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Swara jumped as she heard Sanskaar open his door. She had almost forgotten that he wasn't in the car yet. She heard him moving around and then the car started up. She felt the car move forward.

"So, how far until we get there?" She asked.

Sanskaar chuckled under his breath. "You are just full of questions today."

"Being successful is about asking the right kind of questions," Swara said.

"I haven't heard that one before." Sanskaar paused. Swara could picture him looking at her. "Who said that?"
"I did."

"Well, I guess that makes you a smart lady," Sanskaar  commented.

She  nodded. "Yeah, it does." She paused and turned in his direction. "What do you mean by you guess?"

"Oh, nothing."

Swara reached out and gently hit what she hoped was his arm.

"Hey, I'm driving here!" Sanskaar  exclaimed.

Swara snorted. "You guess that I'm smart."
Sanskaar  just laughed. "Lighten up a little, Swara."
Swara sighed. He had been telling her to lighten up for years. She just simply could not allow herself to lighten up. Lightening up would mean that she was letting her guard down. Granted she did let it down a little when she was around Sanskaar, but to let her guard down completely was unthinkable.

"I take that silence as meaning I'm right," Sanskaar said.

"You take it however you want too."
She heard Sanskaar put on his blinker. "Well, just so you know, we are almost there."

Swara nodded. She almost had forgotten about the surprise. Now that her attention was back on it, she couldn't help but feel a little concerned. Sanskaar' s surprises tended to make her a little on edge. Last Christmas came to mind. Sanskaar had forced her under the mistletoe and kissed her in front of everyone. Some girls had really enjoyed that, but not Swara . She was not one for public displays of affection.

Sanskaar  was slowing down. "I think you will really like this."
"Oh, I hope so," Swara muttered.

It won't be that bad." Swara could picture Sanskaar smiling over at her, his blue eyes dancing.
"I just hope it's not as bad as your waiter skills." Swara  winced at that the memory. The first time she had met shivaay had been at a local diner and he was the waiter. Let's just say he wasn't very good at it.

"They are not that bad! You just aren't remembering it correctly!"
"Oh, so you weren't rude," Swara commented. "That was probably your evil twin."

"Funny," was all Sanskaar said.

"Then, you stalked me!" Swara exclaimed.

"I did no such thing," Sanskaar replied.

"Sure you didn't."
"It doesn't matter." Sanskaar  slowed to a stop. "We are here."
"Where's here?" Swara asked.

Sanskaar kissed her lips. "Nice try, but I'm not going to tell you yet."
Swara groaned. She had hoped that he would have broken done by now.

Stay here. I'm coming around to get you."
Swara  nodded.

A few seconds later, she heard him open his door and, then, close it. The next thing she knew her door was open and he was helping her out of the car.

Swara really wanted to see where she was. "Can I take this thing off now?" she asked.

"Nope," Sanskaar said, popping the "p."
Swara let Sanskaar walk her forward. "You are really going all out on this."

"I'm still not telling you," Sanskaar  said. "Watch your step. There's a hole here."

Swara took a few careful steps forward. "You know, if you would just let me take this thing off, then I could see where I'm going."

"Not happening."

"I could fall and break something."

To be continued
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