supernatural love-part 6 by shinchan


Swara pov:

I woke up early next morning due to early sleeping n was not getting sleep back so did my morning business n took the shower. I was feeling better from night. I changed the dressing on my wounds but it was almost healed. I was feeling hungry n that’s when I realised that I didn’t had my dinner n anjali aunty will not be coming this early so decided to cook some breakfast..
I took my waffles filled with lots of nutella n the mug of coffee n settled at my favorite place, the couch. Sunrise is always my favorite site to look at but then Looking at the jungle reminds me of the wolf, his eyes n then sanskar. I have met sanskar only once in which he saved my life too but felt a deep connection with him n with the wolf too.
I read a lot of books n online blogs n my favorite genre are romance and werewolves…. I have always believed in every fairytale story with a happy ending I read and so I had a believe on werewolves too. I also know some facts about them so soon I bought my laptop and started searching about werewolves in India. I know it sounds crazy but I nothing can be done of my crazy mind.
That black wolf who saved me would have never harmed me. I m sure I saw concern in his eyes. Those eyes were captivating, I could get drowned in them n never want to come out and sanskar had same eyes like him.
I know the wolf who ran away with the gun shot was not the one who saved me, from the brown wolf bcoz he was not black but a darker shade of brown. The way sanskar carried me, n the way he avoided me when I said that I saw concern in that wolfs eye was not unnoticed by me but i pretended as he wanted bcoz I knew no way in hell he would tell me or let me know.
If I didn’t said till now then I must say that i m very good at reading other emotions or moves through there eyes. People say I can read everyone’s eyes….and I know wolfs a that the wolfs n sanskar eyes held concern. Somewhere in my mind I think that werewolves do exist in this jungle n most probably sanskar is one.
I m not a person who go round and round. I made up my mind that I would first notice him n then directly confront him even if that makes me look insane. When a site was about to open a hand came from behind me and covered my eyes and on a very reflex action I covered my laptop.

Sanskars pov:

The bright light coming from the window disturbed my sleep. Whole night I was very disturbed about the rouges and the one who attacked swara but then her angelic face came infront of me and made me forget everything. I slowly drifted to sleep thinking about her n having all kind of dirty things that I would do with her….
I was happy that she didn’t even had a doubt on me bcoz then it would become very difficult to make her understand. She could freak out, say anyone about our existence n worse knowing my identity would leave me alone. Humans do feel the mate bond but as they are unknown about our identity they just assume it to be a mere attraction.
I have not told anyone beside laksh about her not even my parents. There can be some traitors around us n knowing her to be my mate, can harm her.
Thinking all this I got up, did my morning business , had my breakfast n went to do some work. Very soon I would be declared as the ALPHA so I need to be prepared. I thought to visit swara at her home but there was too much risk. Anyone can notice me giving her more attention even she can have a doubt on me so for now I let it go n thought to meet her at college itself.
I was so engrossed in the work that I didn’t noticed the time. I only had 15 mins left for college to start. I know I can go late n no one would question me, after all I would be there alpha but getting a special treatment can create doubts, so I quickly got ready….
As it was the first day for the new comers, they had to reach college 2 hours late n we seniors have to show them around. I asked the principal, ram malhotra to volunteer me n laksh for swaras class. He did as told without any question…
Laksh started teasing me as I was impatiently waiting for her to come…..
I thought these 2 hrs would be the longest with a sigh….
In my story there is a fix timing for the students to enter or leave the college.

So who is the one that covered swara’s eyes. Is she in some sort of danger. Will sanskar save her. Will swara’s doubt of sanskar being a werewolf be cleared. Will swara leave him for being a wolf. How much believe she can have on werewolves but seeing one and having him as her mate, can make her accept him.

Can sanskar protect her from all evil when his pack is itself fighting from the attacks. Will anyone other than him n laksh come to know about swara being his mate. Will he be able to confront swara about him being a werewolf ever.

Lots n lots of questions are there but for answers keep reading the story.
Any doubt then please ask me…

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