Supernatural Series (Naagin, Kasam Tere Pyar Ki,Vishkanya,Tei and Ikrs) Epi-8 (Last Episode)


Doctor:The person who died is…………..Ritik.

All are shock and listening this Shivanya gets faint.


All runs to her and doctor takes her inside the room.

Doctors check Shivanya and tells to all

Doctor:Because of shock she got unconscious.

All the protectors leaving Shivanya goes to Ritik’s room and all get emotional.

Malay,Kunj,Rishi and Viplav goes towards him.

Malay:Ritik please get up know why are you doing this acting?

Kunj:Yeah Ritik you are very smart now please wake up.

Rishi:Yeah see know because of your acting Shivanya also faint down please get up.

Viplav:Please Ritik wake up.If you will wake up then what you want that only we will do please wake up now.

All start crying.Dhani comes inside the room and says

Dhani:Means Ritik was only one who have to sacrifice his life to protect earth.

All gets shock.

Viplav:Means it was going to happen?All this was already decided by god?

Dhani:Yeah (With tears)

At other side Shivanya gains conscious and thinks

Shivanya:Ritik where is Ritik?

She starts crying and runs towards his room.

Malay:Means it was the faith.

Apu:Yeah it was faith.

All are crying when Shivanya comes inside and all are shock.Shivanya sees Ritik and goes towards him

Shivanya:Ritik why are you playing please get up.Please don’t as with my emotions.

She catches his hand and starts crying hardly.Twinkle,Apu,Tanu and Dhani tries to console her.But she is still crying and holding his hand.

Shivanya is holding Ritik’s hand.

Twinkle:Shivanya please control yourself.

Shivanya:How can I control?He is joking.

Tanu:Shivanya we can understand your feelings but it’s the truth.


Shivanya cries and goes out of the room running.Apu and Dhani goes behind her.All are going outside but someone says


They all turn and are shock to see Ritik conscious.Ritik is still weak.


They all goes to him and by that time Malay calls the doctor.

Doctor comes there and checks Ritik

Doctor:How is it possible?He was not alive but how did he got alive?It’s just a miracle.

Rishi:Yes doctor it’s a miracle only.

Doctor:Ritik now you take rest as soon we will discharge you.

Doctor goes from there.

Ritik:Guys where is Shivanya?

Tanu:She gone out I will call her.

Tanu goes out.

Shivanya is crying.

Apu:Shivanya the truth is that Ritik’s faith was to sacrifice to protect the earth.

Dhani:Yeah Shivanya

Shivanya is still crying when Tanu calls her with name.All the three tunes and sees Tanu.

Tanu:Shivanya what are you doing here?Your Ritik is waiting for you.

Apu and Dhani are a hockey but Shivanya gets happy and goes to him.

Shivanya,Apu,Dhani and Tanu enters the room.Shivanya goes towards Ritik and hugs him and says

Shivanya:Ritik I was really scared for you.

Ritik:Shivanya for you only I came back from to doors of death.



Next day all the protectors with their better half’s are in their homes.

Tanu is drying her hair with towel when Rishi comes towards her and hugs her from back.

Rishi:Tanu what are you doing?

Tanu:I am dancing.

Rishi:But you are drying you hair.

Tanu:If you know what I am doing then why are you asking?

Rishi:Just like this

He comes in front of her and kisses her cheeks.He kneels down and says

Rishi:Tanu I love you and want to spend my whole life with you.Do you also want same?


Both Tanu and Rishi hug each other.

At Apu and Malay’s house Malay is reading a book and is laying on bed.When Apu comes to him and says

Apu:Malay again you are reading book.You always read books instead of helping me.Sometimes I think you don’t love me only.

She is about to go when Malay catches her hand and brings her towards him.

Malay:If I don’t help you means I don’t love you?


Malay:The prove it that I don’t love you.

Apu:I can’t prove but I know.

Malay:Really then okay I will not talk with you only.

He is about to go when Apu catches his hand and Malay turns and sees Apu catching her ears.


Malay smiles and hugs her and says

Malay:I love you more then my life.

Apu:I also.

Twinkle is sleeping on bed when Kunj comes inside and sees her sleeping so he goes towards her and lays on top of her.He careress her cheeks and Twinkle wakes up and takes his name.


He brings his face close to her and kisses her lips.She kisses him back and both sleep in each others arms.

Viplav is sitting on chair and thinking something.Dhani comes there and sees him thinking and asks

Dhani:Viplav what are you thinking?

Viplav gets up and comes close to Dhani.

Viplav:I am thinking that how mush beautiful my wife is.

Dhani blushes and says


She is going when Viplav catches her hand and pins her to wall.

Viplav:I am not joking I am serious.

Dhani:Oh really

Viplav:Yeah really

Viplav brings his face near to her and is about to kiss when Dhani goes from there and Viplav follows her.Finally Viplav catches her hand and bring her towards him and kisses her cheeks and hugs her and says

Viplav:I love you

Dhani:I love you too.

At Ritik and Shivanya’s house Ritik is taking rest.Shivanya comes inside the room and sees him resting and goes to him and sits beside him.She caresses his hairs.Ritik wakes up and sees Shivanya and says

Ritik:Taking advantage.


Ritik comes close to her and says

Ritik:But I think that only.

He keeps his hand on her cheeks and kisses her forehead.Shivanya hugs him and he have tears in her eyes and says

Shivanya:Ritik I am really happy that you are safe.

Ritik:Shivanya I am in front of you nothing happened to me.No one can separate us not even God.

Shivanya smiles and kisses his eyes.Ritik comes close to her and kisses her lips and lays her in bed with him.Both sleep I each others arms.

A dark place is shown where a boy comes but his back is only visible.

Boy:What they thought they will kill that weak destroyers so they will win.No I am still alive and will kill them.I will kill them.

The boy laughs evily.

The End
Guys so how was the last episode?Please tell whether I should start season 2 of Supernatural Series.And if season 2 will be there then one more couple will be added.

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