Supernatural Series Season 2 (Naagin,Kasam Tere Pyar Ki,Vishkanya,Ikrs,Tei and Matsh) Epi-2


Ritik,Rishi,Ranveer and Malay leave for their own office.There office were different but the road to go was same.

They all were driving there car in same way but when everyone car stopped so all came out.

They saw a evil army.

Rishi:Who are they?

Ritik:Don’t know.

The evil army tries to attack on all the four with sword but they go to other side.

Ritik finds a rod so he attacks on evil armies with difficulties.

Rishi finds a football and with his naughty mind he beats everyone with football.

Ranveer was having a locket of God inside his car so he removed it and showed to all the evil army and they ran away.

Now some evil army were attacking on Malay when he with his karate moves beat all the army.

All the army got killed and they dissappear.

Malay:Who were they?

Ranveer:Don’t know let ago to each others home as I think we should not come out.

All leave from there.

Kunj is seen doing some office works when he sees a shadow out side his window.He goes to window to see who is there.He sees no one so goes back to his work.He again sees the shadow and this time runs to window and see no one so he decides to go out and see.

He goes out.When he sees two people of evil army came to kill him.

They were having sword so Kunj saw a knife there so he took and stab the knife to both the army.They dissappear.

Some people of evil army come to Nirbhay and says

Evil army:Sir we are not able to kill any of then now just Viplav and their wife are left.

Nirbhay:So kill them.If they will not die then can I be king of the earth.

Precap:The evil army to attack on Viplav and all their wives.
I know that this is very short but will try to write long next time and I am really sorry for late update actually I totally forgot about this.

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  1. loved it siddhi keep it up keep rocking…post ur other friends soon plssss ……how r u

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    awesome amazing fabulous epi

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    awesome amazing fabulous epi….

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    Nice episode siddhi???

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    Nice episode posted after a long time 🙂

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    Nice episode siddhi… No need of sorry dear…. N precap seems horrible… Eagerly waiting for the next episode … Keep writing dear….

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  10. Hi Siddhi how are you the episode was good but you can do better than this I know about your writing style it can be more better than this, then it gonna be fantastic keep it up better waiting for the next ?

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