The surname issue fs by anushk

this is an os about the present situation in the series of ishqbaaz so all about the surname drama and how shivay forgets his own ideologies of nam khoon khandan because of situationbecause of the situation prevailing in the 0M just because of the life that Anita has faced in her past years now in the present situation Shivay just just want to make Annika happy so that she forgets all the pain and sorrows she has gone and later on Shivay plans to to know about Anika ‘s family father parent all the members of the family till then he postpones the Pooja that picky has planned to do in the Om so that Anneka’s family background is revealed but shivay postpones the Pooja But does not stop to find the family members of Anneka’s family and why she used to live in an orphanage where as Anneka is trying hard to know about who is mahi later on she goes with blood sample of Shivay and Mahi and gets to know that they don’t have any connection with each other THUS giving her a Great shock and Shivay comes to know that Anneka belongs to a big family with a great family name

THUS all his doubts a clear Apple gets to know about this is rushing to his home to inform everyone else specially Anika but on his way do you to pinkies interruption a person named Kalyan Thakur calls him and informs that she is not the daughter of a rich family with a big family name she fakes that Anneka is not the owner of the great surname of the Bajaj THUS doesnot has a great Naam khoon khandan thus he again becomes sad with an idea that if anika doesn’t belongs to a great Family which may bring a spot on the name of the Oberoi plus he decides to find out by any means the name of Anikas parents and their Anneka striving hard to know who is MAHI And thus now try’s to know if pinky is mother of MAHI and this time the D N A reports Match with each other that’s to a great shock now Anneka thinks how can this happen but later comes to know that in the hospital Kamini had changed two baby and thus made mahi undergo surgery so that he resembles Shivay and by the help of doctor made Mahi a heart patient Anika is shocked to find such a bitter reality now Shivay now Pinky fakes that anika is the daughter of a bar dancer but Shivay when knows this decides to confront anika and they have a bitter fight on this topic when suddenly the DNA test report falls down from the table and while going through is Shivay finds The bitter reality of his past and thus confronts MAHI about the reality and finds him total astonished and blaming Shivay for faking the DNA report as he wants to overburden him with this whereas it is the reality now Anneka and Shivay take MAHI to OM along with them and introduces him as the real son of the oberoi but suddenly the singhals arrive there and and told anika is the daughter of mr and mrs Singhal and Shivay and MAHI are the sons of Oberoi and faking the 1st DNA report was Kaminis plan to separate Shivay from the oberois so that they fall weak and she can complete her plan

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  1. VHM

    this is good Anushk…but if you don’t mind..can i give a suggestion….please try to use punctuation or any seperations between lines….then see how wonderful this os will turn out to be…..anyways very nice OS …kudos to you

    1. Anushk

      Yes I will

    1. Anushk

      Thank you

  2. Alekhika20

    NIce part

  3. Dhar

    Awesome ?

  4. Nice one dr……

  5. May be its your 1st part try a ff it will be better

    1. Anushk

      Yes it’s the first time

  6. Nithu

    amaaazing dr……evn i agree with VHM DI………………

    1. Anushk

      Me too anyway thanks for reading

  7. Anushk

    Thank you guys for your comments and all your advice will not go invain

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