survival instinct, Aara FF [ chapter 1]


Yes I know I was writing another ff ‘animal, I have become’ but while writing another idea for FF poped in my head and I had to start it as I will forget it if I don’t start it… moreover my beloved KD has been ruined so it better to be in my imagination AarA land. Ok, this story is alternate universe so almost everything change.

Aradhya, a sweet and docile girl was lying on her stomach on bed while staring at a fat medical book namely preventive and social medicine by K.Park. She was just staring at it but her mind was somewhere else. She was scribbling a small name with her pencil on the corner of the open page absentmindedly. After sketching the small name like for 10 minutes. She finally got her sense back. She looked at the name… the Name ‘ARYAN’ with beautiful sketch was settle innocently in the corner of page 37 of her book.
“Aru, have you gone mad. What are you doing? Control yourself.” She reprimanded herself. She took the lying eraser from the bed to erase the criminalize name but before she could her phone rang.
The screen saying ‘poorva calling’
She took the call and said before letting poova speak from the other side of the line “yes, I know… you don’t have to say that you are going be late.” Aradhya rolled her eyes.
A sheepish laugh came from the other side of the phone. “ok…. So you are wise enough I see. Eat dinner and lock the door. I will call you when I will be home and then only you will open the door.”
“and if Aryan comes before you then?” Aradhya asked sarcastically.
“He will not. I guaranty you.” Poorva said.
“Really, you are talking as if you are with him.” Aradhya said.
There was a pregnant pause and then the reply came “Aru !!! I am with my boyfriend. I am on a date with him.” Poorva squealed.
“What I thought you are at work and you are here actually playing dates with boys. I will say to your father” Aradhya threatened.
“Not boys, its… boyfriend. I am with my boyfriend ok… And my sweet Aru please. Don’t utter a word to dad. Or I will kill you. I will be back within two hours. Ok.” Poova said with numerous voice modulation.
“Yeah, whatever. But by the way, who is he. Do I know him?” Aradhya asked.
“well… kind of. Actually we are not lover still. We are just dating. I will propose him today. If he says yes.. I will tell you about him first. Now keep the phone. I don’t have loads of balance ok!” by saying it poorva off the phone. With a sigh aradhya threw the phone aside and muse about her life.
Her name is Aradhya Rao, youngest daughter of Shashwat Rao. Her elder sister is Gayetri. Her family lives in Pune. But right now she is living in the rent flat in Mumbai to pursue her medical career. Her family is very supportive of their career. She is sharing the flat with poorva, her cousin. She is an apprising model.
Aradhya’s eyes fell on the name which she was going to erase few minutes ago ‘ARYAN’ she smiled and erase it.
Aryan is her best friend. She still remember how timid he was looking when he first entered the college. He helped her out with some notes when she was absent since then they were friends but they became best friend when Aryan started to share their rented flat. Well, Aryan was living in the college boy’s drome but experienced severe raging there and when Aradhya offered him place he couldn’t ask for more.
Aradhya’s parents were reluctant of Aryan sharing their flat but after few oil brushing and trial of convincing they were convinced. Aryan is a single child of single parent. He use her Mother’s name after his name. Aryan Tulsi. He never talked about his father but putting bits and pieces from their conversation about it together she evaluated that Aryan’s father didn’t except his mother after marriage.
For Aryan Aradhya is just best friend. But Aryan is someone more than a best friend to Aradhya. Aradhya had stopped trying to deny her feeling for him, instead accepted them wholly and watching the object of her desire, using their friendship, to flirt harmlessly with him, who still seemed oblivious.
Aradhya snorted, typical Aryan, speaking of Aryan, where the hell is that idiot. Its 10 o clock at night and still no sign of him. Aradhya sigh and went to kitchen to make her a cup of coffee. Her dinner was left long forgotten. She then entered the living area and walked over to window to look out. It was raining slightly. She heard a soft thud. Curious Aradhya put the coffee mug on a stand and headed to the front door and looked out through the see hole in the door. She could see the feature but could not identify the person as it seem that the person was leaning at the door.
“who is that, Aryan is that you? It’s not funny you know.” Aradhya exclaimed. She got no reply.
“Aryan?” she asked again… Still no reply but after sometime again heard another weak thud on the door.
Getting fed up Aradhya took a rod as safety and reluctantly opened the door. As soon as she opened the door a body fell forward, soaked to bone.
She reluctantly kneeled down and gently flipped the body over and had to refrain from crying out as Aryan’s bruised cover face looked up at him, the skin seemed pale and his lips had slightly blue tint.
“what happen to you Aryan?” she whispered with tear-filled voice and dragged his dead weight body with all her strength to the carpet in the living room which she bought a couple of days ago.

A/N- Ardhya is Rao. I made poorva her cousin and poorva is good. Tulsi is not devdasi here. Well actually there is no devdasi in this fic, rao family is good and modern and Aradhya is bold as always. Hope you liked the starting. I will update both of my fics alternatively.

Credit to: Tanu

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