Supernatural love-part 3 by shinchan


Recap: “But hearing a gun shot she opened her eyes to see a man, a bit older than her with the same golden hazel eyes, holding a gun and the wolf running away…”

The man while helping her to stand – are u ok n what are u doing here
Swara – I just came here to look around.
The man – are u new here, I have not seen u before.
She was hurt n was not able to walk so he picked her up bridal style n started to move. She was a bit hesitant but later gave in.
Swara – yes, yesterday only I shifted to join the college elite.
The man – ohh I also study there, u leave alone
Swara – yes
The man – by the way whats ur name n where u live.
Swara while giving him her address – I m swara and u
The man – I am sanskar
Swara – what are u doing here
sanskar – I came after seeing u coming here. Don’t u know its a forbidden area.
Swara – yes uncle said so, actually yesterday I saw that wolf looking towards me from the jungle but I thought it to be an illusion as how come a wolf would look at me so I let it go but then I wanted to look around the jungle so came here And now I m sure that he was looking for me…. Are u not scared..
sanskar – I have lived here from birth so I know the place and after seeing u coming this way I took my fathers gun n came here.

Swara – thank you so much n please don’t tell anyone about this or else my parents will call me back.
Sanskar – ok I won’t tell anyone but u won’t come here again
Swara – thank you n yes I won’t come
Sanskar – your eyes are blue its strange n unique
Swara – yes every one say that, u also have golden eyes its strange but beautiful…
Sanskar – thanks I know
Swara – u know that wolf also had same eyes like yours..
Sanskar – how u know the wolfs eye color.
Swara – I saw his eyes when he moved towards me. He saved me from that brown wolf n it looked like his eyes held concern

At this point both have reached swara’s house so he kept her down and avoided talking more on that topic. She also for opened the lock and called him inside. Sanskar bandaged her wounds
Sanskar – I should get going its already dark and u should sleep.
Swara – ok I will meet u at college tomorrow
Sanskar – ok byee

Lying on the bed she was continously thinking about the wolf and sanskar but after sometime sleep took over her because of her tiredness but before sleeping she heard a loud growl coming from the jungle.

Sorry for this small update but next would be fully sanskar’s pov.

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  1. Simi

    Is Sanskar wolf ?

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr..Now I read both part..Loved it.. Is sanskar wolf??Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Shinchan1205

      Thank you so much….

  3. SNY

    Awesome dr…
    Nxt one soon..

  4. Rabia

    Awesomee dearr sorryy before i didnt read now only i read all epis its awesome ???

    1. Shinchan1205

      Thank you….
      It’s ok…u read it now n I m happy for that…..

  5. Arshaanya

    If sanskar is not dat wolf dan who is it???

    As u said wen she opnd her eyes she saw sanskar holding gun n wolf running away…

    Its getting so intrstng yr… m loving it

    1. Shinchan1205

      All ur answers will be in next part….n thank you so much for loving it.

  6. Superb yr sanky or SWARA same clg m superb ???
    Sanky wolf h kya ??? Well chances to h ??? but Jo bhi story bhut interesting h keep it up

  7. super post the next part soon

  8. loved

  9. Pooja26

    wow !!!!! superb…..
    getting interesting…….
    can u give me previous parts links…..

    1. Shinchan1205

      Thank you… N yes I have given link in my next post…

  10. y Swara cl sanky uncle ??

    1. Shinchan1205

      Thank you…
      She referred her driver as uncle not sanky…?

  11. Niku

    It’s super interesting ….. Wolf’s sanskar swara…. Amazing….I didn’t read it till now but now I m going to read it for sure ….update soon…..

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  15. Loved it!!! Soo interesting!!!

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