supernatural love-part 7 by shinchan


Swara’s pov:

I instantly knew whose hands were these but it was a shock also. How come ragini be here?
Swara – ragini u here.
Ragini removed her hands with a pout – how come u always come to know that’s it me
Swara – u r my best sister. how come I won’t know u by the way what are u doing here, mom dad also came?
Ragini – mom dad didn’t come. In these 2 days I realised I can’t stay away from u so I came to study with u in the same college n now get ready we have to attained the college or we will be late on our very first day.
Swara – yes I forgot. U sit I will go get ready….
Swara forgot about the site that was about to open n left with ragini to college.

Laksh pov:

I and sanskar was standing to welcome the freshers when the smell of my mate entered my nostrils….i immediately went towards the gate to look for her with sanskar following me because he understood my condition afterall he has also got his mate just 2 days before.
There I saw the girl wearing a dress upto her knees entering the college with swara beside her laughing. She looked stunning n beautiful. I instantly felt for her. I thanked moon goddess for such a beautiful mate. I knew she was human bcoz she didn’t smelled like a wolf n therefore se didn’t recognised me. She didn’t even see me till now. She knew swara from previous n it seemed like they were really very close like me n sanskar. I was happy for that.
But my blood boiled seeing other men checking her out to which she was totally oblivious. Her smile was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen but those men eyeing her was the worst. My eyes became red n rocky was just about to come out but somehow I controlled him.

Sanskar’s pov:

I was waiting for swara to come when I smelled her coming but instantly laksh too smelled something n his eyes became wide n he ran towards the entrance. I knew he have found his mate so I went after him.
There I saw swara entering in simply a jeans top with a girl beside her. Looking at laksh I knew she is his mate. Both were smiling and laughing busy in there own world totally oblivious to others. They both were very simple with no makeup or other girly stuffs compared to others but then also outstanding them….
But same as laksh it was very hard to control tristan. He was ready to pounce on those bastards who was eyeing what was mine but I backed off for now.
While we both were thinking this swara came towards me. She n the girl both thanked me for saving her life. Then she introduced the girl beside her as ragini, her sister. I introduced laksh to them n both laksh n ragini were lost in themselves. I seriously envied laksh for this.

Ragini’s pov:

Swara took me to sanskar n thanked him for saving her. I too thanked him for saving my sister. After that swara introduced me n then sanskar introduced his friend laksh and that’s when I noticed him. As soon as I saw him I was lost in his eyes. I was never the one to look at boys or give any attention to them but looking at his eyes I lost myself.
I don’t know what happened but the world seems to stop. We both were looking in each other eyes as we could see through each others soul. That was the moment when swara nudged me with her elbow n I came back to my senses. Swara was silently giggling on my expense whereas I was embarrassed. Never in my life something like this happened n now suddenly this happens just at first sight. Now Swara would tease me all long but still a small smile layed there on my lips.
On coming back to senses n seeing swara eyeing him he smiled sheepishly and ruffled his hairs. I knew definitely there was something between us. After that, all students of our dept started moving with them. We were led to different classes, labs where we interacted with our teachers n got to know them…
Swara was lost in her own world where I was only looking at laksh. God knows what happened to me.

Swara’s pov:

I went inside the college n met sanskar. I thanked him n introduced ragini to them while he introduced his friend laksh. Just at that ragini n laksh were lost in themselves. I knew ragini was not such a girl to give away so easily to any boy but with laksh she was different.
I saw laksh how he looked at her. The smile that he had n the feeling in his eyes were totally genuine but I won’t ever let him hurt her…
I nudged her to bring her back to senses n both were embarrassed. Later on we moved following sanskar n laksh. I was totally engrossed at sanskar. I didn’t miss how most of the teachers bowed him with there eyes.
I didn’t missed the curious glares that I and ragini got when sanskar n laksh talk a bit extra with us than with any other new student but one look from sanskar, all of them bowed there eyes in submission n looked away. This all was silently done only through eyes but I read all there expressions but kept quiet.
Last we went to the seminar room where principal sir was suppose to lecture us. Even he bowed to sanskar. There was definitely something going on between these students, teachers n the principal. I had some idea but need to conform it.
We bid our goodbyes to them n left for our house. Whole ride ragini was lost n I knew it was about laksh…I was very happy for her that she got someone but I have to clear my doubt too.
On reaching home ragini freshened up n went to sleep whereas I went to my laptop to search about them.
The site that I opened in the morning came to my view n it had many cases that have happened in this city. There were lots of missing cases registered in the city n many people have suffered wolves attack on there body but after getting treated by the surgeon Durga prasad maheshwari they were healed.
But no wolf was ever seen outside the jungle. A man also claims to have seen a wolf turning into a man but as he was mentally unstable, no one believed. Even many growling sounds come from inside the jungle but no one dared to go inside. These all just added to my believes. It grew more stronger but still that 1% conformation is needed. I cannot even share it with ragini bcoz she have no believe in supernatural. So I decided to look upon matters more closely n then directly confront sanskar……..

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  1. Raglak scenes are amazing

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you. I tried my best..

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  4. Thank God tumne post kiya yr ???
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    SANLAK ko to unki mates mill gai ?????????
    But Jo unki mates h unko ye idea bhi nahi h k future m kin k pyar m padne wali h ???
    I mean SANLAK Wolf’s h or swaragini human Jo bhi ho yr story bhut bhut interesting hoti jaa rahi h ????
    Superbbbbbb epi meri jaan ?????
    Lv u
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    Ooo dear it’s super duper amazing ……I can’t wait so long update soon….n u just like u one more person is here who loves vampires n werewolf n she is also writing a ff …. hopefully u read it….

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      thank you..
      please let me know who writes the ff that u described. I haven’t read that.

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      Actually she is one of ur reader shubhangi….n ff name is can I bite….

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    As much as I understood swara is secretly a white werewolf and she doesn’t have any idea about it But her mom and dad are well aware of the truth so they are possessive about her, where as Ragz is human ,right? Or not ? well awesome episode waiting for next part and a bit longer plz plz plz

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you…
      might be or not!!!!!

  14. Awesome i read all 7 chaps in 1 go haha i just lovd it. Plz update nxt part soon. Nd plz cmplete tis story dnt leave in middle i read many wareworlf vampire ff many of them stil incomplete or nt posting them u dnt do tat plz

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