Sur-E-Ishq – Episode 5

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Sur-E-Ishq Episode 5
It’s morning
Twinkle’s eyes opens. She wakes up. Her eyes open wide after seeing Kunj beside him.
Twinkle starts shouting and suddenly stands up. That wakes Kunj up.
Kunj: What the hell Twinkle Taneja. Why are you shouting like you have seen a ghost?
Twinkle: Tumhe apne bagal mein sota dekhna kya bhoot dekhne se kam hai?(??)
Kunj(laughs): Hey! Madam! It was you who decided to spend the night watching stars.
Twinkle: But I didn’t ask you to sleep with me at night. You could wake me up Mr. Khadus.
Kunj: I could wake you up? Twinkle Taneja… You were sleeping so…
Twinkle: So?
Kunj: So… Nothing.. You were sleeping so I didn’t wake you up. You should thank me and you are shouting at me.
Twinkle: Sh.. Sh.. Shut up.. And Good Morning..
Kunj(annoyed): Good morning…
Twinkle: Mr. Khadus don’t be so rude…
Kunj: Me? Ughhhh… Twinkle… Nothing.. Stop fighting now… Let’s go home..
Twinkle: Yes we will go..(remembers that she was thrown out)But how can I go back? I was thrown out..
Kunj: You are going to my house Ms. Taneja..
Twinkle: No!

Kunj: No? Don’t say No! Go sit in the car…
Twinkle looks angrily but she picks her phone, violin and blanket up and sits in the car.
Kunj also sits. He drives.
**Car stops**
Car stops near a big and a luxurious house. At Sarna’s mansion. Twinkle is surprised to see it.
Kunj looks at her and says: Ok so would you get in now?
Twinkle: Wouldn’t your family mind me?
Kunj: I live with my father. And he will never mind such a crazy girl…
Twinkle smiles. Kunj gives back a soft smile.
Twinkle gets in. Kunj shows her a room. Which was going to be her room. The walls were painted with blue color and there were maroon curtains near windows and doors. The room had a big balcony from where, a good look of Amritsar could be seen. Twinkle never expected that she’ll live in such a luxurious house.
Twinkle is speechless…
Twinkle: Is.. that… going… to be my roo..oom..?
Kunj: Yes of course Ms. Taneja, Go in and comfort yourself.
Twinkle had a look at the closet. It had clothes of all sizes meant for guests. She had a look at the grand bathroom too..

Twinkle keeps her blanket in the Almirah and violin and phone on the table.
Twinkle: But before that Kunj, can you show me your house? Or May I have the honour of seeing your house..??
Kunj gives a soft smile.. ?
Kunj: Sure my friend..
Twinkle smiles..
Kunj shows her every room of the house… All the store rooms and kitchen too.. Kitchen had many people working and cooking… Twinkle is amazed..
Kunj: OK so can we go back now?

Twinkle: Yes but you didn’t show me that room..(Twinkle points towards her right)
Kunj: That’s a store room… That cannot be opened..
Twinkle: Come on Mr. Sarna… Please naa…
Kunj: Ok stubborn kid.. fine..

Twinkle: Yayy! Ok show me..
Kunj walks towards it.. He opens the lock.. Twinkle gets in.. She coughs due to the dust.. She sees an almirah which is half opened.. She opens it.. Lovely Suits and Sarees can be seen… The closet of a woman.. Twinkle takes one of them out.. She gives a little confused smile…
Twinkle: Kunj.. What is this?
Kunj: This is my mom’s closet.. After she died, everything from her room was shifted here in this room and this was locked..
Twinkle: Oh! Really.. Her clothes’ choice was amazing.

And what about this? (She sees a big thing covered)
Kunj: This..
She pulls the cover off it.. She is surprised to see..
Twinkle: Omg.. A grand piano..
She takes a round all over it…
Twinkle: Kunj.. Is it yours?
Kunj: Yes.. This was kept in my mother’s until 3 years of her death.. But I couldn’t play it so.. Papa made it shift here..
Twinkle: Does it work?

Kunj: Yes.. Probably.. It should..
Twinkle: Sooo.. Mr. Sarna.. I appointed you to be my accompanist(U have read in episode 2) We will play a duet.. Of violin and piano.. It will be fun..
Kunj: No! Actually.. I can’t play..
Twinkle: Why not? I will help you.. I told you that you should play anyways.. Get it ready tomorrow..
Kunj is speechless..
Twinkle smiles…

“I hope I could fight with all my bad times and with the truth that you are not here Mom.. This music will remind me of you..” He thinks as he looks towards Twinkle who is dusting the Grand Piano..
Twinkle smiles..
Kunj smiles back..


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