Why I support Swara and not Ragini? ‘Must Read’ Analysis Part 2


She has no remorse at all

Ragini tried to kill her sister, fooled everybody and even made allegations against her own grandmother (Naani). She is the main cause of everybody’s problem today. In fact, the cruel mind even separated her parents. Yet she has no remorse at all on her face. She has no regret that it is because of her that her sister Swara is in pain.

In spite of being a vamp she acts innocent

She is responsible for making Swara’s life hell. However, even in front of Swara she acts as if she has done nothing. Instead of apologizing for her deeds and asking Swara to carry on with whatever happened, she simply keeps on giving her ultimatums. The most irritating part is that though she is a vamp she plays the innocent card. Perhaps Ekta Kapoor can take inspiration from this character of Swaragini.

Ragini of Swaragini is Shameless and Dangerous

Ragini of Swaragini has no shame at all. The girl has committed so many dangerous and heinous crime yet she has no remorse or regrets on her face. Instead, she constantly challenges and warns her sister Swara. The most annoying part is that Ragini thinks Swara is doing wrong by faking her marriage with Sanskar. To expose her she even puts a camera in their room and is even trying to create a situation where people can insult her.

She is Cheating Her Best Friend and Her Love

More than Swara, the victim of her game is Laksh whom she loves. She has not only destroyed Swara’s life but also Laksh’s life who still cannot think anything other than Swara. She is solely responsible for Laksh’s sad condition. In fact because of her he even went to Jail and is having sleepless night.

She is Selfish and Self-centered

When Laksh asks her to help him as a best friend, the selfish Ragini does a “chance pe dance.” Instead of easing his pain by giving a decent solution she asks him to move a step ahead in their marriage. Yes, while he is trying to get out of his pain, Ragini is eager to enjoy her marital bliss. Whoa, can any bestie be like that?

Ragini of Swaragini serial is a shame not only as a sister but also as a daughter, wife, friend, and daughter-in-law.

Credit to: Suhasini Khanna

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  1. Tehreem ( love helly and teju)

    Suhadini Di please don’t take it personally but really everyone is writting this creating even more haterdeness toward the fans
    Please stop judging the characters they do what they are told to do by the directors and writers please stop for the hell sake

  2. Yawr but n0w she is repenting f0r her sins . . She is g0od n0w . . . H0pe so she’l b g0od frm n0w on

  3. Please stop making allegations on ragini, yes ragini was wrong at a time

  4. yaa i agree wid u i love swalak and swasan both .and yaa i never wanna raglak to be together i wanna kavya to be +ve and be wid laksh i hate ragini not tezu and i want ragini to be wid someone else …what ragini has done wid swara and laksh is un forgettable ….

  5. Ragini was not wrong always, humans are meant to make mistakes, mistakes can be rectified, ragini had got her punishment by laksh betrayal and understood her mistakes , is helping swara by going against her dadi, even gave her mother’s last memories to get them out. Swara supports ragini as she knows somewhere she was responisible for ragini’s condition. Laksh wow the character who played with both girls first ragini’s feeling for two times and left swara watching one video . Ragini is only character who loved only one person in the show from starting.coming to physical closness which she asked laksh , maybe she was wrong but she was insecure , her tears were true everytime ,there was guilt but remembering the betrayal of her sister and her love, the guilt died somewhere.swara only gave hopes of laksh and destroyed it , ragini is not toy to play with, she also was hurt .if there are her mistakes and there are million reasons for her mistakes. There is no human without bad and mistakes. If it is shame to have sister like ragini who accepts her half sister as her own sister in front of society and a daughter who sacrified her happiness when asked to choose between her family and love, ragini atleast did not send mm people to jail never played with uttara’s dignity as kavya was playing, she was wrong in calling swara illegemiate but she was almost going to die thinking about her mistakes she had done because of laksh’s love. Everyone is responisble for ragini’s situation.

    1. U see Sanaya ya Taani…Ragini never actually accepted Swara as her sister..if she would then she wouldn’t have snatched her happiness everytime…Ragino was always after Swara’s happiness…she was jealous of the attention Swara was getting from others…and about loving laksh…that was her obsession or desperation..she thought it to be her right to be Laksh’s wife…not for love…

    2. Dude dnt five excuses for ragini’s doings OK pls!!
      There are many kids who read such stuff!!!
      Whatever ragini did is not acceptable n their is no justification for it!!
      U can’t blame anyone else for her doings!
      If this was real life then ragini would have been in jail now…n nobody would listen to such crap like swara n laksh is responsible!!
      Ragini committed a crime!!! If she had become mental etc then we could say that it is bcos laksh ditched her n all but she tried to murderv er sister!!! This is not a small thing!!!

  6. Just stop it guys what is this? If u support keep it with u. Swara the mahan accepted…. Ragini is good for nothing…swaragini is not sisters its just swara the great & ragini the waste….isn’t it? As in my pov ragini is the best bcoz she is showing a natural human being mentality as far as swara none is perfect & mahan lyk her. Stop bashing lyk this…u swara fans watch swaragini for swara & We Ragini fans just watch the serial for her….& plz don’t reply for this I’m not interested in making my point clear for u .

    1. Exactly

    2. Dude don’t say natural human being mentality OK!! What ragini did is not natural….pushing ur sister in a river is not natural!!! Ur giving a bad example by saying so!! Atleast u can say that u Like ragini’s positive character!! But dnt say such stuff which can mislead ppl!! Tomorrow ppl will start killing their sisters for such stupid reasons n say that this is natural behaviour!!!!!!!!!!l
      N infact ppl should try to be like swara… I agree she is a bit too mahan that she always blindly believed ragini n forgives her so easily but the negative ragini was not acceptable!!! N that’s not natural!!! If this was real life then ragini would be in jail!!!
      N no need to make ur point clear as their is no point in ur comment

  7. Well said i totally agree with you

  8. True true true…

  9. Oh god!! Relax!! It’s just a fictional character…why r u taking it so seriously?and dear, i wanna make a small correction if u don’t mind..it’s not ‘is’ but ‘was’..she turned to positive already and also joined hands with her sister swara to solve this “kavya mystery”..instead of swara fans or ragini fans, why can’t we be a swaragini fan? and i’m already fed up reading these things on twitter, facebook, etc..we are here to read those lovely fanfictions..so please, no more swara vs ragini article..it’s a humble request…

    1. I know right? This ananlysis hould have been made in october or november, not now.
      Anyways, I don’t care anymore. I watch Swaragini bcos I love all the actors and their performances , especially Varun. I’m a litt;e disappointed with the plot but still love the show. I never thought Swara was a mahaan… And if Ragini got a -ve role, Swara got +ve role. What’s so wrong with that? Why immediately seperating youtselves and choosing sides?

      1. Exactly, that’s my point…even i don’t care because i’m neither swara fan or ragini fan..i’m swaragini fan..and these analysis things are really pissing me off..

  10. I actually started watching it only for teju then varun but stopped after the pairing still I like ragini only

  11. Anyways, I don’t know why this analysis suddenly started this week… But I am tired of replying. No more… I know what I like I know that I’ll be watching the show still… I’m a little sad that people hate Ragini or Swara… But I can’t help it.. I love them both and I am a Swasan fan… That’s all I have to say

  12. agree with u..

  13. What is wrong with all the people who are bashing ragini…she is repenting for her mistakes now so please gave her a chance. I truly believe that the circumstances made her evil but now after realizing what she did she is trying to compensate for her sins by helping the people who got hurt my her. And I also believe that the whole gadodia family including Swara, Lakshya and mainly sanskar is the reason for her to turn evil. Now everything is eating back to normal so please relax and try not to bash anyone.

    1. Ya I agree that ragini has turned positive n all!!! But blaming others for ragini’e behavior is jst dumb!!! N all this has started bcos some ppl r saying that whatever ragini did like trying to kill swara etc us natural!!!! It is not natural n she herself is responsible for all her actions!!! If this was real life … Ragini would be in jail now!!!
      I am not bashing ragini as she has turned good now but her previous acts r not acceptable!! Even if someone else had done this I would day the same thing!!! By blaming swra laksh sanskar yr jst giving excuses which r not practical!!!!
      Their is no justification for ragini’s doings!!!
      But yabwe should forget it as now she has turned positive but saying that it was not her mistake n all is not acceptable!! That’s lame

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