Sur-E-Ishq – Episode 2

Hi everyone! Soso is back with the second part of the musical FF: SUR-E-ISHQ!!!
How are you all? Hope that you are doing good. Be happy and please comment. I need you all.
Friendsssssss. This FF is gonna be a good read. You will know the condition of the story! Go ahead!

Recap: Kunj meets a cute and a naughty girl, Twinkle who is a violinist. Kunj is a deeply sad, quiet and shy person who doesn’t talk much and is always saddened by his mother’s absence.

Kunj and Twinkle are sitting near the lake with their feet drabbling in water. They’re talking.
Twinkle: Why are you so sad? You look so depressed.
Kunj: I am always like that. I am sorry for that.
Twinkle: But? Any reason?
Kunj hesitates a moment but he says it.

Kunj: My mom. It’s about 11 years ago. Me and my mom were in a car. With the driver who was driving. My mom taught me music. She was a great pianist. And so I was. The car. The driver. I just remember that we were near a hill station. Where the car accident took place. There was a deep river the mountain. The car’s breaks failed and the car was about to fall into the river but my mom pushed me out of it. The driver jumped out and the car fell into the river. It was a deep river. She was not found.
Twinkle: I see. (She tries not to talk about it) Why don’t you play?
Kunj: I got my hand fractured due to which I couldn’t play for many years. I lost my ability to play.

Twinkle stands up with a shine.
Kunj stands up too.
Twinkle: You should play anyways.
Kunj: I will go back home now.
Kunj smiles.
Twinkle smiles and says: “I hope one day you be as much happy as you are pretending you are”
Twinkle picks up her violin. She plays as she walks out of the park.
Kunj thinks and looks at her. Her words touched him. He follows her running.
He follows the music.
He sees her from the back.

He runs.
Kunj: Twinkle! Stop!
Twinkle looks back but continues playing.
Kunj asks for her phone. She gives it.
Kunj types his phone number and calls.
Twinkle starts smiling.
Twinkle: In return of your phone number Mr. Kunj Sarna, I appoint you to be my accompanist.
Kunj smiles and says: I am getting late. I should run.
Twinkle: Can we run together?
Kunj: Why not!
They run together.
They become tired.
They both sit on a bench near a pond.
Twinkle: I’m tired.
Kunj: Me too.

Twinkle looks into the pond.
Twinkle(murmuring): I want to climb.
Kunj: Climb?
Twinkle jumps into the pond.
Twinkle: Yay!

Kunj: What?!
Twinkle: Come on Kunj Sarna. Climb!
Kunj hesitates but climbs into the pond. They both throw water on each other.
Twinkle: Do it today, You would not get the chance of doing it tomorrow.
She laughs.
Kunj looks at her and thinks: “There is something in this girl. I have never felt so much happiness before”
Kunj laughs.

PRECAP: Kunj and Twinkle run opposite ways. Towards their homes. Twinkle changes messages Kunj. Meanwhile, Manohar gets miffed after seeing Kunj wet and so late.

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  1. Sohi

    Wow episode was soo awesome
    Twinkles character is joyous I liked it
    Do continue and post soon bye

    1. Soso

      Thankyou dear Sohi???

  2. SidMin23

    Nice and love twinj moment and back to back update and I hope soon twinj starting to get along with each other.

    1. Soso


  3. RUTU.....

    Thank you dear for posting it early it’s amazing awesome fantastic lovely I really don’t have words to describe how much I loved it, love you cutie

    1. Soso

      Thankyou so much???
      Love you more❤

  4. Aamna_2690

    It was great dear….. just loved it…. I couldn’t comment on last shot…. I am busy now a days… n as I told u i was busy completing my ff episode n an os too…. so can’t comment….. but read the last shot…. Do continue soon…

    1. Soso

      Thanks Aamna❤❤
      I will read yours too..

  5. Hey Soso, ☺☺
    Yeyyy ?? M 1st in cmntng, hope so,??
    If not then, ??
    Wowwww Ur writing are really very GOOD ??? M LOVING it ??? And the epi was so much AMAZING ??????? Love it very much ❤❤❤❤ Awww, twinj scene was shoooo cute ????? But preceps is little tensed manu miffed with kunj ?? nvr mind, Now plz post next epi soon, eagerly waiting 4 it.??
    And Can i call u buddy, ?? coz ur soo swttt ?? and cool also ?? and can we be best friend’s..??? ?? Plz accept me ?? so that’s can I irritate you ???
    Keep smiling ☺? Love you ???

    1. Soso

      Priya you are really lovely❤
      You are acceptedddd✌???
      Thankyou so much.. Love you moreeee?

  6. Hi soso I just now read both the episodes I loved it twinkle’s character is so adorable do continue soon

    1. Soso

      Thanks Sushmita☺??????

  7. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Twinkle’s character I hope can change Kunj 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Soso

      Yess… The ending is a surprise…
      Yess.. Stay tuned?
      then see what happens
      Thankyou dear?

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

    1. Soso

      Thanks Purnima?

  9. SidVee_Yashvee

    Hey soso, sorry for late comment.. actually I read both the shots now.. and it’s a great start to the story.. really loved it.. and loved twinkle’s character.. it’s amazing.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

    1. Soso

      Aww.. thankyou Yashvee❤
      And don’t be sorry.. no problemmmm..

  10. Presha

    Hey soso yaar loved it to the core
    Awesome update
    Post soon

    1. Soso

      Thankyou Presha❤
      Yes it will be posted today?

  11. Simiyy

    Hey Soso
    It was a really cute update
    try to post the next one soon

    1. Soso

      Thankyou Simiyy❤
      Stay tuned. It will be posted today?

  12. Maggi

    Hey soso,
    Sry cudnt comment on 1st epi..
    But I live twinkles character, full of lyf…
    U depicted it well
    CNT soon…

    1. Soso

      Thankyou so much Maggi <3

  13. Maggi


  14. Chiku

    Woaaah???sooo lovely
    Loved it
    Post soon

    1. Soso

      Thankyou Chikuuu?
      I have posted it..❤

  15. Aanya_pandey

    Thats an amazing update dear.. loved to see twinj frndship

    1. Soso

      THANKYOU Aanya???

  16. Ramya

    It was so cute lovely I’m loving it
    Amazing superb
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Soso

      Thankyou sooooo much Ramya???????

  17. Cutieeee

    awsm one…..

  18. Baby

    ohhhh god soso☺
    too cute episode ☺
    awww….i think twinkle will change kunjj d sad kunj☺
    loved it soo mch♥♥
    sooo cute n adorable☺
    love u lods☺☺

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