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Sur-E-Ishq – Introduction!


Hi! Everyone! I’m Soso and I’m a music lover🎶
Well. Let’s get on to the point now.
Did you the famous drama, or TV Show? Tashan-E-Ishq?
Most of you would have watched!
If not, a trailer on Youtube is enough to drive you crazy about itself!
Here! I’ll bring that TV show in a different way!
More emotional, extremely musical and a good read!
I’ll try my best. Just need you all.
Well! I’m a twinj fan.
Even if the show finishes, they’re forever in hearts ruling them!
Let’s have fun! Updating will start soon! Please be tuned and try to judge!
I need you all🙌

STORY: Twinkle is back! As a violinist!
Kunj is a pianist who has lost his playing abilities. Twinkle helps him break his rules and follow his
dreams. But she hides a secret which is drawn out of her when it’s too late.

Btw based on an anime!
But bringing a desi tadka to it will make it awesome!
Thanks! Have a good day!

  1. Sohi

    Go ahead dear
    Liked the plot very much
    Iam also a huge twinj fan
    Do continue

    1. Soso

      Thanks! 🙆🙆🙆😆😆Sure!

  2. Ria

    Hey, the story seems interesting. Looking forward to your updates. 🙂

    1. Soso


  3. Aamna_2690

    Hey soso!!
    I think u r new here…. if I am not wrong….. well if u r new then welcome to the fantasy world of twinj n it’s crazy family…..well I am also a big fan of twinj n a ff writer of twinj too….. well ur plot is superb….. looking forward for the story….. post soon dear😍waiting for the first episode…..
    Once again welcome to the crazy fandom of twinj…… hope to see u soon…

    1. Soso

      Haha! Yeah I am new here.. thanks for welcoming me to your special tei family😘
      I will try to update soon.. and i will surely ready your ffs too..😜
      Looking Forward!

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome interesting…eagerly waiting for next part.

    1. Soso

      Thankyouuu soooo much😆😆😆😊😊

  5. Presha

    Hey soso the plot seems interesting
    Go ahead post soon

    1. Soso

      I hope you will read it.. thx btw!

  6. SidVee_Yashvee

    Heya, welcome to tei tu 🙂 and plot seems interesting.. and you said the truth, even of tei has ended, twinj will always have a special place in our hearts ❤ .. looking forward to read the first part ❤

    1. Soso

      Thankyou so much😆

  7. SidMin23

    Nice plot and welcome to tu tei family

    1. Soso


  8. Chiku

    Hey soso
    Uts very interesting. I am looking forward for it
    Welcome to tei crazy family😜😜😜todha bachke. Sab pagal hai yahan😂😂😂
    By the way i am chiku. I am 16 yrs.
    wat about u??
    Post soon

    1. Soso

      Hahaha😋😋😋Thankyou so much sister. Mai bhi pagal hu btw😂😂😂
      I am soso. I am 13 yrs😂
      I have submitted, it will be uploaded sooooooooon. Haha😛

  9. Soso

    Thankyou everyone for the wonderful support🙌🙌🙌🙌

  10. SidMin

    Interesting plot a totally new concept ❤
    Welcome to the TEI family
    Will be looking forward for the next update
    Love you post soon 💕

    1. Soso

      Thankyou sooooo much. For welcoming me. You all are so lovely😻😸

  11. Malhotrarochika

    Hey first of all a very warm welcome to our world of TU soso…and i am also a dance and music lover just like u and the story seems different and its your first piece of writing, hope it goes well..looking forward to it and can we be friends?

    1. Soso

      Thanks for welcoming me😄😄.. oh… Yes.. it’s my first ff. So please read it😆. Yes sure! We can be friends

  12. nice one….sorry for late commenting i was a bit buzy….

    1. Soso

      Thankyou Adeeba😆
      Hope you get free soon and no problem.

  13. RUTU.....

    Wow. ……it seems really an interesting story love to read it 💝💝💝💝💝💝

    1. Soso

      Thankyou so much. It has been updated. Read pls!😙

      1. RUTU.....

        OK dear

  14. Ramya

    Hey soso
    Interesting intro I’m excited
    N even I’m a music lover
    Sry fr late

    1. Soso

      Great to find people like me. It has been uploaded. You can read herr:

  15. Vanshita Arora

    All the best 4 next update 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  16. Aanya_pandey

    Seems really interesting haan..

    1. Soso

      Yes. You can read them😄

  17. Baby

    amazing soso☺
    loved d idea interesting☺☺

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