supernatural love-part 8 by shinchan


Like this 6 months passed in which both the couples grew really close.
In the college lunch time all four would sit together. The college sl*ts who always try to attract laksh n sanskar are pissed off with swara n ragini but can’t do anything. They all tried many things but always fail. For ragini laksh n swara were always there whereas swara was capable to handle herself but sanskar didn’t leave any stone unturned to punish them.

Raglak were totally in love just the official announcement between them is left. They go to dates but just as “friends”. Swasan relation are on track too.

Laksh is very scared about ragini’s reaction. He have thought to first tell her about him being a werewolf n then proposing her because he don’t want to cheat on her by not letting her know the truth. He knows how innocent ragini is, as she never be able to see others true face n fall in there trap. He knows that she don’t have a single idea about the boys or girls that look at her. But he also know that she is totally in love with him n waiting only for him.
She just wants him like He just wants her…

Ragini have realised her feeling that she is totally head over heels in love with laksh. They have gone for a few outings together n enjoyed the most. She never gave attention to anyone else but she got lots of looks. From boys bcoz of her beauty n from girls bcoz laksh was now hers.
Even at the freshers party, 3 months back, someone spiked her drink to get her to his bed but but our laksh being the superhero that he is, saved her. He is not dead but not in a good condition too. That was the time when she realised her feeling and from then is just waiting for his proposal.
But If u think that she is the type of girl with thinking “boys should propose first” then u r totally wrong. She understands him n know that he is having some sort of secret n want to reveal that first before proposing her n she know that she will wait for that secret no matter what it is bcoz no secret can be bigger than there joined Hearts.

Sanskar is totally in love with swara but same as laksh, is scared. Sometimes they have been out roaming the city together. But unlike laksh, he have decided to propose his lady love today n tell her all truth. He knows that swara would be great luna as she care for everyone as there own but if someone do anything wrong with her family or friends then she show them there real place. She was smart n intelligent too.
I remember once kavita(human) with her cheap tricks tried to harm her when I was not around but my swara teach her a perfect lesson. After that she never dared to show her face.

Swara was in love with sanskar n also observed his every move…. She went out with him few times alone or sometimes all four would go n every time she noticed how others respected him through there eyes without letting anyone know.
She have came to know that he was a werewolf when she was secretly following him n laksh n saw them shifting. She understood that the black wolf is sanskar who saved her n the wolf who ran away was laksh, but still kept quiet. She wanted to confront him but then decided to wait for him to tell her.
Now she knew why everyone would eye her n ragini n why kavita played that cheap trick. but she was fast. she knew that kavita was upto something. Her eyes clearly showed nervousness and fear. Both sanskar and laksh were really hot n handsome guys but now they belong to her n ragini so no one can dare to change this…
She have decided that she won’t tell anyone n not let him know that she knows about this but at first she was hesitant to accept him but seeing the love in his eyes made her confirm that she can choose him as her partner.
She have seen the love for her in his eyes, lots n lots of love but still it needed the official confirmation.
She was very much guilty when ragini was drugged but then laksh helped her and she finally realised her feelings for him made her guilt run away. The first thing that she didn’t shared with ragini was about werewolves bcoz one-ragini didn’t have believe on supernatural and two-it was now laksh’s responsibility to tell her and make her understand.

Rouges attack is there n it seems to have increased in past months but his pack have looked after this…it was like a spell has been created on the rouges. Many n many rouges are just entering there territory.

After the college ended sanskar took swara away directly from there and asked laksh to drop ragini. She asked him several times but he denied to tell her anything. Swara saw his nervousness but decided to play dumb.
Like this sanskar took her to the resort’s garden that he have totally booked for there precious evening. No one was around them. He had blindfolded her n took her there n now he sat down on his knees and asked her to remove her blindfold. As swara removed the blindfold she was startled to see the decoration. It was beautifully decorated with the most beautiful flowers and lights….

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Sanskar – I know swara it just 6 months that we have met n we should know each other better but your first sight itself was the moment when I fell for u. u are the most amazing person I have ever met. I am very happy that I met u, got to know u. I have lots of secrets but I want to share all of them with u. I know u love me but after knowing my truth u might reject me n go away but no problem. I will live all my life with the moments that we spend together…. So now swara I love u with all my heart n soul. Will u try to give me a chance n accept me.
Swara with tears in her eyes – do u think ur pack will accept me as there luna?
Sanskar shocked….

I really suck at writing proposals or describing decorations….please pardon me.

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