Why I support Swara and not Ragini? ‘Must Read’ Analysis

Serial Analysis-
By Suhasini Khanna

Ragini had all the qualities of a good bahu, but she lost all respect in my heart the day she snatched all property from her FIL by blackmailing him. Does this possess any traits of an adarsh bahu? No matter how much Laksh hated her, she always got supported by her in-laws even after all her misdeeds, still she forgot all their ehesaans and cheated them, is this the sign of a good DIL? Where as Swara always stood by Maheshwari family despite of getting insulted in their family every now and then. I must say, this show is just showing that not always the sanskari girls are good, modern girls can also keep a family together whereas a sanskari girl may break it apart. I repeat, the shows intension is just to tell the viewers that modern girl can also be proved as a better and adarsh bahu and not just sanskari girls only. Ragini is fine, but if she said for once that she wanted to get married to Laksh then both Laksh and Swara would have let her complete her dream, even her conscious knew this. But still she chose to stoop so low that she even attempted to kill her sister. This is not love and no debate in this world can prove her attempts to gain love. I know everything is fair in love and war but she didn’t need to drag the situation so far when she had a sister like swara who would give up her happiness for Ragini. Why did she create the war!

I wont say what Laksh did was justified, but then again do we only give Ragini the chances to play with others feelings? She has been playing with everyones emotion since the beginning of the show then how can we, or even Ragini expect never to get her emotions played with? After all what special thing did she do for which she deserves happiness? At the beginning I prayed that Ragini should get all the happiness as she sacrificed her love for her sister, but then her real intensions came out. She chose to snatch others happiness to be happy herself. Attension is earned, not snatched. Respect is earned, not snatched, And love is earned, not snatched.
Even Shakespeare said “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” Ragini loved one, trusted one, and did wrong to everyone. I think relationships are work, but love is a gift. And gifts cannot be snatched. Cheating and lying are not struggles, they are reasons for breakups. A promise means everything, and once its broken it means nothing. Ragini promised Swara a happy life, but she broke it. If I was Swara, I would have done equally wrong to ragini, but Ragini should be glad she doesn’t have a sister who gives a tid for tad.

The truest scarey thing about undiscovered lies is that they have greater capacity to diminish us than to exposed ones. They erode your strength, your self-esteem, your very foundation. So was Laksh wrong or just a sufferer of cheating by his wife. When everyone is getting to chose his/her life partner then why not Laksh? Keep yourself in his shoes and think, I am pretty sure you’ll find your answer.

Dear friends, happiness is in the peace of one’s heart. But all the steps she took would only leave marks of guilt and not peace. As you sow, so you grow. So would she ever be happy?

I’m Ready to take comments and would love to reply everyone. Bashers are warmly welcomed to comment.

Credit to: Suhasini Khanna


  1. Anu

    I agree though I also think that right now we should stop bashing Ragini as she turned positive. And we never told Ragini was good before. It’s just that Ragini haters sometimes also bashed about Teju. Guys she is an actress and she deserves respect irrespective of the kind of role she is doing.
    Both Helly and Teju are great actresses and no one can deny this fact. Its just that one always got the good, positive role and the other the bad, negative role. This should not provoke people to hate Teju.
    Well, I love both Swaragini and will always do that even though I write Swasan fan fictions because I’m a big Sanskar fan 🙂 I like Laksh too but its just that for me SwSan have always been perfect and will always be perfect <3

    • Sasha

      I agree.
      But who would taker her guaratee? There have been incidents when all of us though that she turned positive. How can we be so sure that in future Ragini would not become negative again?
      Thats what she has been doing, playing with not just Laksh Swara and Sanskar but also Teju fans. I love teju and so I show utter disgust for the creater and maker of the character Ragini. Teju doesn’t suit as a villain and if they had to show Ragini wicked the why ddn’t they hire Urvashi Dholakia insead?
      But yeah I do not like Ragini. Teju is <3

  2. Maya.L

    I agree with u but don’t u think everyone should have a chance to rectify their mistake in life and get a second chance.

  3. Now first off all whatever bad he had done , one of the sole reason was sanskaar.Ragini was too prone to influence and sanskaar sow hatred scenes in her mind. Sanskaar was also there during dian and drugging thing but later got redeemed.So I’d people can give sanskaar a chance why not ragini.Now if u got to know that ur fiance is in love with ur sister …
    then what may u do.I would be damn angry on them but still she supported him till sanskar entry. And that kidnapping she was shattered, the person whom she loves a lot tried to take revenge for which she is repenting a lot. And yes everybody have a right to choose a bride but not by consummating by other person.if Laksh wanted to take revenge from ragini he would have rather killed her than playing with her dignity

    • siya

      I do not agree with you. swara has not accepted laksh bz he has played with her sister ragini’s feelings…it was ragini who made her accept laksh love…

      n btw y r telling that if your fiance start loving your sister then you should kill your sister who love you the most and who can sacrifice any thing for you ? go to any extent to get back your love..?

      agree it was sanskar who started all revenge things..but he was not at all going to kill either laksh or swara..he hv saved swara’s life 2 times..whereas ragini hv try to kill her own sister..

    • Siddhi

      Sanskar neh apni galti sudhari…but Ragini…she kept on doing mistakes…and about Laksh being forgiven..I don’t remember Ragini apologizing to anyone….Laksh did bad to her…but u see..usne bhi koi ache kaam nehi kiye….

    • siya

      after her truth revelation we were hoping that ragini will become positive…she will repent for her doings..but no even after swara supported her, she try to destroy swara’s cherecter..stating that she is playing with both..

      she give drugs to her own sister..she separated her parents..she kidnapped her mom..she try to prove swara cherecterless..she do not give respect to elders..she snatched property from her in-laws who hv supported her the most..

      no one on earth can justify her doings..

      sanskar hv accepted his mistake and rectify it by saving swara’s life and supporting her in every thik and thin..he has never repeat any mistake..

      if ragini would hv also repented her doing after her truth revelation then we all hv accepted her also..

    • Imaan

      Koi agar app ko kuwe mein koodh ne ko kahein, toh app koodh jayengi?
      Rgini is an individual adult. She takes her decisions. I know what sanskar did was not justified but keep yourself in his shoes. Agar koi appke lover se appko juda karde or wohi apne sage betekeliye love marriage mein razi ho jaye toh phir koi bhi sensible banda ye step hi lega.
      Sanskar is not to be blamed. Ragini is the worst.

    • Hey siya and siddhi.. lemme something raginI have also realised her mistake and rectifying it and moreover if my sister would have done it to me I would definitely be angry with her.Swara character is very illogical and yes sanskar is partially responsible for ragini character and how much more do u want her to redeem.Swara didn’t accepted him but lemme remind us all she fell in love with laksh knowing that her sister loves him a lot…and guys she was the one who supported swara and sharmishtha in front of all..do u even imagine how difficult is that

      • Hi

        I think ragini i’s character is illogical and a confused soul as she was portrayed as an innocent and sanskar girl but turned out to be such a b*t*h and I think swra is the ideal girl daughter sister and bahu!

  4. I love ragini,tejaswi fan and i want equal space for her, i hope they could have made swara negative and taking revenge from ragini,then it would be equal why only ragini given negative role for ur information the show is giving wrong message that never believe sanskari girls,as they can stop low. Swara is shown mahaan and loved by all because starting serial people loved ragini more than swara.ragini proves human has flaws her character is my favourite character i watch this serial only for her.

    • Shanaya

      Tani..Tejaswi and Ragini r totally different human beings…u like Tejaswi..i get that and she never said that sanskari girls r always wrong..she said modern girl r not always wrong…they can even keep a family together read it carefully dear…

    • Siya

      what’s wrong with you tani…here we are talking about ragini and swara..not about helly and teju..

      no one hate teju..its ragini whom all hate..bz of her cherecter…

      infect i am happy the way tejasvi hv perform her role is incredible…cvs hv made her cherecter totally negative..

      but if you hv notice one thing then you can understand that in whole serial only her cherecter is versatile…

      i am also teju fan..but that doesn’t mean i will support ragini’s doing..but i will surely appreciate teju’s performance..

    • Hi

      Don’t drag tejaswi and helly into this and oh pls how can ppl like a girl like ragini I mean the negative ragini!!! Nothing can justify her doings n pls they aren’t giving qany msg like that OK. And ragini doesn’t have flaws whatever she did is not flaws.omg if ppl become like ragini in the name of flaws then this world will meet its end soon. N the show us trying to give the msg that u should have ur own opinions and freedom to do the right thing for eg – swara was raised to be an independent and a girl who has freedom of speech whereas ragini was always taught to be quiet and to accept others decisions shewas not allowed to give her own opinions and all this resulted into villian ragini

  5. Honey

    I think u r a hellyholic
    Ragini is an imaginary character and swara as well
    But ur point is also right
    Well about laksh he insulted his parents and sent them to jail
    But he was forgiven so easily
    Do u think if ragini says she loves laksh then they both will sacrifice never
    I don’t support her either
    Swara the mahan how she loves sanskar when she loved sanskar vo bhi itni jaldi
    Well in all characters I like only sanky.,…
    He is really cute

  6. Niharika

    So so so true…mere dil ki baat likdi apne…Ragini did so bad to everyone..and now she is paying for it…many people said that the show is showing Swara as Mahan..she is Mahan yar….I mean…Ragini Ko kitni bar maaf kiya hai usne..and agar Swara Mahan nehi banti toh bashers…apki pyari Ragini kabhi nehi suderti…Ragini can never compete with Swara…i like Tejaswi…..but ….Ragini?..no way..she was always jealous of Swara and her happiness..and also the attention she received from everyone…..some Mahan great people also said that Ragini turned out to be like this only because of Swara..because of Swara’s infatuation for Laksh..now those people..plz answer me…if Swara’s love was infatuation then wasn’t Ragini’s love desperation and obsession?Areh that was not even love…Swara bashers….always think and then speak..kyuki Ragini Ko bash karne agar ham nikal pade toh pata nehi kya hoga cause there r more Swara supporters then Ragini….hogi bhi kyu nehi Ragini always chose wrong ways to achieve something that was never hers…and Swara saved her using right ways..way of truth..i’m a truth supporter that’s why a Swara supporter…

  7. Anjali

    I don’t know why people should hate swara or ragini…. it’s just a story… if we are really arguing about this, it shows how good the actors are… helly and tejaswi have executed their roles to perfection which is why we are even having this convo… so it would be wrong to tell that ragini is better than swara or vice versa
    Coming to my pov, like anu, I write swasan ffs bcos of sanskaar… I just love him and swara together…
    I didn’t like the way the story deviated from swaragini…but to call swara the mahaan or the story only swasan is wrong… after all it was bcos of ragini that these 2 even are together. .
    Every move has swaragini written in it.. so just enjoy the current track where they are fighting together..
    Thnxxx suhasini for such a lovely analysis

    • Anu

      Hehe. I love him a lot too <3 and yes Helly, Varun, Teju and Namish are great actors so its pointless to argue over whose the best though I lov Varun a lot.
      And fighting over fictional characters is not at all cool. All have different opinions and fighting like kids to prove we are right and our pov is correct is just sickness. We love Swaragini only because the actors are dong a great job be it positive or negative. The graph has changed for several characters depending on their popularity. For example Varun was loves by many and so the makers decided to make him positive and so happened with Teju. Teju fans really wanted her to be positive and Teju also wanted to do positive roles because she thinks its her forte. So both eventually became positive and now fighting like this is just craziness

  8. un

    Will u plz shut up guys.why do not u all understand that this is a fictional characters.they do not need your support.this whole mess crated by writer. Agr vo that time swara ko villain banate to aj a artical ragini ki support me hota.swara who went with sanskar in short blue dress.and when dp saw kavya’s poster in track she said bade papa is dekh kar ap apna din spoil mat kro.wow.-ve ragini more shatir than swara.and +ve ragini is so bichari.really?
    Maine u guys r westing your tym on this nonsense issue.shame on you.i watched 1 photo.in that border between Holland and Belgium is just one line in the earth.one side H and other side B only.no security.near that border line there is cafe and ol.
    I though when it will happen with indo pak border.after reading today’s 2 artical first for ragini then for swara i realised people are fighting here for just stupid serials and that blo*dy fictional characters.what will happened if security will be removed from border by making just one single line.

  9. siya

    after her truth revelation we were hoping that ragini will become positive…she will repent for her doings..but no even after swara supported her, she try to destroy swara’s cherecter..stating that she is playing with both..

    she give drugs to her own sister..she separated her parents..she kidnapped her mom..she try to prove swara cherecterless..she do not give respect to elders..she snatched property from her in-laws who hv supported her the most..

    no one on earth can justify her doings..

    sanskar hv accepted his mistake and rectify it by saving swara’s life and supporting her in every thik and thin..he has never repeat any mistake..

    if ragini would hv also repented her doing after her truth revelation then we all hv accepted her also..

  10. Me too agree with u…i always supports ma cute shona….i read smone askng dat if san got a chance den why cant nagini??who said dat nagini didnt get any chance..she got it bt she misused her chance..after d truth revealing and aftr her blo*dy memory loss drama her inlaws give her a chance bt wt she did she try to destroy her sis reputatn who always supported her dats why lucky kidnappd her…so for dat reveng nagini started to torture her in laws.,is it right?? Nd den laksh wanna to take revenge for dat so he get intimate with her afterall ragini also lusting after him na?bt i didnt supprt to play with a girls dignity..bt in dis case i didnt wanna to say anythng.. I ws nd I will be a ragini hater if she changed or not…

  11. adu

    Hi m a silent reader.but 2day i thought 2 comment.1st of all take a chill pill yaar.it seems show has affected u a lot.its just a work of fiction n all r imaginary characters.myself loved d show till rags became negative but i knew tht dis is Rashmi Sharma show she ll do something really disgusting 2 a gud show n d bri8 eg is sasural simar ka…
    but i still watched d show only 4 d superb acting of d leads n as far as morals dat d show teaches is all rubbish,mostly daily soaps r meant 4 entertainment n sirdard…so dnt take any morals 4rm d shows because such stupid n mahan people dnt exist…Bye?

  12. Shree

    Even becoming brought up as Sanskari, Ragini framed fake molestation case against sanskar. Which girl having self-respect will do this? After all these, how can we accept her redemption without deserving punishment? So far what she got from Laksh is not even 20% of what she done to swara/ shomi/ MM family…

  13. I agree with u … that’s the reason i luv character of swara … she has done everything to make her parents one… when rags n laksh got married she keeps the dignity of relation of jija -sali…she never try to get laksh agin after his marriage… n where as laksh his character is a bit immature.. he took the decision to marry rags by himself.. that was a random decesion… n when he knows that rags wS wrong n he left her… he tries to get swara back although she was married to sanskar…
    All in all SwaSan are only matured characters in show in my view..

  14. Priya

    I don’t agree with u, almost all the characters in the show made mistakes, including Swara. I truly believes that she deserves another chance. She wouldn’t have done this if Sanskar didn’t instigate at the first place and she wanted someone to love her because she lost her mom at a very young age and it really affected her life. Lakshya always played with her feeling so his betrayal and hatred turned her from being positive to negative. After all she is regretting for all her mistake so she deserves forgiveness.

    • HiOlala

      Everone gets a second chance. I believe Ragini dragged the number of chances she need to be given in order to improve to 5 or 6 maybe. I seriously don’t think 2nd chance=5th chance

      • shafin

        ragini was given one chance only. in memory loss drama, she herself won place in house only. but laksh was after swara then. she just wanted to save her marriage by hook or by crook.

  15. i will not at all agree with u . sanskar changed her mind for revenge but he left her in the middle .swara mahan mahan i can clearly say that ragini is good in acting compared to swara . any sister in this world will love her sisters husband swara played with ragini’s feeling

    • HATE ragini

      have you even watched the serial properly??????????????????? Swara played with Ragini’s feelings???????????????????

    • Arany

      swara never lays with any one’s feeling. Ragini played with Swara’s emotions. when swara said she didn’t love laksh ragini forcifully made her agree, and then on the wedding day she replaced herself with swara. she also played with laksh’s feeling. laksh was madly in love with swara. love means sacrifice, does ragini even know the meaning of this word? Ragini played with her parents feeling, with the emotions of her in-laws.. she should be bashed in public. she deserves this

    • Hi

      Are you mad 767678???????????
      I just don’t understand how on earth can ppl like that negative ragini????
      Swra is the most ideal girl, daughter, sister and bahu!!
      N ragini played wid everyone’s feeling OK go n watch the serial!!!

  16. mantaka

    I loved this analysis. I did not write any suck things cause I though I’d be bashed. Thanks Suhasi for this courageous effort. it really needs a lot of gut

  17. Teju should not be blamed infact prasied it I s quite easy to play a positive role but hard to play a negative one.you can critisise the role of ragini but now actually sge has turned into a positive woman so in my vote will go to ragini alias tejaswi prashant wagayankar.

  18. Sinzo

    oh common……Cant you guys forgive Ragini???………..
    even we love ourselves by doing so Many mistakes …then why cant we forgive others for their mistakes…….

    yeah its true Wat ragini did….was bad really ……but later she realised her mistake ,ryt now she is trying to repent it…….ryt…..

    well i m juz giving my pov…….

  19. don’t tell anything about swara is mahan swara na hw u can say swara swara is a mahan u should pray her she is mahan
    mahan swara can can do watever she want
    mahan swara can love her sisters husband
    mahan swara is detective she almost doing the detective wrok na

    • sWARA

      Swara does not love her sister’s husband. Her sister is a b*t*h. she loves everything swara loves and wants to snatch it from swara. she is so f**king b*t*h that she would file fake molestation case against her sister’s husband. STUPID STUPID IDIOT blo*dy STUPID INHUMAN INSANE PAGAL SCREWDHEELA

    • Lila

      Yes Swara is mahan, any problem with that? before trying to find flaws in swara try to groom your ragini autistic

  20. Preeti

    Excuse me? Are Ragini haters stooping low or did Ragini stoopd so low that she only has haters?

  21. tara

    I completely agree wid u dear…u xpressed everything so perfectly..not once but ragini tried to kill swara twice…but then also swara forgave her…bt she..she didnt stop…I really got annoyed…but now even laksh is meing a spoil sport…the reason for which he left ragini was justified bt the way was wrong…sometimes i feel that swaragini is more about revenge than sisters love…so my personal opinion is that sanskar is best..although he did wrong in the beginning but then he rectified it..nd i love his char nd him…coz swara also sometimes shows her mahan avtaar which i dont like….

  22. Pakhi

    Just answer my one question..
    Will you ever love with your sisters fiance??
    If yes then congrats yarr..leave on fiction world!! And be a swara fan..who rather than take a injured girl to hospital, started questioning her and let her die

    • Siddhi

      I would love my sisters fiance if my sisters engagement is broken and her fiance is in reality in love with me and I my sister tries heart and soul to bring us together. Swara didn’t even want to be with laksh. Ragini forced her to agree and believe that she loves Laksh and should marry him instead. Swara had asked her several times if she is happy with their relationship. But what did stupid Ragini do? She tried to kill swara on her wedding day and staged swara as a negative personal in others perspective.
      My bad. Whenever I thought Ragini improved, she proved me wrong. Now its hard to believe that she can ever improve.

    • Hi

      You answer my ques
      Will you marry a guy whom u dnt like at all???
      Laksh didn’t like ragini so he chose swara!!
      N what’s wrong in that????
      Love can’t be forced OK?

  23. I didnt liked ragini since she pushed swara in the river. But since she is repenting there is a little place for her .. But swara… I am so pissed by her..like dragging the show witout any stodu.. its bevoming a detective show.. Just another series of CID I guess.. Hate it. all the serial bahus are turning detective nowadays and yeah dont forget.. every family got an evil person as well sometimes one after another keeps entering. wow ! Applause to the writers ha!!!

  24. Tehreem ( love helly and teju)

    I totally agree with u
    And to all ragini fans let me clear u we hate RAGINI not teju
    We all LOVE teju
    RAGINI is blamed not TEJU
    And about Sanskar he realised his mistake and left the wrong path and about ragini she knew that Laksh and swara love each other then y did she separate them ,we know ragini loved Laksh and it was one-sided love .
    Now what is the use of talking all this that part of their life is over they can’t get back that part so there is no use of it.i love both swara and ragini equal.
    This is not hurt anyone’s feeling it is just to clear and the truth
    And if anyone felt bad then I am sorry
    But I totally agree with suhasini
    U r really di (if u r bigger than me)

  25. Oh my god really u people were arguing as if they both were you cousions comn on guys its just a serial ..
    And for wat we will see serials and tv for relaxation purpose but here it seems you all were taking more tension
    Just enjoy shiw dont take it serious here u people were fighting but those all were a great frds offscreen

  26. faima

    Ohhhh…..guys….seriously….whn I rd ths one….I laughed…..hey it’s fan fiction y r u fighting fo ths…..it’s not characters wrng….it’s all writer….who mad traditional grl to evil….U guys dnt hve Any jobe….am nt cmltly agree wth suhasini khanna..kahi Na kahi sub bi zimmidari hai ragini ki iss halath ke liye…it’s all over…now they shwng New….move on grl….yr u stll in same thng……I lke all four of thm

  27. Yeah i will answ r u pakhii…who said dat swara loves her b*t*h sis nagini’s fiance? did u see dat episds clearly? Lucky didnt lv nagini nd also he broke his aliance with her that too twice…so pratically lak is no more fiance of nagini..nd swara didnt accept him first..bt that nagini make swara to accept lucky…nd yaar love can happen anytime with anyone…its natural nd unpredictable..,.so pls stop being thnkng like a behenji….y u guyz r stick only dis type of stupid questions whch doesnt hav any sense…

  28. Bella

    I am confused now. In future if Kavya/Tania (Roop) will turn positive should Maheshwari family give her a one more chance too?? Yes? why? NO? Why Not?? She also has done everything that Ragini did. Yes there is a difference. she killed real Tania but what about if Ragini’s plan was successful to kill Swara ? I know it happens only in a daily soap, if it has happened in real life or even in “Savdhan India” Ragini would have been in jail. I strongly feel that writers added Roop’s character as Teju refused for a negative role. Now Roop is doing everything what they wanted to show to Ragini’s character earlier. Anyways, I personally think Teju is a brilliant actress.

    • Anu

      Totally agree with you but at the end its just the writers fault. They are just playing with Ragini’s character. I guess they themselves don’t know if she’s positive or negative. They literally showed her as a bipolar character

  29. taiana

    Guys plsss stop this typ of blaming n hating cmt against ragini… Whatever she does is the past n now she turned positive thn y guys still blaming n bashing her for everything??? N for how many tyms u guys will telling the same thing again n again??? I never say wt ragini did was rit but when she accepts her mistake n ready to repent for it y people can’t forgiv her… People r ready to forgiv sanskar n laksh for their deeds thn y not ragini???? N moreover this all started bcos of laksh sanskar n swara only…. So plzzz stop this typ of hatress towards ragini….

  30. taiana

    Guys i never cmted this typ of cmt before but frm past few days i saw everywhere bashing for ragini n teju.. So i was irritated upset pissed off so that came out as a cmt… it’s a fictional character not a real one… Wt all ragini did it’s not did by ragini but by the writer.. Not only ragini but all characters of Swaragini n their acts r written by cvs only…. Thn wt the use of blaming any fictional character r the actor who play the role??? So we should stop this guys…

  31. Suhasini Khanna

    Thanks everyone beyond for your valuable comments.
    I wanted to bring out everyone s hate feelings. I just mean that I cannot forgive Ragini any more. To me she has been a negative character and has misguided all the chances that she was given. So I believe she does not deserve anyone’s sympathy. As you sow do you grow. Jaisi karni vaisi bharni.

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