Supernatural Series Season 3 – Forbidden Love (Naagin, Ishqbaaz and Tei) Intro

Guys i am back with season 3 of my ff so hope u like it.You all would be thinking that again there will be the same boring story of protectors saving earth from evil powers but guys dont worry this time the concept is totally different.Ishqbaaz is the serial i added in this ff.

Ritik Singh Oberoi-He is a famous engineer and makes new inventions.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi-He is the famous businessman and the boss of Oberoi company.He is Ritik’s sibling.

Kunj Singh Oberoi-He is a car racer and is very famous among girls.He is paternal cousin of Ritik and Shivaay.

Other family members are of oberoi family leaving omkara and rudra.

Twinkle Taneja-She works in her bakery and she is orphan.

Shivanya Taneja:She also works in bakery with Twinkle and is her sibling.

Anika Taneja:She works with Twinkle and Shivanya and is sibling of both.

All the three sisters are orphan and dont have a family and stay in a small house together.

Shivaay,Ritik and Kunj with all Oberoi family r shown in the main hall of the house.Priest was sitting on sofa and was checking the three of them’s kundli.

Pinky:Pandit ji is everything fine?

She was worried for them.The priest removed his specs and said

Priest:Their kundli says that they r destinied to die and no one can stop it from happening.

Pinky:There would be some remedy for it know.

Priest:If i would have known why they r destinied to due then ofcourse i would have known the remedy.

The priest leaves from there.

Shivaay:Come on mom its all just superstition.

Ritik:Yeah mom dont worry.

Pinky:U all r a very important part of my life i cant loose u all.

Kunj:Chachi just take a chill pill.

All the three hug Pinky.

A bakery is shown.The name of the bakery is Taneja Bakery.

Shivanya is seen serving a pastry to a customer.

She goes to kitchen and Twinkle is shown.

Twinkle:Did u served the pastry?


Twinkle:But where is Anika?

Anika:I am here

Both turns to see her.

Anika:Its too hot outside but i finally delivered the cake.

All the three give a hi-fi to eachother.

Precap:Shivaay’s accident,the jhumar falls on Ritik and Kunj’s car hits the tree and a blast.
So guys hope that u liked the intro.First episode will be updated soon.

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