Supernatural Series Season 3-Forbidden Love (Naagin,Ishqbaaz and Tei) Episode 1

The three break the hug.

Kunj:I need to go for practice for race.

Shivaay:And I have to go for a client meeting.

Ritik:Even I have to work on my invention.And ma I ordered for you a strawberry cake.




All the three leave for their work and Pinky goes to her room.

On other side the girls are sitting in bakery.

Anika:There are three orders.One from Verma Family,One from Sharma family and other from Oberoi family.I can’t deliver 3 orders in one time.

Twinkle:So we will distribute the the orders.Shivanya you deliver in Oberoi family,I will deliver in Sharma family and Anika you deliver in Verma family.


They all leave to deliver the order.

Kunj is driving fast on the big lonely road.

Kunj:Even this time I will win the race.

He is driving when he is unable to turn the steering.He tries to put brakes but even they din’t work.A tree comes in front of him.His car hits the tree.The petrol starts leaking.Kunj is unconscious.

The car gets blast.Behind the flames of fire a girl is trying wake up a boy.They are twinj.

The car hits the tree and kunj gets unconscious.Twinkle is riding scooty but atops when sees him.She is shocked to see the petrol of car is leaking.

Twinkle:Oh Mr come out fast the car is going to blast.

No response.

Twinkle goes to him and with difficulties gets him far from the car.The car blasts.

Flashback over

Twinkle:Get up

Kunj slowly opens his eyes.

Kunj:What I am doing here?

Twinkle:You met with an accident and your car got blast.

Kunj stans from his place and sees his car in flame.

Kunj:Thank you so much for saving my life.

Twinkle smiles
Shivaay is driving his car.He is talking with his client through bluetooth.

Shivaay:Don’t worry I will complete my target asap.

He was talking when suddenly a truck comes in front of him.He turns his car.His car goes towards the valley.

Anika was driving her scooty when she sees it.

Anika:Omg his car will fall off the valley.

She goes towards the car which is half in air and half on land.


Shivaay carefully looks out of the window

Shivaay:Please help me.

Anika thinks something and gets a idea.

She puts her all weight on the back side of the car.

Anika:Now try to come out.

Shivaay opens the door and slowly keeps his leg on land and jumps of the car.Anika goes back and the car falls of the valley.

Anika:You are safe.

Shivaay:Thank you very much for saving my life.
Ritik is at the hall making something.He is unaware of the jhumar getting loosed from the grip.The door was open so Shivanya entered the house.

She smiled seeing Ritik but her smile faded when she saw the jhumar getting loosed.She keeps the cake aside and runs towards Ritik.

Shivanya:Be safe!

She pulls him towards her and the jhumar falls from the cieling.

Ritik falls on Shivanya.They have an eyelock.

The whole family cones by listening the voice of jhumar falling.

Precap:Priest:Their death have came bear now these girl can only save them.

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