hi guyz!!!
This is swathi….
This is my first fanfiction – an One Shot
Hope it’s not bad
and I’m not very good at writing and grammar as well….
please bear my mistakes

there starts ….

a young girl of 20’s who is very much fond of her sleep is shown lying in her bed in sleep. she juz turns aside and slowly opens her eyes. To her surprise, she saw her prince charming lying beside her. She was astonished. She juz rubbed her eyes and looked again to confirm that it is not her dream. Yea, to her luck it wasn’t.

Her prince charming slowly opened his eyes. He juz winked at her and asked “Hey! The Daredevil of the city!!!! Can u give me a cup of coffee??”

That’s enough for the princess to confirm it is real and she juz yelled back at him that she doesn’t know to make coffee and added that she is good at preparing hot water.

G: Do you want that??
B: yea that’s enough to pour upon ur face and make u boil more :P:P:P

G: You moron!!! Go to Hell!!!!!!

She left him in the room and went to take bath.

When she returned back from bath that time was enough for him to drag her into his car and took her a very long drive an unending journey which she was unaware at that point of time.

G: Where are we going??? It’s 11 AM. I’m hungry
B: U fatty(though she is lean he calls her like that to irritate her)


He took her to a roadside motel and they had their breakfast
After Breakfast

G:Where are we going????

He immediately stopped the car. That was a cinema hall. He booked two tickets for a horror movie.

He dragged her in. Whenever she screamed in fear, he was laughing like an idiot seeing her which was enough for her to rise her temper and she bet him badly that she got hurt and her hand started to bleed.

He did first aid for her.

B: Never harm an innocent. This is where you will end up…
Oh God!!!! Please teach this innocent.
Why am I calling God \. He is nothing to me.

the boy is an atheist.

G: Shut up!!!! u orangutan…….
Even my time will come……..

Again they started their journey. This time she didn’t talk anything to him rather she slept in his car. He juz saw her. He came near her ears and told this girl knows only to sleep or to eat. Good for nothing.
She heard that but was not in a mood to fight with him. So she juz remained silent thinking that next time u stop ur car. i’ll puncture it and make u walk for miles to get a mechanic.

she went back to her peaceful sleep.

the car stopped again. This time he was not that rude. He slowly waked her up.
She could hear some pleasant sound of sea waves, birds chirping, and pure air.

Yeaa that was a beach.

It was the sunset time. No one was there in the beach.

They both came near the shore or it is better to say that he again dragged her to the shore.

She was confused.

He started his bakwaas.

B: Hey you miss. I’m not interested in you that much. you never know to talk to me calmly or either I. But I gotta know one thing this sack of stupidity knows to care me very well. Seek for my goodness. Make my life colorful. So juz because of this I wish to marry this sack of stupidity i.e. you. Will u marry me, the handsome??????

B: also, this handsome may irritate you all the time but this handsome likes u to the core that without ur stupid acts my day never ends. Wish to fight with u till the last breath of us.

B: Don’t worry even in death I won’t leave u. i’ll take u along with me. coz who fights with me like u. U are the best.

B: Jokes apart!!!! I LOVE YOU………

He slowly slided the ring which he had in her left hand ring finger.

She was dumbstruck.

She couldn’t hear anything other than his voice
She slowly realised his words.

Her moron Her orangutan Her buddhu wishes to live with her.

What is more she expects in this world.

G: (With a smile) OK Mr. Ugly don’t overimagine urselves as Mr. Handsome
Ur mother and father needs a good daughter other than ur sister
moreover my buddhu needs a caring and fighting partner
juz for the sake of my buddhu, my mom and my dad I agree for ur proposal

A mischevious smile was spread over both of their faces

Finally that was the moment she too slidded back her own ring into his
and hugged him assuring that she will never leave him even in death.

He assured back by kissing her in her forehead that they are meant to be together and will be till the end of this universe.

A drop of happy tear came out from both their eyes that welcomed them to start a new journey in their life.

This is how the day of surprise took her to an unending journey…….

Hope you all liked that.

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  1. Nice story though u didn’t reveal about the boy and girl I know it is abhi and pragya

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