Supernatural Series Season 2 (Naagin,Kasam Tere Pyar Ki,Vishkanya,Ikrs,Tei and Matsh) Epi-3

Nirbhay orders the evil army to get divided into six parts.They go to Vidhani,Shivanya,Tanu,Apu,Twinkle and Ishani.

Ishani,Tanu and Shivanya are seen together at Tanu’s house.They are friends

Evil army enters the house and all the three gets scared.

One of the evil army comes there and is about to slap Ishani but she lightly pushes him but he falls far away.

All are shocked and Ishani too is shocked.

Tanu:How did you do this?

Ishani:I don’t know

The evil army comes with sword and tries to attack but a aura saves them and all evil army gets dissappear.

Shivanya:Who were they and how did they got dissappear when they tried to attack on us?

Apu,Twinkle,Dhani and Viplav are laughing and talking when they hear the sound of door bell so Village goes to open the door when he sees evil army.

All are shocked.Viplav goes back and stand with Twinkle,Apu and Dhani.

Apu:Who are they?

The evil army comes there with sword and is about to attack on Apu,Twinkle when someone stops them.They are Kunj and Malay.

Malay and Kunj kills all the evil army with knife.They all get dissappear.

Viplav:How you killed them?

Kunj:Because we are protector of this world.


The scene shifts at Tanu’s house.

Ritik:Yes Shivanya we all who are present here are protector of earth.

Ranveer:We have to save earth from all bad.

Rishi:I have asked Malay to bring everyone here.

After sometimes all the couple reaches their.

Twinkle:How is it possible that we are protectors?

Malay:We are selected for protecting for earth.

Shivanya:Whatever it is we have to save earth from bad.

At night Nirbhay is sleeping when his sleep gets disturb when the one of the soldier of evil army wakes him up.

Nirbhay:What is your problem I was sleeping?

Soldier:We are not able to kill any of the protector.


Nirbhay catches the neck of the soldier.

Nirbhay:Why you are not able to kill them.

Nirbhay kills him.

Precap:Light to come to say something to all the protectors and all to get shocked.


  1. Shakaib


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    Hye siddhi, nice to see you with this ff . only love rivanya a lot. Well, how u became fan of sns. Please update story of go hem and rivanya. Have you watch naagin 2 promo. Its nice.

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