Supernatural love-part 4 by shinchan


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Sanskar’s POV:

I changed into my wolf tristan and ran away in the forest to relieve my stress. Again there was a rouge attack on the pack and our warriors have to loose there life. Even after being the strongest pack, we were not able to defeat those rouges…they seem to be outnumbered and as if some other pack is using them against us….they seem to have some special power which we were trying to understand.

Being a black wolf I was very strong n could run fast so I left laksh, my beta, behind me but then the wind blew and a sweet vanilla smell entered my nostrils n immediately calmed me…. I ran in the direction of the smell and hid behind a tree to see a girl, across the river looking towards the jungle with a book in her hand, slowly drifting to sleep in the couch in such a cold weather without a blanket.
I have never seen her here before but I think before sleeping she saw me. I saw laksh coming towards me smelling me n him being my best friend I told him about my mate but also told not to disclose about this to anyone…. After assuring myself that she was asleep I changed into my human form n went near her house… I jumped in from the window to cover her…

Seeing her sleeping cuddling to herself I felt immense happiness that I have finally found my mate…I looked around the house carefully n saw no one, so she lived alone…. I took the blanket n wrapped it around her, kept her book aside and slowly touched her cheeks… I felt the sparks flowing through the skin that was in contact and a shiver pass through my whole body…. She stirred in her sleep but didn’t wake up so I went from there to look around the house to assure her safety. After assuring myself I told laksh to find every information about her by morning…

Whole night I was not able to sleep bcoz of her angelic face…..
By morning laksh told me everything about her n her to be studying at the same college with us…. I was very happy but again I cannot let anyone know about her being my mate bcoz then they would harm her n I can’t let that happen… I will have to maintain my distance n treat her normally like others. I even had a background check upon all those who work for her n they all seemed to love her as there own daughter.
There are many other werewolves who study with us but no human knows about it… the principal himself was a werewolf along with some teachers.

I woke up early n went to look for her. There I saw her getting awake but she looked confused about the blanket but later let it go…. Whole day I followed her without her notice… she had beautiful eyes that can make anyone bound themselves to her feet. I saw how she helped the blind lady crossing the road, her running out from the car n getting drenched. I think she loved rain bcoz even after her driver stoping her she didn’t listened n started playing with the street childrens just like a kid…. She did not diffrenciate between any of them n at that time I knew she would be a great luna… I thanked moon goddess for providing me with such a beautiful and helping mate….
After roaming the city she went to her house. I was a bit relieved n went to my house to do my duty towards my pack…. It was late when I finished my work but suddenly I felt uneasy so left to check upon her but to my shock her house was locked…. I panicked on not finding her bcoz I heard her saying to her driver that she won’t be going anywhere else….

I tried finding her through her smell n it came from jungle…. I immediately mind linked laksh to reach the jungle bcoz nowadays many rouges were seemed to be roaming in the jungle…
I shifted to my wolf n ran towards her smell but when I reached there a rouge was ready to attack her while she had closed her eyes with fear with her knees bleeding.
Tristan became so angry n he immediately launched himself on the rouge, bite his neck n threw him away from her… I was so angry but seeing her looking her directly at me I lost all my anger. Her eyes was the most beautiful sight….i can get drowned in them.
Unknowingly I moved towards her n she didn’t even move…. She was directly looking in my eyes. She was very brave to look directly into a wolf eye but when I was just an inch away from her she closed her eyes in fear like waiting for me to attack her. That time I came back to my senses n saw laksh coming towards me….

I cannot let her know about us and laksh to carry her(possessive) so I immediately changed into human form n asked laksh to run away when I fire the gun acting of being scared. He immediately compiled me n went away.

Hearing the gunshot she opened her eyes n saw laksh running away, thinking her to be the wolf that wanted to attack her, with me sanding there with the gun. I acted of being dumb about her n asked her. She could not stand so I carry her bridal style and immediately sparks started flowing through me but I kept my calm n started a normal conversation. She asked me not to tell anyone else she would have to go back. I cannot let that happen so I told that I won’t tell anyone if she will not go to jungle again to which she compiled…. I cannot risk her life again…

Everyone knew that our pack help them who needs it so saving her would not be a problem. But then she noticed my eyes n asked about it…. She even told that she saw concern in the wolfs eye but luckily her house came n she forgot about it….
She opened her house n called me inside… I bandaged her wounds n took my leave after asking her to sleep but looked after her till she fell asleep. I could not wait to talk her in the college n with that thought I went to sleep.


So here I m back again with the new part. I thought to write things about werewolves after sanskars pov but this became really long so in next part I will post about them….
Sorry I couldn’t reply to ur comments on previous part but after reading this I hope all will be cleared..

This is for all of them who guessed sanskar to be a wolf…
I m very bad at keeping things n creating suspense n moreover I have to complete this by the end of dec so I would go a bit fast n in this part half of the truth came out….
I have many more ideas to start on but will continue them after my semesters…
Now enough of bak bak but please comment your reviews n doubts on this…

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  1. Shubhangi

    Ur ff is great but please please please make it a bit more longer plz i j just loved its topic its intresting but short plz try to make it long

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you…I will try to make it longer…

  2. Loved the CH . Was waiting from long time to read a swasan ff along the same story line and u fulfilled it …. Thanks and do continue giving such great updats from both characters POV….

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much n I m happy that u loved this….

  3. SNY

    It’s vry much different story continue ….!!
    Nxt one soon…!!

  4. Loved it dear so she is his mate

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you…
      yes she is his mate…

  5. Simi

    Swasan soul mates ?

    1. Shinchan1205

      yup….for me swasan will always be soulmates…

      1. Simi

        Me too ?

  6. AwaSome…yaar….waiting for nxt….
    Best of luck for nxt part….

  7. awesome loved it plzz post the next part soon

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    Keep writing nd updating ???

  9. Rabia

    Awesomee dearr ????

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    Sanskar ka ek look hi bhut h mujhe Marne k liye ???? or aab sanky iss ff m wolf h to m khushi khushi uske haati Mar jaau ???????
    Superb yr BT plzz Dec m hi Mt end krna yr plzz plzz???
    Lv u ????????
    Lv u sanskar/VARUN ??????
    Nd lv u SWASAN ????????

  11. Shinchan1205

    thank you so much…
    sanskar ka ek look toh kissi ko bhi marr sakta h…
    n I m really sorry but jan se semesters h n agar maine isse finish ni kiya, toh mind mein sirf yeh hi chalta rahega n main exams ni de paungii…..I hope u understand
    main feb mein aur bghi aache story par likhungi…..

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  16. Niku

    It’s amazing …..but one question….how does sanskar know that swara is d one how is her mate…??

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      Due to smell.

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