Supernatural Series (Naagin, Kasam Tere Pyar Ki,Vishkanya,Tei and Ikrs) Epi-6

Villains bring Ritik,Malay,Dhani and Twinkle to a cave and goes out of the window.

Yamini:Now it’s time to tell other protectors that their loved ones life is in danger.

Yamini goes to Shivanya’s house.Shivanya is working in kitchen when she sees Yamini and says

Shivanya:Yamini what are you doing here?

Yamini:Aree why you got angry?Just chill down.

Shivanya:Tell me why you came here?

Yamini:Okay okay relax in will tell you.I want to tell you that we all destroyers have kidnapped Ritik,Malay,Dhani and Twinkle.

Hearing this Shivanya is shocked.Yamini laughs and fades away from there.Shivanya calls everyone.

At hall all are tensed for Ritik,Malay,Dhani and Twinkle.

Kunj:We have to save them.

Rishi:Yeah we have to save them but we can’t go to the destroyers like this.

Tanu:Yeah if we will go like this then they will easily kill us.

Apu:But they all are in trouble.

Viplav:I will kill them all.

Shivanya:We can’t talk here if we will talk here then destroyers will kill them.

Everyone decides to go to cave.

They reach to cave and are shocked to see the four of them unconscious.They go towards the four and wakes them up.

Twinkle:How did we came here?

Ritik:Yeah we were on road then how we came here?

All the four gets up.All the protectors say together

Everyone:We will kill the destroyers to protect the earth.

At a haveli all the villains are there

Yuvraj:Now all the protectors will breath their last breath.

Dashrath:Yeah.They are really fool.

Kalpana:They don’t but they are making our plan successful.

Guljeet and Bani:Now let’s work according to our plan.

All the villains laugh.

At a forest all the protectors are walking.

Rishi:This all forest or bhulbhulaya?

Malay:That only don’t know.

They are walking when Tanu gets unconscious and all get worried for her.

Rishi:Tanu wake up. (With tears)

Everyone tries to wake Tanu but all fails.

Apu:But how did Tanu got unconscious all of a sudden?

Twinkle:I can say that it’s the work of that destroyers only.

Rishi gets angry and says

Rishi:I will kill them all.

Shivanya:Now it has got so much.If we will not kill them then I am sure that earth will get destroy.

Tanu is still unconscious when Dhani comes to her and catches her hand and she gets conscious.Rishi hugs her and asks her whether she is okay?She tells yes.

Kunj sees this and says

Kunj:Hey we know that one of us have to die to protect earth.Then whoever will die then can’t Dhani give them life?

Dhani:No Kunj I can’t.


Dhani:I can give someone a life but can’t go against god’s wish.

Precap:Dangerous fight between protectors and destroyers.

Light:Now earth will get destroyed or will get save.

All the protectors are worried.

Villains to attack two protectors.
Really really sorry for the late update.I was busy from some days.And I was also not able to comment on Vishkanya page but now I am free.

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