Supernatural love-part 5 by shinchan


A wolf was in love with the moon and every night he would come at the end of the highest cliff to see her. Eventually the moon also felt in love with him but she could not go to the earth n thus left him behind. The wolf remained there day night mourning for her and grew weak. She couldn’t see him like this so she sent half of her soul to earth as a white wolf as his mate. From then moon goddess made a mate for every werewolf so that they don’t have to suffer like her…. The wolves can reject each other but both of them suffer through immense pain( the rejected mate suffers most) due to the mate bond.

It is said that darker shades of male wolf are stronger and black wolves are strongest. Like wise lighter shades of female wolf are strongest and a white she wolf is strongest. It is also said that white wolves are moon blessed and have special powers. Every werewolf have a mate and when they see each other, they instantly get to know through there smell. Human mates don’t know about the existence of werewolves so they don’t get to know but they feel sparks flowing through there body when in touch. Werewolves have a great smell and recognize each other through there smell. Due to the mate bond most of them fall in love with there mates but some might not. N when they trust there human mates, they tell them all about themselves n there pack.

Werewolves stay in a pack. They have marked there territories and have named themselves. The head of any pack is known as ALPHA while his better half would be known as LUNA. It is also said that there first born would be the next ALPHA. Mostly its son but if there is no male child then the daughter becomes the alpha. Alpha have a duty to protect there pack, train there members. Luna treats whole pack as her family and vow to protect and care for all of them as her own family members. The pack members should support each other when needed. If a pack kills other packs alpha then that pack also comes under the winners pack.

Rouges are the wolves who don’t belong to any pack and they wonder around saving there lives. To enter into any territory you should have the permission from the territory’s alpha or else u can get killed. Many packs are good so they interrogate the intruders first.
Some wolves don’t want to be controlled or bow down to anyone so they run away to become a rouge but many are banished for there mistakes. Life of a rouge is the most difficult. they have to fight and protect themselves alone to survive. They kill or steal for food. If by mistake they enter any territory, either they have to die or they are interrogated. They are kept in observation n if there is no threat from them, the pack either lets them go or ask them if they want to join in.

The second in command after the alpha is known as beta. The third is known as gamma. Omegas are reffered to the servants and have to do all work give to them. Wolves can mind link each other if they open there mind for each other. Every werewolf have names for there wolves too. They can talk to there wolves in mind. If a wolf is angry his eyes becomes a dark colour as blood red or black. These wolves are very possessive so they do not allow any other male/female around there mates. Mates mark each other at a right spot below the neck to mark them as if they are owned show others. After marking each other a mark is created at the bitten spot and after this they can directly read each other mind and there emotions. If u try to mark anyone other than your mate, the mark is not created n it pains a lot.

Wolves can block there mind if they want to be alone and at that time no can reach there mind. If the wolves have any physical contact or have s*x or if a she wolf gets pregnant other wolves can smell it. At a certain age humans change into there wolf form. The first change is very painful bcoz of all the bones breaking but eventually they get habituated.
It is not always that the mate have to be from the same pack. Some wolves find there mate easily while other move around the world in search of there mates….
When they change to there wolf form there clothes are torned so when they change back to there human form they are naked. So they either carry there clothes tied around there legs or in there mouth or hide some clothes around the trees in the jungle to change there.

A she wolf goes in HEAT.
Eventually after sometime a she wolf goes in heat. It is just a want of s*xual release by a male member. Any male member can help but she gets most relieved if her mate helps her. It is the time when she is most expected to get pregnant. Some wolves go to male for there release but some wants to wait for there mates so are locked up in the basement away from everyone. It hurts them n make them restless. It goes on for about 2-3 days. It is very difficult for the males to control themselves around a women in heat….the wolf can get pregnant only by her mate.


In my ff:

Humans don’t feel the spark while in contact with there mates.
They are not naked while they change back to there human form.
Sanskar is soon to be an alpha bcoz now his father, durga prasad maheshwari is the alpha and his mother, annapurna maheshwari is the current luna. Both are very humble towards there pack and other wolves but dangerous for enemies. There pack is the strongest in India. Laksh is the beta of sanskar and son of ram malhotra, the beta of dp and sujata malhotra. Both have grew together and are bestfriends cum brother first….
No human knows about them being werewolves as they behave like any other normal student in the college.
There are attacks going on there pack by the rouges but they also know that some other pack are helping them and had cast a spell on. Sanskars pack, the blood moon pack, is trying to find about the spell but are not successful till now.
Sanskars wolf is known as tristan while lakshs wolf will be known as rocky.


Okay so here are the facts that I know about werewolves. I have written upon all the things I have learnt about werewolves, mostly from the books I read or from the things I googled. I don’t know exactly whether it’s true or not but I do believe in werewolves….
Many people change the facts, according to there story so I might be wrong somewhere….pardon me.
If now u have any doubts or if I m somewhere wrong then please let me know….

Rakiba u have asked about swara calling sanky as uncle but she was reffearing her driver as uncle….hope ur doubt is cleared.
N now I was thinking of writing more part on my other ff PROBLEMS if u would like….so let me know if anyone want so.

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  1. Will u brink ragini for laksh plzzz

    1. Shinchan1205

      I cannot say now but u would eventually get to know in next 2-3 parts

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    U know so much abt werewolves

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      I m reading from past one year n all that I have read is TU n romance, werewolf genre so yes I know some of the facts…

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    Plz upload quickly……
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    Again late, sorry dudedude.. Actually I was in college then coaching.. And there phone is not allowed…I read both chappy now.. It’s amazing dear.. Loved it.. Wow,you know so much about werewolves.. I am also crazy about vampires..Don’t know they exist or not.. Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Shinchan1205

      It’s totally ok…i m happy u read.
      Thanks n yes I m crazy about werewolves….

  6. Hey loved the story and your study about werewolfs is very nice it will help

  7. Rabia

    dont tell me u r a warewolf ????????? hehhehe awesome dear ☺️☺️

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