Why I support Swara and not Ragini? ‘Must Read’ Analysis


Serial Analysis-
By Suhasini Khanna

Ragini had all the qualities of a good bahu, but she lost all respect in my heart the day she snatched all property from her FIL by blackmailing him. Does this possess any traits of an adarsh bahu? No matter how much Laksh hated her, she always got supported by her in-laws even after all her misdeeds, still she forgot all their ehesaans and cheated them, is this the sign of a good DIL? Where as Swara always stood by Maheshwari family despite of getting insulted in their family every now and then. I must say, this show is just showing that not always the sanskari girls are good, modern girls can also keep a family together whereas a sanskari girl may break it apart. I repeat, the shows intension is just to tell the viewers that modern girl can also be proved as a better and adarsh bahu and not just sanskari girls only. Ragini is fine, but if she said for once that she wanted to get married to Laksh then both Laksh and Swara would have let her complete her dream, even her conscious knew this. But still she chose to stoop so low that she even attempted to kill her sister. This is not love and no debate in this world can prove her attempts to gain love. I know everything is fair in love and war but she didn’t need to drag the situation so far when she had a sister like swara who would give up her happiness for Ragini. Why did she create the war!

I wont say what Laksh did was justified, but then again do we only give Ragini the chances to play with others feelings? She has been playing with everyones emotion since the beginning of the show then how can we, or even Ragini expect never to get her emotions played with? After all what special thing did she do for which she deserves happiness? At the beginning I prayed that Ragini should get all the happiness as she sacrificed her love for her sister, but then her real intensions came out. She chose to snatch others happiness to be happy herself. Attension is earned, not snatched. Respect is earned, not snatched, And love is earned, not snatched.
Even Shakespeare said “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” Ragini loved one, trusted one, and did wrong to everyone. I think relationships are work, but love is a gift. And gifts cannot be snatched. Cheating and lying are not struggles, they are reasons for breakups. A promise means everything, and once its broken it means nothing. Ragini promised Swara a happy life, but she broke it. If I was Swara, I would have done equally wrong to ragini, but Ragini should be glad she doesn’t have a sister who gives a tid for tad.

The truest scarey thing about undiscovered lies is that they have greater capacity to diminish us than to exposed ones. They erode your strength, your self-esteem, your very foundation. So was Laksh wrong or just a sufferer of cheating by his wife. When everyone is getting to chose his/her life partner then why not Laksh? Keep yourself in his shoes and think, I am pretty sure you’ll find your answer.

Dear friends, happiness is in the peace of one’s heart. But all the steps she took would only leave marks of guilt and not peace. As you sow, so you grow. So would she ever be happy?

I’m Ready to take comments and would love to reply everyone. Bashers are warmly welcomed to comment.

Credit to: Suhasini Khanna

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  1. who ever said that CVS should make swara also negative they just go to hell get that …

  2. agree with u..hate ragini…

  3. Suhasini Khanna

    Thanks everyone beyond for your valuable comments.
    I wanted to bring out everyone s hate feelings. I just mean that I cannot forgive Ragini any more. To me she has been a negative character and has misguided all the chances that she was given. So I believe she does not deserve anyone’s sympathy. As you sow do you grow. Jaisi karni vaisi bharni.

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