“Surrender, My LOVE ..!!” DEVAKSHI 3 shots (shot 1)

Hi guys … I m here with three shots … hope u like it …

Let’s begin ..
A mansion is shown ..
The mansion is decorated with flowers and lights all around .. It is like someone’s wedding is here .. Let’sgo inside the mansion
Inside the mansion
A lady in her middle 50’s is shown running here and there checking all the preparations …
Lady: Bhaisahab! Please do everything properly .. i don’t want any siyappa in my daughter’s wedding …
Man:(to whom the lady is talking) Asha ji .. all the preparations will be done ., Don’t worry ..
So it is revelaed that the lady is none other than Asha …
Suddenly a voice is heard.
Voice:Maa.. Plsss don’t take tension you’ll fall ill .. I m here na to check the arrangements .., U go and rest ..
A:But puttar..
Voice:No ifs and buts.. go to ur room …
A:Achaa thk hai .. But beta dekhna kuch kharab na ho ..
V:Haan maa don’t worry .. M here na .. After all it’s my lill princess wedding .. and No fear when Aadit is here !!!
He is Sonakshi’s brother ..
A:Haan haan janti hun bht pyar kerta hai tu apni behen se .. Mgr dekhna haan ..
Adit:Ji ji maa .. Ab jaao room mein ..
Saying this she went towards the staircase .. and Aadit goes and checks the arrangements …

Next, A room is shown with a combination of pink and purple painted walls .. A guitar is kept in the room … The window is covered with pink net curtain .. A cute bed is there with a teddy bear on it ..
Then a girl’s back is shown .. She is sitting infront of the window looking outside …. then the camera comes infront ., Her eyes are shown .. which are dark brown and so mesmerizing that every boy will fall for .. then her lips are shown .. her hair was left open and they were playing with air as the window is open and air is coming in .. Her full face is revealed ., She is none other than .. Sonakshi Bose .. she is the most adorable girl that every guy can fall for … but what is this .. She is so sad that it is visible through her face ..
Sonakshi’s self talk: “why?? Why always me..? Kya mein hi reh gayi hun is bhari duniya mein …. she starts crying …, tears were continuously gushing down from her eyes .. ” … !! I loved him always but i don’t have the courage to express .. yes i accept that i love him .. but he hate me to the core .. whyy this happens with me .. me jab kisi se pyar karun to mere sath aisa kyun hota hai .. why r u doing this with me bhagwaan ji ??? I love him soo much… kya mera piyaar sachaa nhiii .. No this can’t happen .. My love is pure .. I love him yes i love him …
But bhagwaan ji why he hates me soo much ??? Kuch to reason hai jo wo mujh se itni nafrat kerta hai mgr mujhe batata kyun nhiii ?? Sometimes itna polite hota hai .. and sometimes he is like a devil .. He hurts me without any reason .. He is the reason behind my evry tear .. He is the reason why i became like this .. He broke my heart into pieces but see na I still love him .. I love him more than my life…”
She standsup , goes to her wardrobe.. opens a drawer and takes out the picture of some1 ….

She starts talking 2 the picture .. tears were flowing from her eyes..
“See na I love u after all this … bcoz my love is strong naa … I knw my love will also turn your hate into love after marriage .. I promise u my DEV .. I LOVE U … and after this she starts crying louder .. she is not able to control her tears .. she starts sobbing and kneeled down hugging the picture … (so guys it is revelaed that Sonakshi is talking about Dev only .. and she is going to marry him .. )
After crying for sometime she composes herself .. stands up and .. clear her face …
T: “Dev u knw sometimes i felt like every pain and grief in the world is made for me or i exist only for pains … but don’t worry … I’ll sort out evrything between us ..,”
After this she kissed the pic and sits on the bed …
There is a knock on the door .. She stands up and opens the door .. Asha is standing infront of her ..
S: Arry maa aap?
She quickly hide the photoframe behind her back…
A: Arryy .. Mujy aisakyun lag raha hai k tu bht royi hai .. Is evrything alright ?
In no time Sonakshi hides the picture in in her sidetable’s drawer …
S: Nhii maa aisi koi bat nhii Why would i cry? It’s my wedding today i m very happy … (Fake smile)
Asha came inside and sit on the bed ..
Asha:My daughter is going to be married soon .. I can’t believe this … (tears came into her eyes) Beta!! Tujhe 1 baat bata doo .. chaahy kuch bhii hojaye humesha is rishtey ko sambhal ker chalna me janti hunn bhtt sii pareshaniyan aayengi but beta be brave .. u r my daughter .. Me janti huh dev 1 bht hi acha larka hai wo tujhe bht khush rakhay ga .. me janti hun meri beti mera sir fakhar se ooncha karey gii ”
S:”Maa me waada kerti hun k kabhi bhii ap ka sir nhii jhukny do gi .. pr haan 1 baat ye rona dhona na ab band kero .. Family mein drama queen sirf mein hun .. Meri jagah mat lo ..”
Asha smiled at her words .. She hugged her
A:Hamesha khus reh ….

Next Scene
A room is shown with blue color painted walls … There is also a guitar in room…
A boy is shown wearing blue jeans and black T-shirt with a white jacket .., He is looking super hot .. The camera comes infront of his face .. He is none other than our hero Dev .. He is looking very sad ..
He is also having tears in his eyes ..
D:”Bhagwaan ji !! yeh kaha phansa diya mujhe .. Me us se kitna piyar kerta hun per fir bhii mujy kiyun pretend kerna par raha hai k I hate her .. It’s so hard for me .. I hurt her always .. Me usy reason bhi to nhi bata sakta … I knw i m the reason behind her evry tear .. behind her broken heart .. But i donno that she loves me or not .. Par me ye kiyun expect ker raha hun that she loves me me ne jo kuch us k sath kiya hai.. after that she will hate me … No bhagwaan ji .. plsss don’t make her hate me …I can’t bear her hatred … She is so cute … I can’t resist myself after seeing her .. She is the most innocent girl in the world … Aur ab to meri us se shaadi hone wali hai .. me kya karn ! Plss give me strength .. Me usko reason nhii bata sakta ..
He takes out his phone .. and open it .. the wallpaper of his phone was of Sonakshi .. he kissed her pic …
D:”I LOVE YOU SONAKSHI…. yes, i love u .. i don’t hate ….
After this .. he starts crying bitterly .. He goes near the bed hug the picture of sona in his phone and fell down on the bed .. He was crying very badly …

Love is pain ?????????????
The scene shifts to the hall .. There Ishwari,Mamaji nd Radh Rani was sitting on the sofa discussing about something … Ria comes der ..
R:”Maa,Maama,Maami where is Dev bhaiya .. i wanna show him my dress …
Ishwari:I don’t knw .. He must be in his room ..
R:Ok Maa !!
Ria comes to Dev’s room ..
R:Bhaiyya plss open the door see my dress ..
Dev quickly gets up.. he clear his face .. And opens the door …

Guys .. how was it …?? Do tell me ur views whether +ve or -ve ….
Crticism r always welcome but no abusive language …
Note :- No proof readin .. ignore the mistakes …

Will soon come back with the next shot ..
Tab tak ke liye wait ..
Bye bye ..
Loads of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????

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  1. Priya12

    Purvi, superbb…awesomeeee……I was disappointed when I saw it is 3 shot……after ths u will write ff na………heart touching epi N eagerly waiting 2 know the reason y dev hates sona…post soon dr

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks alot … Ya I will surely write ff .. pakka …

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  4. Superb?? nd very emotional dr… Eagerly waiting for d next one?

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  5. Aarti32

    Awesome..N I think it was written for Twinj earlier??

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      Yes .. u r ryt aarti .. actually I am the one who had written this on TwiNj … so i thought of posting it here … on Devakshi ,.. so i edit it nd post ot here …
      R u a TwiNj fan ..?

      1. Aarti32

        I was a SIDMIN N ZAIN FAN..No matter they play Twinj n Yuvi or not

      2. Aarti32

        *I am

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    Awesome yaar ❤❤❤

  7. Post the next episode soon

  8. Superb….and I have read this on twinj too…. Still loved it…. Amazing one… Post soon….

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    Nyc part waitingggg for next part so post soon….

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