Supernatural love-part 2 by shinchan


When swara woke up she saw herself covered with a blanket n sleeping on the couch but she clearly remembered she didn’t bought the blanket with her. but then she let it go thought that might be anjali aunty(the maid) have covered her.
After that she got up, did her morning chores, informed her parents about her today plan n got ready to explore the city.
she called driver uncle to pick her up n went away with him.

She roamed the whole city n bought many things to decorate her house but where ever she went or whom ever she met all would ask her about her eyes.
everytime looking at the jungle reminded her of the creature she saw last night but at last she thought it to be her illusion.

It was around 4 when she returned home, dumped her bags n asked the driver uncle to go as she won’t be going anywhere else. The driver compiled.
She took a shower and changed to cook herself something.
While cooking she was continuously thinking about the jungle, as if it was calling her, as if it had some link with her. Curiosity took her best n she decided to explore the jungle tonight without anyone knowing it.

She was brave n knew fighting but have practised only with humans so she put a knife and her pepper spray with her just in case. She locked her house n went towards the bridge which she saw in the morning that would lead her towards the jungle.
She have gone trekking to forest so she knew that wild animals reside in the inner most part of the jungle(imaginary) n decided not to go much inside.

Sun was about to set so there was a golden-red glow in the sky that helped her look around. She thought that she would return back before it gets dark but destiny had some other plans….
She moved with slow steps marking the trees for her return. Hiding behind the bushes she saw rabbits, dears moving around but then she heard some steps behind her n looked back n that’s when her breathe got stuck.
She saw a brown wolf coming towards her with his fangs extended ready to kill her. She picked up the knife from her waist band and tried to scare him but he launched himself upon her throwing the knife away. She took out the pepper spray and sprayed it in his eyes n without thinking anything ran to save her life.

While running her leg got stuck n she fell down bruising her knees. She started crawling back seeing the wolf coming closer to her but then her back hit the tree. She closed her eyes, ready for the attack but it never came….
As she opened her eyes she saw the brown wolf lying dead away from her and the same creature which she saw last night, a big black wolf with golden hazel eyes coming towards her…..she was so lost in his eyes that she didn’t mind him coming closer. Unknowingly she felt safe around him but seeing him just an inch away she tightly closed her eyes being scared.

But hearing a gun shot she opened her eyes to see a man, a bit older than her with the same golden hazel eyes, holding a gun and the wolf running away…

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