Supernatural Series (Naagin,Kasam Tere Pyar ki,Vishkanya,Tei and Ikrs) Epi-1


Ritik,Rishi,Malay,Kunj and Viplav they all are in a place which is very much filled with dust.It’s a haveli.

A light comes and says

Light:A big war is going to start between good and bad be ready to face that evil powers.

Viplav:But what evil power?

Light:That I don’t know but be careful and don’t forget that you and your better half’s are the protector of this beautiful earth.

Ritik:We promise that nothing will happen to this beautiful earth.

Light:Good but between the war of good and evil one of you have to die and it’s sure.

Malay:But who will die?

Light:Anyone can die whether it can be you Malay,Viplav or Ritik or it can Kunj or Rishi also.

Rishi:But why one will die?

Light:Because you have to kill them.


Light:Yeah because when the evil will get powerful then one of the protectors have to die for the earth.

Then the light goes from there.

Rishi:Who will die?

Ritik:They told that it can be anyone of us and our wives.

Malay:I am scared to loose anyone of you.We all are like family

Kunj:We all are scared but to protect earth we have to do this.

Viplav:We will tells us to them.

They all go to there house.

Malay:Apu one of us have to die to save earth.

In other house

Twinkle:But who have to die?

Other house

Rishi:That only we don’t know.

Other house

Shivanya:But if this happens then what will happen of all of us?

Viplav:That only we will get weak but to save earth we have to do this.

Other house

Tanu:I can do anything to save earth.

Other house

Ritik:I can also do anything to save earth.

Other house

Apu:But to stop evil we have to be powerful.

The screen forces on The all couples facing eachother.
Guys guess who will be that protector who will give his/her life to save earth.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Go on Siddhi…… Evils should die.
    … for sure….. Do not let anything happen to the good souls please….

    1. Thanks but one protector have to die to get interesting.

  2. Wow supernatural hehe

  3. Would super ghostly and suspense

    1. It’s not ghostly but will have many suspense.

  4. I think Shivanya! Siddhi plzzz make it longer

    1. Hmmm u will know soon whether it is Shivanya or someone else.

  5. Good episode siddhi… Oh no someone has to die… But why does every time destroy evils ….. Good has to sacrifice their lives…?? hmm I know it’s ur concept.. But feeling sad na… Good going keep on writing…. Excited to know the answer…??

  6. Siddhi plzz see my ffs comments andd that bad commenter (ur hater) I’ve written something.
    I’ve to say that I’ll not write that ff (Pyaar Ki Dastan )
    Because I’m getting bad comments

    1. No RS your ff is very nice and you know when we do something then there are always some people or at least one person is who are jealous and so to low our confidence hey do like this and like many times is happen with her.Lets me as I am a chess player many other chess players abuse me but I come first always don’t stop ur ff.

  7. Ok ! Siddhi you’re really a good soul .????Thanks

    1. No thanks I just helped you and I will tell u one thing that if there are bad wishers then there are good wishers also like shreyaa.

  8. wow..interesting…

  9. RS siddhi is absolutely right. Your ff is really good. Believe in yourself.. no one can help you more than not let your self confidence down. Your pyaar kii dastaan ff is excellent

    1. Thank you Shreyaa and Siddhi

  10. Gud epi Siddhi..Waiting to see the sacrifice which will be done by whom..

    1. Just guess who will do sacrifice.

      1. Who is it siddhi. Who is going to sacrifice

      2. I think kunj will sacrifice

    2. Maybe Apu…bt Siddhi only knows

    3. It’s a suspense that who will die so keep guessing it will be revealed soon.

  11. I think one of ur heores ll scarifice their live…bcoz they dont want dat theit wives shld die….bt i think it may b ritik or kunj…..
    .bt must say nyc plot n storylines r just osm…luv keep going….waiting 4 ur next epii n…plzz make it longer…luv u

    1. Thanks and wait soon curtains will be off from this suspense.

  12. Siddhi good start dear….keep going like this…

  13. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..

  14. please not kunj and twinkle
    we all twinj fans are missing him in show too
    anyways epi was awesomeeeeeee……… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Very good start☺ keep going and I think shivaniya will die.

    1. You will come to know soon.

  16. dont let to die shivanya or ritik because they are very special couple
    and shreyaa please continue urd previous ff’s pyar zindagi hai and love makes life beautiful

    1. You will see who will die and shreyaa pls continue ur ff’s I am eagerly waiting for ur ff.

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