supernatural love-part 9 by shinchan


Swara pov:

I understood he was going to propose me. I knew him being the werewolf but what I didn’t knew was my decision…. My answer whether I will accept him or not…
But when I saw the decorations aka his effort for me and the words that came out of his mouth made me do my decision. But the girl that I m, without answering him I asked him the question that was bugging me all the while.
From what I have read n from the things that I have searched past months I know the job of a Luna is the toughest. Even more tougher than alpha.
Alpha only has to take care of his pack members n his enemies but the Luna has to take care of the pack, the enemies and even the Alpha..

Sanskar pov:

She knew about me. She knew about werewolves. She knew me being an Alpha. She knew the love that I have for her. From what time did she knew about us? Who else know about us? If she knew then why didn’t she asked me? Why she is here? Is this a trap? Most important HOW did she know about us?
She knew she would be the Luna and to say I was shocked would be an understatement.
I was bewildered about her reaction. If she knew she about us, shouldn’t she run away n inform others. I was flooded with questions but nothing came out.
I was so confused but here she is nervously asking whether the pack will accept her as there Luna? Wait wait do this means that she accept me. Does she love me?

Laksh pov:

I knew sanskar was going to propose swara tonight n tell her the truth. I was going to drop ragini to her house. I was happy that I was with her but what if swara didn’t accept sanskar. What if she will take ragini away with her. It is very tough for a human to understand. There are not many humans with us in the pack. The mates generally force there human mates to stay with them. They are grounded n not allowed to move outside the territory but me n sanskar did not wanted this. We decided that if they will leave us we will not stop them but still our mind wanted otherwise. I was really very very confused that I failed to notice what ragini was saying. But when she raised her voice n asked again that I abruptly stopped the car…

Ragini pov:

Laksh was going to drop me home today as swara was going with sanskar. I was very happy to be with him but he was lost. He was just driving without even acknowledging me. I shook him but he didn’t budge. I knew he was lost about me n his secret.
I understood it was high time to ask him. Because if not now, then his this secret will destroy us. So with a loud voice I directly asked him the secret. Listening me he stopped the car suddenly.

Swara again asked him being nervous but after coming out from his shock he just take her hand n moved away from the resort n took her to the jungle. Swara was silent all this while.
Both went inside n immediately sanskar changed to his wolf form. Swara didn’t even flinched. She knew about him. Even before sanskar asking her, swara by herself said all she knew. How much strong n bold she can be but she was innocent too. She said everything that how she loved reading werewolves. How she observed him at there first meet n how others bowed him and how she followed him n saw him n laksh shifting.
Sanskar listened all this but still the question was laying open, whether she will accept him or not, whether she love him or not….
In all this commotion of there mind both listened to there hearts…

They both locked there eyes and then two hearts connected. She found her hand in his paw. One woof and she was all his.

No words were needed now. Swara was a bit hesitant but as her heart said she stepped infront of Tristan and when she was just an inch away she slowly placed her lips on the her Tristan.
For one second there moment was magical, everything seems to be perfect and the very next moment swara was withering in pain lying on the ground. Sanskar immediately changed to his human form n took swara on his lap. Swara was shifting. Her eyes were definitely different but how can this be possible. She didn’t smell like one. Every werewolf have a smell but she didn’t.

Sanskar pov:

She was in pain n I was not able to do anything…. But at last she changed into the wolf that no one can imagine. She was the white wolf with sparkling blue eyes that are moon blessed. This explains the reason of her smell. This wolf is born once in 200 years n have special powers in them. No one can smell them, they can hide there smell.
I was not able to believe my eyes but looking at unconscious swara (because of tiredness) I immediately took her to our secret place that only I n laksh knew….
I informed laksh to come n meet me at the place as it was serious n I m taking swara there…n blocked my mind. I cannot let anyone know about her as they might misuse her powers. My dad has explained me everything about such wolves. I need to protect her n I will….

Laksh pov:

When ragini asked me the secret I was going to avoid her but after looking at her face I knew she won’t take it today but still I argue…..She again asked me n was constantly after this that at last I loosed my patience n shouted on her…
I looked around n noticed that just a little distance away jungle was there… In all anger i took her there n without wasting time changed into my wolf rocky. She was totally shocked. I can understand she was not in her senses as she came near me, touched my face n went unconscious. Seeing her like this all my anger went away…I was so guilty…
It was all my fault. The secret was ruining whatever we had n I ruined it completely. Now she won’t ever talk to me… she will leave me. I panicked n changed back n tried to wake her up but she was not opening her eyes… As I was trying, sanskar mind linked me to come at the secrets place as it was serious n that he was taking swara with her…but before I could say anything, he again blocked his mind. so without wasting anytime I took ragini in my arms n take her there.


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  1. Monaa

    Hello… I m monaa.. N today only I read all the epi of supernatural love.. N its awsome.. Wanna know what is gonna happen next..☺

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much…

  2. Wow… amazing……

  3. Niku

    Ooo dear it’s excellent u know….I m in love wid this story…..I just wanted to read in own an own …just don’t stop…..n yeah by d way luna cover pic it’s just awesome….

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much….
      me too loved the cover pic…


  5. Rabia

    awesome* dear 🙂

  6. SNY

    Amazing ….!!!Awesome …..!!!Mindblowing dr….!!!
    Plzzzzzzzzzz nxt one asap….!!!

  7. Nice, more raglak scenes please

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you….
      I will try..

  8. Wow amazing

  9. wow ur story is amazing each episode is superb i loved ur story plzz post the next one soon

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      thank you so much..

  10. Shiksha

    Amazing story… I must say you have lots of info about the supernatural creatures.Anyways this is the first time I’m commenting in any of your ff. But I had read this story from the beginning but couldn’t comment earlier.. Continue writing.. Have a good day..

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much…

  11. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    R u going to give equal scenes to raglak also??
    Plz i can’t read raglak more???
    Want swasan ??

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you…
      but my other readers want raglak too so I can’t deny them….sorry
      I will try to write swasan more….

  12. I am in love with ur ff..please update next part soon

  13. Simi

    N cute cover pic?

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much…
      cover pic is really cute after all she is our swara..

  14. Episode is awesome. And ur way of describing their emotuons and feeling was fab. Post next part asap.

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much..

  15. it was superb
    plz write something for shivika (ISHQBAAZ )

  16. Shinchan1205

    thank you…
    I also love shivika pair but right now I won’t be starting anything new…semesters from jan..
    after that I will think..

  17. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Marvelous.. Loved it..keep going dear.. Cover pic is cho cute.. I wish I can pull it’s cheek??..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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