she waited for being reprimanded.
“What? This girl. Did she said anything? Did she had any show today?”
“No there was no show today, if there was any show I would not call you. She said she is going out with some… um..friends …but her phone is saying switch off.. I don’t know what to do uncle!” she cried.

“ok ok.. calm down.. you know she was always been a wild child.. don’t worry.. Must be sleeping off in some party and her phone may got switched off due to low battery. I am setting off for Mumbai within few hours.” Poorva’s father said.
“ok…” saying it she closed her phone.
Looking at Aryan she let her tired body down on the carpet beside him. They laid side by side. Aradhya facing Aryan’s flushed feverish flesh. Her mind running wild with several offending imaginations.
Every so often, Aryan would mumble something incoherent, shivering in his sleep, only sparking Aradhya’s curiosity more, for her desire to know of what had happened to the object of her unknown affection, worry gnawing away at her mind. Many scenarios came to mind, each worse than the other, and Aradhya found herself groaning and shaking her head furiously, knowing her abnormally active imagination was making her paranoid, she was actually quite surprised that she had not yet started hearing voices in her head, paranoid she could cope with, schizophrenia she could not, for is not everyone paranoid, whether they choose to admit it or not! Fear of the unknown and even the things put in clear perspective still frightened the heart, causing the mind to create vivid images of what little information gathered.
Aradhya snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of Aryan’s cracked voice, and sat up, her backside slightly sored from the hard ground. Removing the flannel, she pressed her hand to Aryan’s forehead, concern etched on her features as heat soaked her skin. Re-wetting the cloth, Aradhya once again placed in on his forehead. Her eyes fall on the blood stain trail on the floor from doorway to carpet. Thinking that she can’t have sleep that night she went to bathroom and brought a bucket of water along with a broom stick and scrubber.
While Aradhya was cleaning the floor Aryan shout in his sleep and sat up mumbling something. Aradhya left the broomstick on the floor with a thud and ran to Aryan. She held her face and tried to coax him… but he was not listening.
He kept on saying some words which Aradhya could not make out. “I didn’t mean to… they tried to kill.. I had to stop him…he tried to hurt ..i didn’t mean it… I didn’t mean to kill him… its my fault..”

All of a sudden, Aryan’s body pitched forward, his eyes closing as his consciousness retreated back in to the confines of his mind. Aradhya caught him as he fell and gently laid him back on the bed, concern marring her features as tears ran down her cheeks… for few hours she sat like that beside him watched him like hawk.
Aryan felt the wind whip at his skin, joined frantically by a billion shards of glass… his left shoulder was burning and only darkness around him. He felt like he is drowning in the dark abyss and never can come out… he shouted for help… but nothing happen… then a hand came towards him from a source of light in the dark void and he reached it. It pulled him out of hell hole. A warm hand cupped his face, wiping away tears that Aryan wasn’t even aware he shaded and he sluggishly opened his eyes, his vision blurred for few seconds, before it cleared up to reveal an overly- concern and tired looking Aradhya.
“Aru..?” Aryan inwardly groaned at the dryness of his throat and swallowed a few times, before deciding to speak again, all too aware of Aradhya’s hand upon his cheek. “What time is it?”
“It’s nearly six … you should get some rest, your fever’s only just broken, and you’re bound to feel drowsy for the next few hours.” Aradhya’s voice was surprisingly soft and gentle, yet firm, and Aryan had no other option but to listen to the girl.
Nodding Aryan curled up on his good side like a cat. Aradhya smiled “I am going to make you some ginger tea. You will feel better.” Aryan nodded again and closed his eyes to get some more sleep.
Aryan could hear Aradhya working around in kitchen. Soft sound of utensils were soothing in his ears. Forgetting about his wound in his left shoulder he tried to flip left side but stopped due to piercing pain. He laid flat on his back. He concluded he can’t sleep anymore. He sighed and took the lying remote and turned on some news channel on TV.
Aradhya heard TV turning on and smile while making tea. Her phone rang. She saw the screen, it was some unknown number. She took the call..
“Hello..” she asked unsurely.
“I am inspector Banik speaking from ****** police station.” The voice spoke from the other side of the line.
“Inspector…?!” Aradhya gasped.
“Madam, you know this number… 900*****85, last call was to your phone by this number.” The inspector said.
The hunting number kept echoing in Aradhya’s head … “yes I know it.. its my sister.. my cousin sister’s number. Her name is Poorva.. Poorva Deshmukh. What happen to her?” her voice was steadily rising.
“yes, Madam, she must be Poorva Deshmukh .. We found an identity card saying this name, actually madam, I am sorry to say you that your cousin met a severe accident and she could not make it through. Madam I request you to come in the police station and identify the body.” The inspector finished the call saying it and leaving Aradhya speechless.

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Credit to: Tanu

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