Shivaay; he loves his family a lot, handsome boy,never flirt with girl,he always want to happy with his friends.
Anika; she is a girl with full of dreams,she had two brothers,she loves her father a lot,then she always angry with her bset friend shama, she studies in
Shama; she is very beautiful like abubbly girl,long hair she likes anika, she cannot hide anything from her like that their friendship

Story begins
First class were anika and shama are best friends they dont want leave toeach they sits together…other friends also came and greets them and start chatting….after a while class started anika never listen to the class but shama does…later they too became bored..and starts their conversation in low tone tone only they too can hear their convo……after the class gets over and the girls are very excited bcz tomorrow onwards seniors will come…..everyone gets happy news bcz new boys will come

Scene 2
[Next morning]
Anika and shama came to college were every seniors are present on the second floor…anika didn’t notice shivaay….she gets into her class
Shama; anika look at our friends
Anika; they all started their job [mouth looking]
Shama; yea dear
They finishes their class and leaves to their home while anika met her neighbour she is also studying in the same college and she is shivaay’s class mate..her name is shaza
Shaza; hi anika how are u
Ani; am fine dear thum kaise ho
Shaza; am also fine dear
Anika; ha by the way my friends all are very happy
Sha; why
Ani; bcz handsome boys are there in ur batch
Sha; yaa i know dear
Ani; but i didn’t find any one
Sha; ani u saw shivaay
Ani; who is shivaay
Sha; he is handsome boy in our college every girls are behind him
Ani; ohh he looks beautiful
Shaza; yes but u know, he never flirt with a girl, he does not like at all…he always make good friendship with girl
Ani; ohh that’s nice
Shaza; okay bye
Ani; ha bye….
Anika was thinking shivaay why she didn’t notice him bcz today she saw every seniors but didn’t saw him…she leaves the matter
Anika and shama had a common friend mallika…she had a boy friend, siddharth
Mallika; anika u know shivaay
Ani; no dear why everyone asking me the same question
Shama was unaware of this and she also ask the same question
Ani; dude i never saw him
Shama; its okay anika we can see him dont worry

In college a art competition is going on were shama is very busy with her art…she loves drawing…but anika doesnot know…she gone to class and sat with other friends after some discussion…they asked about shama
Anika; she is my best buddy who brings out the best in me..sometimes we have problems…sometimes we laugh..sometimes we cry..i know everything about her and she knows everything about me.and even though we have defects we love each other and we always will…later shama came and noticed anika crying she gets tensed and ask her what happened if anyone tell anything she said no…shama gets angry and make angrywala face…anika apologize to her and leaves to home….shama reaches home but anika need to cross the road…after sometime she starts moving and a car is coming with high spped suddenly he stops the car bcz anika is standing in the centre…shivaay and anika share an eyelock after a while anika move from there and cross the road she thanks him from her mind shivaay also leaves

Next morning anika explains everything to shama were mallika also present
Mallika; anika i want to talk to u
Ani; what
Mallika; yesterday u saw a boy inside the car is siddharth
Ani; ohh he looks cute
Mallika; but the person near him is shivaay
Anika was hell shocked
Anika; what he is shivaay
Shama; ohh my god u saw shivaay plz tell me na
Ani; shama stop ur nonsense yesterday he was full on angry
Shama; its okay dear
Ani; i want to see him
Shama; but how
Anik; he is in our college right
Shama; but anii we didn’t se him in the college
Ani; one day we will see him
Sham; that one day??….when will happen
Ani; u wait and watch
Shama; okay come lets go our class will be started
After the class, they too came corner were anika saw shivaay, she tells shama..
Shama; wow ani he looks soo cool can i propose him
Ani; hare wow at first sight u like him
Shama; nothing yarr he looks cute but i dont know some attraction is there u didn’t notice
Ani; ha shama he looks good but he never flirt with girls
Sham; its a good thing
Ani; no dear if he doesn’t flirt, he doesn’t love anygirl we wasting our time only
Shama; anii u like him
Ani; stop ur nonsense
Shama; i mean u’r staring at him
Scene shift to shivaay are
Shivaay saw everything and slowly stare at anika and he likes her friendship but no one noticed shivaay, anika also dont know shivaay is looking at her….after some times they both left from the place

Anika was still thinking about shivaay and the incident ahivaay also does the same

Scene shift into night
Anika open her facebook she search shivaay and she send a friend request to him…suddenly he saw the friend requeat and accept but they 2 dont know how to start their conversion
At last shivaay started
Shi; hi
anika; hello
shi; nice name
ani; wow u started teasing me
shi; no am said teh truth
ani; ohh fine
shivaa; ha
ani; by the way ur name is also good
shi; ohh okay
ani; which batch are u in
shi; 3rd year\
ani; ohh
shi; u
ani; am fisrt year
shi; okay, btw u
shama messaged anika but she didn’t replay shama get sad and she sign outs
shi; u saw me today
ani; no why
shi; nothing i saw agirl like u i thought its u
ani; no i didnt see u
shi; ur best friend is shama right
ani; how u know that
shi; from mallika
shi; i saw u today staring at me and talking with ur friend
ani; gets awkard and said no way
shi; its okay dont worry i wont tell anyone
anika; no i dont stare at u
they 2 start their fighting without knowing much and its like a cute fighting from today onwards they become good friends

This surprise is for shama [bhavisha]she makes me happy even though i dont want to…so this is special gift for her..AM NOT HER CLOSE FRIEND EVEN THOUGH I WANT TO MAKE HER SMILEi hope she love this surprise and makes her happy…in this os i added shaza bcz she is also a good friend of mine….shama dear if this os is boring, sorry…sorry..Sorry….we can make friends easily but some will stay with us forever and some will leave us so choose ur best soul like u and dont never lose them

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