Would Suraj-Chakor’s new beginning interest you?

Colors’ Udaan got some tormenting moments for the viewers recently. Chakor’s biggest enemy turns out to be her sister Imli. Imli’s tortures gets on increasing. She tries out more evil tricks to break down Chakor’s freedom fight. Imli learns Chakor is contesting against her in village elections. She fears that Chakor will destroy her powerful clench on the villagers. Imli offers Chakor to join hands and reap benefits. Chakor declines her deal, which makes her think of some other method to limit Chakor. She commands Suraj to tarnish Chakor’s respect publicly. Suraj madly obeys Imli. He proves his loyalty to Imli by dis-clothing Chakor.

Fortunately, the villagers get courage to face Imli’s evil plan. They save Chakor from the disaster. Chakor didn’t imagine Suraj to execute such a shameless act. Suraj breaks Chakor’s heart. Chakor makes him out of mind and heart. She attempts to stay positive and aim the villagers towards their freedom. Suraj feels much burdened by his big mistake. He determines to know his relation with Chakor, while she doesn’t want Suraj back in her life. Imli’s tortures will just make Suraj and Chakor’s relation stronger. Chakor was seen persuading Suraj to remember her. Suraj will be trying to win her heart now. The upcoming track will have Suraj and Chakor’s love story developing from a new point. Would Suraj-Chakor’s new beginning interest you? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. yes of course I liked it… now chakor starts ignores suraj and at the same time suraj tries hard to recall her… He feels some connection with her… I’m waiting to see how their new love story will develop.. I hope suraj will ignores his loyalty towards imli and ranvijay and start searching what happened in his life…

  2. oh the serial is getting worst and worst… itne evil toh real mein bhi nahi hotey…..:@
    kuch toh khushi k pal lao bhai…

  3. The story was going great, but they went too far with the disrobing scene. They need to handle matters sensibly and not rush Sukor reunion. Also Imli-RV scenes need to be reduced.

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