Supernatural Series (Naagin,Kasam Tere Pyar ki,Vishkanya,Tei and Ikrs) Epi-3


All the boys where jacket and cap and girls where duppata on their face so that no one can identify them.They leave.

At school Yamini,Dashrath,Yuvraj,Kalpana,Bani and Guljeet have kept the children’s under the hostage.When all the protectors comes there.

Malay:Leave the childrens.

All the villains turns.

Kalpana:Who are you all?

Ritik:We are the destroyer of your and protectors of earth.

Yamini:Oh so you are the protectors.You can’t win from us.

Twinkle:Good always wins over bad.

Twinkle throws fire ball on Yamini.Yamini throws water ball and both the balls get destroy.Twinkle and all are shocked.

Kunj:How’s that possible.

Yuvraj:Because we are blessed by your gods only that we are very powerful.

All the villains laugh.

Dashrath:You all can’t harm us.

Dhani:Leave the children’s.

Yuvraj:If we tell that we will not leave then?

Yuvraj laughs and Ritik with the power of his speed runs fast towards Yuvraj and punches him.Yuvraj falls on ground.Kalpana gets angry and magically brings sword and attacks on Ritik but Twinkle Apu comes there and stops her sword by her own sword.Kalpana sees Apu angrily and there sword fights starts.Apu’s sword slips from her hand and Kalpana is about to hit Apu when Dhani comes there and pushes Kalpana.Kalpana falls on floor.Yamini comes towards Dhani and attacks her with current.Dhani falls on ground and shouts with pain.Viplav sees this and he gets angry and with eyes he picks up Yamini and throws her.Viplav goes to Dhani and helps her to get up.

All villains dissappear from there.

Then Ritik,Kunj and Malay goes to children’s and frees them.All the children’s goes from there.Then all the protector secretly goes to Malay’s house.

Malay:Thank God all the children’s are save.

Shivanya:Yeah Malay you are right but they all were really powerful.

Dhani:Yeah and that Yamini attacked on me I will very much current and started painting my whole body.

Ritik:I think they are the only one who we have to face.

Precap:Yamini:These protectors are very powerful.We have been blessed by god but they also have been blessed by God.

Dashrath:If we can’t kill them together then we will kill them one by one.

All the villains laugh.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  2. Sarayu(honey)

    Very nice siddhi, I just read the previous episodes in this ff and read today’s episode. It is awesome

  3. NYC …gud portray ..keep continue Siddhi..

  4. Good episode … Siddhi… Happy in this episode… Nobody killed…?? well described of fights between each other.:. Good going dear… Excited for the next episode ..

  5. a very good eps… siddhi we enjoyed it !!!
    plz.. siddhi can u update ur ‘THE PROMISE I GIVE U-NAAGIN ,YHM ,KRPKAB’ ff bcoz i like that ff very much….

    1. Thanks and I will try to update the Promise I Gave you

  6. Awesome….

  7. Wonderful siddhi .. go on☺

  8. siddhi liked ur story…..but always these villains r behind them……that’s i am really sad these days

    1. Thanks vimi and don’t get sad and but bad news is that one of the protector have to die.

  9. Siddhi i want to complain that ur ff is awesum but u always post shotter and also u r not regular . I f u would have been regular then i would not have complained u plz look into this matter .

    1. Thanks and I will try to do what u want.

  10. awesomeeeeeeee epi

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks fiona

  11. amazing

    1. Siddhi

      Thank u

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