Supernatural Series Season 2 (Naagin,Kasam Tere Pyar Ki,Vishkanya,Ikrs,Tei and Matsh) Epi-1


A boy is sleeping.He is Ritik.Shivanya comes there and sees Ritik is still sleeping so she takes a feather.She takes the near his ear and tickles him.He jerks from his sleep.

Ritik:Shivanya what are you doing?

Shivanya:I am not doing anything.See what is time.

Ritik sees time.It is 8 am.

Ritik:Oh sit in have a meeting on 10 am.I have to get ready fast.He is about to go when Shivanya catches his hand and says

Shivanya:You will go with out kissing me?

She indicates towards her cheeks.Ritik smiles and kisses her cheeks and goes to get ready.

Shivanya goes to kitchen and makes breakfast for Ritik.He gets ready and sits on chair of dining table.Shivanya comes with breakfast.

She is going but Ritik calls her and says

Ritik:Listen.I love you.

Shivanya smiles and goes from there.

After having breakfast Ritik leaves for office.

Rishi is doing some office work when Tanu comes to guve him tea.

Tanu:Rishi your tea is ready.

Rishi smiles and takes the tea from her hand.He keeps the tea aside and catches Tanu’s hand and makes her sit beside him.

Tanu:Rishi what are you doing?

Rishi:I am just making my wife sit close to me.

Tanu:Rishi someone will see us.

Rishi:Then what is the problem Tanu?We are married and it is normal to sit near you know.

Rishi smiles.

Tanu:Let me go Rishi.I want to make paratha foe you.

Rishi let’s her go.Tanu enters to kitchen and starts making paratha.Her hair strands come on her face but she is not able to remove it.

Rishi enters the kitchen and sees Tanu struggling for removing hair strands from her face.Rishi comes to her and takes her hair strand behind.


Rishi:Tanu now I will be here only so that I can handle your hair.

He smiles naughtily.

Tanu:You want a chance to touch me.

Rishi:Yeah I want.

Both smile.

Malay sits inside his car and is about to start the car when Apu comes and stops him.

Apu:Malay can you drop me to market?

Malay:Ofcourse your majesty.

Apu smiles and seeing her smile Malay also smiles.Apu sits beside Malay.He starts driving the car.

Malay is driving car and Apu is looking out of the window when Malay stops the car.

Apu:Malay why did you stopped the car?

Malay:I just want to romance my wife.

He brings his face near to her but she says

Apu:Not now Malay.

Malay:Then when Apu?I have never kissed you.

Apu gives a kiss on his cheeks and he is shocked.

Malay:Apu what was this?

Apu:Just to satisfy you now drive.

Malay starts driving.

Viplav is working in his office when he hears a knock on door and he asks to enter.

She is Dhani.She enters the room.


Dhani:I came here to give you tiffin.

Viplav:Really!?What is there in tiffin?

Dhani:Your favourite paneer.

Viplav gets happy and takes the tiffin from her hand and sits on table.Seeing his behaviour Dhani starts laughing and says

Dhani:Viplav you are just like a kid.

Viplav:Dhani come know.We will eat together.

Dhani sits on chair and feeds him food with her hand.Viplav also feeds her food with hand.Ishq Ka rang plays as BG.

Kunj is doing exercise when Twinkle comes their.

Twinkle:Now stop doing exercise my body builder.

Kunj stops and says

Kunj:Oh so my Siyapa queen has came to give me juice.


Twinkle gives the juice to Kunj.He drinks the juice.Twinkle is going when Kunj catches her hand and says

Kunj:You forgot something.

Twinkle tries to remember

Twinkle:But what?

Kunj pushes her close to him and kisses her cheeks.

Kunj:You were forgetting this.

At kitchen Ishaani is making food.Ranveer enters the kitchen and hugs her from back and says

Ranveer:What is my Mrs Universe making?

Ishaani:Your Mrs Universe is making your favourite food for tiffin.



Ranveer gets happy and says

Ranveer:You are really a good wife dear.

Ranveer turns her and says

Ranveer:I love you Ishaani.

Ishaani:I live you too Ranveer.

Ranveer brings his face near to her.Ishaani closes her eyes.Ranveer’s lips comes near her lips.

He kisses her cheeks and goes from there running.

Ishaani:Ranveer stop.

Precap:Ritik,Rishi,Ranveer and Malay to see evil army and the evil army to attack them and they will try to kill the armies.

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  1. It was nice Siddhi waiting for the next episode ?

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    So many couples and it really needs guts to write on these many couples in one ff, really good going siddhi

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        Actually it is harisha’s profile but the person who commented duvaraksha as she doesn’t comment any ff?

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