Supernatural Series (Naagin, Kasam Tere Pyar Ki,Vishkanya,Tei and Ikrs) Epi-5


At morning everyone gets up.

Malay is going out for work when Apu stops him and asks

Apu:Where are you going Malay?

Malay:Apu,Ritik called me for some work so going to him.

Apu:Which work?

Malay:Apu you forgot that we have to live like normal human so we are doing job.

Apu nods her head and says

Apu:Okay but come soon.


Malay hugs Apu and she hugs him back.Then Malay goes from there.

At Ritik and Shivanya’s house Ritik goes to Shivanya and says

Ritik:Shivanya I am going to office as I have join a office with Malay.

Shivanya gets happy and hugs Ritik.

Shivanya:Really Ritik.I am so happy for you.

Shivanya unknowingly kisses Ritik on cheeks and Ritik is shocked.

Shivanya:Now don’t get shock and go.

Ritik is still looking her then Shivanya takes him out of the house.Ritik leaves from there.

Ritik is driving the car when his car gets stop.

At Viplav and Dhani’s house Twinkle and Dhani are busy in their gossips.Viplav ck.especially there

Viplav:Gossip Queens what are you gossiping?

Dhani:Nothing Viplav.

Twinkle:Yeah nothing.

Viplav:Okay okay but you both forgot that we have take dinner so for dinner you both have to buy vegetables.

Dhani:Oh yeah I totally forgot.

Twinkle:Let’s go Dhani we will take vegetables.

Both Dhani and Twinkle leaves to buy vegetables.

Ritik’s car has got problem so he calls Malay.

Malay:Hello Ritik what happened?

Ritik:Malay my car had stopped now I you have to come to me.

Malay:Okay Ritik I am coming.

Malay cuts the call and is about to go when he gets one more and it’s of Twinkle and picks up the call

Malay:Hello Twinkle

Twinkle:Malay we have to buy vegetables so can you come and leave us to market and your office is near to your office only.

Malay:Okay Twinkle I am coming

Malay drives to Twinkle and Dhani and gives them lift.

Malay comes to Ritik and gives him lift.They all are in car when a tornado comes in front of their car and Malay stops the car.

Malay:How did this tornado came?

Ritik:Dont know.

All the four comes out.Tornado is coming near them but suddenly the tornado goes away.All are shocked.When all the villains come from behind.

Dashrath:Now you all will die.

Yamini attacks on Ritik and Ritik falls on floor.Malay gets angry and attacks on Yamini but Yamini stops him and Kalpana comes and throws fire ball on him and he gets unconscious.Dhani and Twinkle with their power try to attack on villain but all the villains together attack on them and all the four are now unconscious.Kalpana says

Kalpana:Now we will keep these four under hostage and then will tell other protectors and they will come to save them and they will also die.

All the villains laugh evily.

Precap:Shivanya,Viplav,Tanu,Rishi,Apu,and Kunj goes to a cave where all the villains have kept Ritik,Malay,Dhani and Twinkle their.All are shocked.

So guys how is today’s episode?I think I have written a boring episode.But guys soon this ff is going to end so tell me whether should I starts after its end season 2.

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  1. Sujie

    Hi Siddhi….. It was not at all boring…. Looking forward to reading another episode…. And please do come with season 2

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks sujie

  2. Kathy

    Nice episode siddhi… So u gonna end this soon..?? come with season 2 dear… Oh no… Four r them as hostage..:now what will happen… Eagerly waiting for the next episode dear…

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks di and will be back with season 2 soon.

  3. Avijit

    not boring at all ..don’t end soon…and make episodes little bigger ended all episodes so soon … it is becoming interesting …keep it up 🙂 ..

    1. Avijit

      if you want season 2 then it will be good but don’t end the season 1 soon…at least 12 episodes 🙂

      1. Siddhi

        Avijit have to end it as it’s concept is only for some episodes and 2 or 3 episodes are only left.

    2. Siddhi

      Thanks Avijit

  4. It’s very nice bring season 2 . The episode was not boring

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks shreyaa and pls continue ur Naagin-Love makes life beautiful

      1. I shall do it on Saturday m. I promise

      2. Siddhi

        Thanks shreyaa and pls update it for sure as I really like it.I always get sad as I don’t find another episode of ur ff.

  5. seems interesting. waiting for next

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks sonali

  6. Apoorwa

    awesome work Siddhi

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks apoorwa

  7. HarSHaN

    Superb Siddhi..Bt Y end???Plz continue Siddhi..Itz nyc n waiting for next happening..

  8. HarSHaN

    When will the next epi of Aliens n Humans come..Waitinggg..Siddhi

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