Supernatural love-prologue

At airport

Ragini- take care of yourself. Don’t eat outside food much, take food on time, don’t talk to strangers, don’t roam about at late night, lock your house, call me everyday.
Swara giggling- ok mom.
Sakshi- ok beta take care of yourself n study properly.
Arnav strictly- if u have any problem just call me once. I will take care of everything. Your house has been prepared as u demanded n driver will pick you so don’t go anywhere else.
Swara- okay dad, n yes mom i will take care of myself n study well.
Sakshi hugged swara and bid her bye. Later sakshi n arnav move aside to let the two sisters talk together.

Ragini- don’t forget me n if u get anyone there then i should be the first one to know about it, ok.
Swara- ofcourse you are the first one who will know everything that happens in my life.
Ragini a bit teary eyed, hugging her- ok then bye, ur flight announcement has been done.
Swara hugging her back- ok byee n yes LOVE U.
Ragini- love u too.
After this swara went to catch her flight n explore the things that are waiting just for her.

Swara Malhotra- a sweet, bubbly 23 year old girl with blue eyes, going to satara a city in Maharashtra to study in her dream college ELITE. She loves to roam about n explore new things. She love animals n gardens.
Ragini Malhotra- sister of swara n living with her parents in kolkata. She didn’t wanted to go so she will be studying in kolkata only.
Arnav Malhotra- husband of sakshi n father of swara and ragini. A big business man in kolkata n a bit strict but sometimes he let it go. Have a secret.
Sakshi Malhotra- wife of arnav, n mother of swara and ragini. Love them lots but always behind them to make them disciplined. Hides arnav’s secret but doesn’t know completely about it.

Both sisters are partners in all crime n also know how to make their work out of their parents. Arnav n sakshi are never disappointed with there daughter n let them do things they want but in limits. Both love there daughters equally but a special care towards swara is always seen.

What is the secret?
Why the special care towards swara?

So here i m with a new story. There is lot of twists in the story that will unfold as the story proceeds. It will be a supernatural story. I hope u will like this.

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  1. amazingggggggggggggg continue soon!

  2. Interesting concept yr
    Waiting for first part ????

  3. Fairy

    omg its super dooooper amazng awesome interesntng story…
    ahhh!!!i jst love supernatural stories yaaaaar….soooo fabulous..
    bt jst one question..wl u gve equal importance to ragini also???
    actuallly i nly prefer rags based….
    i hope u”ll clear me soon 🙂
    welll no matter wt alll d veryyy bst for ur story….n remember one thng u r super amazng dear n ur story is sooo soo interestng..waitng for nxt part..keep rockng n stay blessed sweeety 😉

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much…I will try to give importance to ragini also….
      I have started writing few days back only so I m not that good..

  4. interesting..continue

  5. G.Chandu


  6. Jazzy

    amazing concept dear but i think this is swara’s ff is ragini lead too?????

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you…
      yes this is swasan n I will try to give importance to raginis story also.

  7. Sanswa

    Fab dea?

  8. Srusti

    Actually i love supernatural stories and ur concept is nice and i have a doubt is this a horror or thriller story coz these r my doubts plz can u tell me nd post episode soon

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much n no its not a horror…will post soon.

  9. Shinchan1205

    Thank you so much…
    Its not a horror and yes i m just writing the next part…

  10. Srusti

    Nd if u don’t mind can u write an horror nd suspense thriller story on swasan nd did u like khamoshiyan hindi movie i loved that movie a lot and after this ff can u write a ff on khamoshiyan sorry if i ask u dear

  11. Simi


  12. Nice

  13. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Interesting concept dear.. Plz continue.. I love supernatural story..?
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  14. A.xx

    nice sounds good.xx

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