Supernatural Series (Naagin,Kasam Tere Pyar ki,Vishkanya,Tei and Ikrs) Epi-2

Kunj:Twinkle one of us have to die but please don’t cry it can be me or anyone.

Kunj kisses her forehead and lays her on bed.He kisses her neck.They consummate their marriage.

Ritik hugs Shivanya and she hugs him back.Ritik gets emotional and he unties the Dori of her blouse and Shivanya unbuttons his shirt and he kisses her neck and lays her on bed.He removes her saree and puts a blanket over them.They consummate their marriage.

Rishi:Tanu I know you are scared whether my life will go.

Tanu:I can’t loose you Rishi.

Rishi:I also can’t loose you.

They both hug eachother and Rishi kisses her forehead.Tanu kisses his cheeks and says

Tanu:I love you Rishi

Rishi:I love you too.

They kiss their lips.

Malay is looking out window and he have tears in his eyes.Apu comes and keeps her hand on his shoulder.Malay hugs Apu tightly and says

Malay:If something will happen to you then I will not be able to live.

Apu:I also can’t live without you.

Malay kisses Apu and says that if she dies then he will also die.Malay takes his phone out and clicks Apu’s photo and says

Malay:This photo is really beautiful but see my phone is jealous of you because you look beautiful.You don’t look as beautiful in picture as you look in real.

Malay and Apu hugs eachother.

Viplav:Now don’t cry Dhani as to save earth we have to become strong.

Dhani:Viplav promise me that if something happens to me or you our love will never die.

Viplav keeps his hand on her head and says

Viplav:I promise you that our love will never die.

Viplav kisses Dhani’s forehead and sees that her
sindoor is not there.Viplav takes the box of sindoor and applies it on Dhani’s forehead.They both hug eachother.

At morning

All the couples wake up.Viplav is still sleeping.He gets a call from Malay.Viplav picks up the call.

Viplav:Hello (sleepily)

Malay:Hello Viplav come with Dhani at my house.

Viplav:But why?

Malay:I will tell you both come fast.

Malay informs everyone and all come to his house.

Malay:Guys I want to show you something.

Malay on’s the TV.The news comes that some evil power has kept the students of school under hostage in their school.

All are shocked.

Kunj:We have to save those children’s.

Rishi:Yeah they are innocent.

Malay:But its difficult.

Twinkle:But why?

Malay:Because that power is powerful and it’s difficult to fight.

Shivanya:Whatever happens we will save the children’s at any cost.

Precap:Fight between protectors and destroyers.

Credit to: Siddhi


  1. Shreyaa

    It’s very very niccceeee. Please continue it this way Siddi. I really loved it and update the next episode soon

  2. RS

    Its really nice! What about the sacrifice of a fighter? It would be Shivanya or Ritik or Viplav. Anyways if he/she sacrifices himself or herself, then Dhani can give them life again ? Am i right?

  3. Kathy

    Good episode siddhi…as always…. N today’s episode very emotional tha…. I felt like crying … Oh their love… So intense …. Excited for the next episode …

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.