Surreal Perfection- Twinj (OS)


January 17, 1896
“Twinkle, where are you sweetie?” Mr. Taneja’s voice echoed through the hall. Twinkle’s ears perked up and her face lit up like a thousand candles. She wheeled her wheelchair in the direction of the dining room. “You didn’t have to come dear, anyways I have very important news to tell you” he beamed. Mr. Taneja was tradesman, living off in the Richmond town in Kolkata. He even excelled in art and painting, considering he inherited from his ancestors. He was a great influence to the British. His art was praised amongst, since he had studied under the great Italian painter, Camille Monte.

There was no Revolt after the great Indian Mutiny/ Sepoy Mutiny in 1856, though he secretly worked for yet another revolution against white men. He would be more use, since he had known each and every pinpoint of British Raj, however only Twinkle knew of his secret. Speaking of whom, Twinkle was no less; despite of being amputated and blind (born with it) she had excelled in each and every discipline. Name anything and she could present you the greatest of that to you, she was extraordinary. She was first-hand in archery, war strategies—in which her accurate plots were used by local prince.

Everyone craved her; her beauty is one among the best. Whether it might be her long silk woven gowns, or her long thick brown curls tied in a high bun, or her olive velvety skin, her beauty spoke volumes, and she was as brave and honest as her beauty; just flawless. She was one of the finest known celebrity, who had a par excellence in art, music, literature and much more. Many Prince (inclusive of white men) had thrived for her, but her answer was always negative—simply because they only cared for her beauty and possession; and believe me she was richest among the riches. “We’ll be moving to Paris darling, your lessons will be continued there” he addressed her enthusiastically. Live art, her new addition to— many more talents of her, and she was so ready to unveil it.
February 22, 1896
“We have arrived Sir” the horseman announced, he quickly descended, rushing to open the back cart door. He handed his hand to guide the gorgeous woman to climb down. Twinkle’s father held her crutches waiting for her to take them, when she did; he guided her to the white marble mansion.

“You are indeed talented Ms. Taneja” complimented Dr. Philippe in his thick Italian accent, she ducked her head bashfully. “I am mesmerised, she is outstanding” he praised her further, making her squirm with blush evident on her cheeks. Her father laughed, narrating her childhood adventures to Philippe.

Dr. Philippe was a tradesman just like Mr. Taneja and he was a passionate admirer of art and music, Mr. Taneja had requested him, to suggest any artist who would teach live art, his daughter’s new craving. After long convincing, Professor Gustav had agreed to teach. Live art is that you have never heard of, and it is pretty much underrated considering only few know it, just cause it was like an impossible art, which was only cracked by few people, much more like a divine bestowment gained by saints who reined in foots of Himalayas and Kashi, which wasn’t everyone’s thing. With the help of ‘Live Art’ you can bring the characters to life, and if you have known how to do it, then you would be creator, just like God. That’s why it wasn’t known to the outer world. Professor Gustav was a far relative of Dr. Philippe and it took him to whole three years to convince the Professor to give Twinkle a chance, now he knew how much of a passionate she was and he was proud to recommend her to his grand uncle.

Hi…….. I am back with yet another weird story, unlike my other OS this will be of only two parts so this pretty much will be wrapped in the next one, leave me your feedback…. Don’t know when will be my next update considering I am kinda busy…… thanks for going through shit I write and much more Love to u all who appreciate it<3<3<3

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